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  1. Hey everyone! Sending out a league email now! We're all full! All the details will be inside 😁
  2. Haha small world!! And 1000%. Just sent the invite. I'll be sending a follow up email shortly with all the details and everything to everyone!
  3. Bobby! What's up man. You probably didn't remember my username. But we're actually in a league together haha. Keys to Dynasty. I was actually about to send an email out tomorrow afternoon to everyone to get our rookie draft started!! If you are interested in this as well, would love to have ya aboard! You'd be #10 and we'd be able to start the draft tomorrow
  4. Yup! I'm gonna send out all the information for the draft (as well as the randomized order)/groupme/ league details/etc as soon as we get this final member!
  5. Sweet! Sending the invite over to ya now. Gonna be a dope league man, looking forward to having you aboard. I'll be sending an email to the whole league of all the details as soon as we fill!
  6. Sweet! Sending the email now man. Gonna be a dope season ⚾️🔥⚾️
  7. Got another! Filling up fast 🔥⚾️🔥