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  1. And thats why I prefer watching games. Those chad ford and espn rankings should go right out the window.
  2. As someone who likes the game of basketball over the game of betting/fantasy/stats, I don't mind.
  3. 1-7 is up for debate, but I think you have the names right, just not the order. I dont see Ball as the clear #1 guy. I rank Mitchell top 8. John Collins at #9. Both could be higher since most players have clear holes in their games in the top 10.
  4. I kinda feel like the first and second part are somewhat mutually exclusive, but hey.
  5. Even though he won't be a top target (obviously), I don't think it's out of the question for him to average late DEN/ early CLE numbers: 9-10 pts on 50+% fg, 70-80%ft, 7 reb, a block, little over a TO. Once again not, great, but you could do worse in the last round of your draft.
  6. It's being a baby when protesting against and not agreeing with unrightfully being skipped not once but twice? Being a baby would be deliberately bypassing the rules ("I'm picking. F--- 'em if they can't take a joke.") and then not agreeing to fix this 'joke' after the fact. Sorry, not my type of game and not my favorite hobby either. I've often stayed up past midnight in order to wait for 3-4 picks to be made and call in my picks on time. That's too much effort for me considering how things are going down, not worth it mate. I've send my picks for the last rounds, so everything will run smoothly.
  7. Those have been the rules since pick #1, if they don't make sense you should've pointed this out a week ago, when the draft started. All of a sudden they're a problem for you and you decide to NOT go by the rules, and not only skip one pick (ignoring the rules which have been in place since pick #1), but skip another pick as well (once again ignoring the rules). That's perfectly fine with me and I'm not angry unlike what you may have hinted at before, but I'm not looking to be part of this. Especially if you want to throw a hissy fit and get into silly discussions about, if someone points out the rules. It's simply not something I'm willing to spend my time on. Kaboom has the list of highest ranked players so he knows who to pick for me. Good luck to all!
  8. You can pick the highest rated player for me for the rest of the draft guys. Dirk Nowitzki I guess. Since I don't agree at all how this thing is going, totally ignoring the rules altogether, it's not something I'm looking to spend my time on.
  9. You know what? If this is how it has to go, I'll pick someone else. Im not able to go through my lists soon so I'll pick someone later today. Consider Hood my 11th pick and I'll pick my 12th selection in due time.
  10. Exactly. Wouldve been happy to give you any of the guys I picked then, even though you should have been awarded an auto pick.
  11. 1st pick: 3 hours, but prior pick wasnt made 3 hours prior to daily deadline. So thats one. 2nd pick: another 3 hours, extending into the next day. So either way you have no right to demand both picks to be skipped. Simple. If you want to make a huge fuzz out of this, fine. Fight the rules and simple gamemanship or change your last pick. If you choose to do the first, I'll pass.
  12. Those are the times copied from the other draft topic. And those have been the rules the entire draft. And you get 3 hours per pick, 6 in the weekend. Im pretty happy with these rules because I can't stay up past 3AM local time every night. Feel free to make a case for my 11th pick to be changed to an auto pick if you want. You'd probably have to go back and look at what happened the last time someone was skipped (and got a chance to pick anyway instead of getting an autopick), which I'm guesqing is something you'd rather not do. If you wanted to claim either of the guys picked after your skipped pick, I wouldve been happy to change them then. 12th pick still stands, unless you want to make a seperate case for that. If youre not changing the pick, I guess we'll have two teams with Boban.