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  1. I like Blount more if the Eagles can replace Kelce effectively. They continue to have issues running up the middle because Kelce gets pushed around.
  2. Real early to hype this guy. He has a number of players to climb over on the depth chart before he would see any decent amount of targets. Agholor is still in the mix because of his 1st round pedigree, but I think the Eagles would rather Agholor shows well in the preseason and then trade him. He is probably 5th or 6th on the depth chart currently.
  3. I could see Mack Hollins pushing Agholor and potentially Jordan Matthews down the depth chart. Not likely to unseat Jeffery and Torrey Smith. Still don't know why Agholor is on the team or so high on the depth chart. He dropped an easy 2pt conversion, as per the usual for Agholor. I hate him so much as an Eagles fan.
  4. All comes down to Bortles. Which I don't believe is going to be improved. I think Hopkins bounces back this season with better QB play over Osweiler. ARob is going to be hit or miss with Bortles at the helm.
  5. I just don't see Cam changing his nature. Cam has been consistent with his passing yards, attempts, etc. every season except last. The one outlier was the passing TDs two seasons ago, which of course wasn't repeated. Cam scores a bunch of rushing TDs every season. I think he averages around 8-9. None of that is likely to change. Just don't understand the hype. Limited receiving role due to Cam's unwillingness to dump it off. Limited rushing TDs due to Cam and Stewart vulturing. JStew may even be their goal-line back. I'm still skeptical of him holding up as an every down RB, but his ADP is going through the roof. I'll let others bite on McCaffrey.
  6. Any QB is capable of completing short passes to a RB. It is one of the easiest throws to make, hence the high completion percentages for short throws and screens. Much of the argument with Cam has been his unwillingness to dump it off to his RBs. And the one number shown means he is dumping it off far less than pocket passer QBs like Brady or Rivers.
  7. That only shows accuracy, not number of completions. How often is Cam dumping it off?
  8. Besides last season, Cam's numbers every season have been roughly the same. The only outlier was the passing TDs two seasons ago which spiked his ADP last season. There was zero reason to expect those passing TDs to continue and he was overvalued last season. Same goes for Bortles two seasons ago and his crazy passing stats. Cam is likely going to be a value pick this summer, but his shoulder is something to keep an eye on in preseason. I like Mariota more though.
  9. He faced a similar predicament last season and was a gem.
  10. I'm not that keen on him. Flashes and a lot of inconsistency. He could never push the other backs on the team even when the OL wasn't terrible. I don't think he is a RB to hold/target in dynasty.
  11. No one is arguing that...
  12. Not when you work for a company, especially one like the NFL.
  13. Stop putting words in my mouth. I've said nothing about my beliefs. I'm looking at it from his on-field performance, which isn't good. Couple that with all the off-field baggage the media talks about constantly and no team wants to sign him. You are making it sound like my entire argument is about his beliefs, when I have said nothing of the such. Some of us just don't think he is a very good QB and stats and watching him play back that up.
  14. Didn't impress me at all. He hasn't improved as a passer. He has regressed. And he isn't making those around him better like the good QBs do. If he was an above average QB they would have been more competitive, despite the roster. I've seen plenty of good QBs take garbage rosters to the playoffs. Kaep brings all the political and polarizing baggage with him. Just not worth signing, because he isn't an above average or better QB. Talent always trumps off the field baggage in the NFL. Kaep doesn't have that at the QB position.