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  1. 2 spots left.probably looking at a draft for tomorrow night.
  2. here is the link to join
  3. 12 team big rosters, hoping to be able to fill and draft asap league settings-
  4. if theres still a spot left I'm in.
  5. Ppr league Need two receivers out of BCooks, WFuller, ARob, and CDavis and a flex out of whatever possible receivers left or JHoward.
  6. I’d take the trade.
  7. Njoku for me as long as Baker is at qb.
  8. I’d prefer Hopkins unless I have no other real decent options behind Hyde at RB.
  9. 2 qb league, have Matt Ryan starting but for 2nd would you go Trubisky vs TB or Allen vs GB ?? both seem like favorable matchups but neither stick out more than the other to me. Any thoughts?