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  1. I should clarify that this is all re-draft, so I have no idea if I'll compete or not. The above players were just one's from last season that I can keep. We draft tonight. For this year it seems Bregman would probably be best but next year and the year after, having Vlad that late it pretty enticing.
  2. Play in a keeper league where each keeper can be kept for 3 years. I have kept Bregman (round 23) for the last 2 years. I can keep him again this year but this will be the last year I can keep him. Should I keep Bregman, or one of the following: Walker Buehler (round 23) Ohtani (batter) (Round 23) Vlady Jr. (round 23) Eloy (round 23) Berrios (round 9) MadBum (round 11) Paxton (round 7) Tanaka (round 8) I am obviously trying to balance this year and the next handful of years. Do I just keep Bregman? Or do I let Bregman go, pick one of the above, and then have them for 3 years?
  3. Luck Chubb, Carson Nuk, MT, Evans Ebron Damien Williams zuerlein titans Last minute TDs from Luck, MT, Carson, and Titans were the difference
  4. Allen daesean Williams if PPR Lindsay of standard
  5. I like Damien And Pettis here. If KA and JuJu sit then I guess good luck with Robby Anderson? If he plays I’d roll with JuJu
  6. Dolphins. Redskins are at risk for giving Tennessee some short fields and easy scoring chances
  7. I think DaeSean has the safest floor here. Hogan...who knows. Callaway and MWill have great ceilings but are inconsistent at best. Hamilton’s matchup with Oakland and Keenum’s love for his slot receivers is another plus
  8. Start your studs. I don’t trust Williams and Anderson is boom or bust. Ride it out with DJ
  9. Probably Allen for all reasons above. Chargers defense > pats and Allen and hurt pats with arm and legs
  10. Full PPR. Lost Conner so looking for flex help. Starting the following: QB: Luck RB: Chubb, Carson WR: Nuk, MT, Evans TE: Ebron K: zuerlein D: Titans who do I flex? Mike Williams, Damien williams, DaeSean hamilton, Sony Michel, Dante Pettis? was leaning toward MWill but now sounds like KA will play so that hurts his value. With Ware doubtful then maybe Damien Williams keeps his big games going. Thoughts? leave a link