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  1. Now tied for the AL homerun lead after his oppo shot in the first inning.
  2. As a Twins fan, I hope the FO looks to move Castro at some point. Garver has definitely improved enough behind the plate where he is not a big liability anymore. He and Astudillo should be getting all the reps at Catcher.
  3. Ha!!! Just hit another one in the second game.
  4. Nice two run opposite field double by Buxton. Shortened up his swing at poked it to right center.
  5. 8 homers in the last 11 games. Guy is sorching right now.
  6. So far I like what I see from Bux. Faced really good starting pitching in the first series and only struck out twice. Approach looks much better than the beginning of last year. He doesn't look completely lost against breaking balls, like he has in the past.
  7. Señor Doblés with 3 doubles today. He is on pace for 74, lol.
  8. Señor doblés at it again. Big time 3-run homer in the bottom of the eighth.
  9. Rooker was Minnesota's competitive balance pick this year. Thought I'd get a thread started on him since he is mashing so far in his young pro career. He was doing so well in rookie ball they just had him skip A ball altogether and put him at A+. So far, between the two levels he has 16 dingers in only 57 games while batting a respectable .278 with a .925 OPS. He is averaging a SO per game, so you would like to see him cut that down a bit going forward, but hard to complain about him so far. He is a guy to keep an eye on, since he could move pretty fast through the Twins system.
  10. Didn't see a thread for him so I thought I'd start one. So far in AA he is slashing .336/.403/.500 (.903) in 28 games this season. He had a very good Fall league as well. Not sure he is the best fantasy prospect with his lack of power and sb's though.
  11. Looks like Gonsalves will be headed to AA Chattanooga mid-May. Has a shoulder issue, nothing major as the MRI came back clean, that has sidelined him the past couple months. A little disappointing that he is going back to AA after dominating there last year, but understandable that they want to ease him back into things.
  12. Dudes unreal right now. After another start giving up no runs, he has only given up 5er in his last 10 starts. His stats on the season: 137ip, 1.97 ERA, 84 H, 53BB, 150 K
  13. Last 9 starts for Mr. Gonsalves: 57ip, 0.79 ERA, 24 H, 25 BB, 64 K's
  14. This dude keeps mowin em down in AA. 6 innings of no hit ball tonight with 2 walks and 9 K's. Easily the better prospect between him and Jay at the moment. I keep shaking my head at these prospect rankings that have Jay in the top 50 while Gonsalves is not in the top 100 or just barely made it.
  15. Complete game for Gonsalves. Only gave up one run, 3 hits and two walks while striking out 8. He is sporting a 2.01 era in 53 2/3 AA innings and has struck out 63.