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  1. to be honest your chances are slim but your best bet is rolling with kittle and breida. Pettis has done nothing to show for yet this season. It's not worth it. Who knows, kittle could maybe finally have his breakout game tonight! Return the favor?
  2. If you don't need a kicker for next week then sure add coleman but i dont see the point b/c you have 3 amazing rbs already I don't see coleman doing much even if his workload is 10ish touches. I was never a fan but maybe he'll prove me wrong. anyways, don't add him basically LOL return the favor?
  3. stay put. wentz can put up qb1 numbers and your rbs and wrs are already really good. don't ruin what you have! return the favor?
  4. no wayy stick with kelce 100% return the favor?
  5. get a good wr on your squad. you have plenty of rbs. return the favor?
  6. your team is honestly really solid. I'm going to be 0-5 and im starting to worry too. dont worry i think your team will turn it around. Return the favor?
  7. Don't make a move, stay where you are! Return the favor?
  8. My team is in the sig. I'm going to be 0-5; my worst start ever. My friend offered me kerryon johsnon and keenan allen for my ezekiel elliott. How does this sound. Please let me know because I don't know. WHIR ofc.
  9. Tyrell williams for this week my guy. Return the favor?
  10. Mixon if he's cleared to play this week 100%. Return the favor?
  11. Texans DST. I'd take the chance against minstrew II even tho he was not bad filling in for foles.
  12. friend of mine offered me michael gallup (WR) for darren waller (TE). my team is in the sig; you can see how desperately short I am at wr especially with tyreek hill sitting. I have to start terry mclaurin and mecole hardman. I already have mark andrews in tightend. QUESTION: Should I offer andrews instead of waller? do either make an even trade?
  13. Not worried about DT coming to the jets affecting anderson's "production."
  14. just picked up kirk cousins to start over rodgers this week. I'm too scared of the bears defense. Plus cousins is playing ATL who gave up the most points to qbs last year