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  1. I loved what the Eagles did with the draft. This year's draft won't have much of an impact at all on rookie dynasty players to target though. Pumphrey presumably takes over Sproles' role starting in 2018. Good value for Alshon, Torrey Smith, and Ertz though. Not sure what they plan to do at RB before the season starts. I doubt they stick with Ryan Mathews. A bunch of teams just drafted RBs, making guys currently on the roster expendable. Jeremy Hill and Latavius Murray are some names that are probably on the trade block.
  2. Wouldn't mind seeing him traded to Philly. Philly is going to be looking for an early down runner. Ryan Mathews won't last.
  3. And to expand on this. You don't hit a woman no matter what. He cold cocked her with a fist and broke 4 bones in her face. He needs to spend the rest of his life making amends for that kind of decision. That was horrible. I hadn't seen it before or looked into it until they showed it during the draft. That was worse than Ray Rice knocking out his wife.
  4. lol. Get the facts before spouting ignorance. They harassed her and spit on her. She slapped him. He was despicable and continues to not regret his decision. Disappointed with the Bengals. You don't reward a player like that by drafting them in the 2nd round. He should have gone in the 7th.
  5. Jimmy G could be NE's starter as early as the 2018 season.
  6. Guess we will find out whether he will play as a WR or RB. I'm betting on WR.
  7. Will be interesting to see if he gets the RB/WR designation in fantasy leagues. He projects as a slot WR with similar profiles to Edelman, Welker, Tavon Austin, etc. He is a great fit in Carolina imo. Reach in the top-10 though.
  8. ESPN broadcast could be delayed.
  9. If you are watching a stream like I am you are probably 2-5min behind the live broadcast.
  10. I really love the Watson pick to Houston. Watson has the trait you want the most from the QB position, which is the ability to adapt and overcome changes both in-game and over seasons. He needs to improve his decision making and progression through his receivers, but he has a great floor imo. Could be a starter for them this season on a playoff ready team. They get a QB with big game and pressure experience. Big win for Houston imo.
  11. Foster falling is real. Wonder if there are legitimate medical concerns, on top of his character issues.
  12. Barnett has the higher ceiling compared to Foster at pick 14. Foster has the higher floor though, assuming his shoulder injury isn't a big deal.
  13. Love the pick by the Eagles. Would have loved Foster, but with Hicks it would have been a luxury pick. Eagles going to target CB in 2nd round imo.
  14. I like the aggressive move by the Chiefs. Real risky QB pick though.
  15. McCaffery is going to play slot WR.