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  1. Pats/Rams

    Reporters showed Nickell Robey-Coleman his hit on Tommylee Lewis. His reaction: "Oh hell yea. That was PI." — NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) January 21, 2019 The officials also told him the following: #Rams DB Nickell Robey-Coleman said the refs told him the ball was tipped so he was free to blast the receiver. Would have been a PI if the ball was not tipped. — D. Orlando Ledbetter (@DOrlandoAJC) January 21, 2019 Ball wasn't ever tipped. Head ref even admitted to not seeing the play. lol
  2. Pats/Rams

    Doesn't matter. Refs wanted to not influence the game by not making a call, but influenced the game by not making a call. There were two penalties on the same defender on that play. DPI and helmet-to-helmet unnecessary roughness. It wasn't bang-bang live either. Looked early watching live for me and way early watching the replay. Games have a ton of plays, but that was literally a single play that influenced the game going to OT. Otherwise it was over.
  3. Pats/Rams

    Rams shouldn't even be in the SB. Game was over without the blown call.
  4. Pats/Rams

    Would definitely be a real kick in the nuts to all Saints fans out there if the Rams win though.
  5. Pats/Rams

    I abstain.
  6. Pats/Rams

    Is it possible to end in a tie and neither team win? I choose that one.
  7. Pats/Chiefs

    It is not comparable to soccer at all. I actually think the best way to solve OT in the playoffs is simply give each team a set number of offensive drives. Similar to penalty kicks in a way.
  8. Pats/Chiefs

    Can't compare to every sport. NFL is best compared to Baseball. Which just keeps on going until it isn't tied at the end of an inning. Other sports have both offenses and defenses on the court/field/rink at the same time.
  9. Pats/Chiefs

    Was either defense making a stop in OT? Be honest.
  10. Pats/Chiefs

    And defenses are completely gas'd by that point. But go on. Offenses hold every advantage in OT. Almost better off going with college rules considering defenses are worn down by that point.
  11. Pats/Chiefs

    Defenses are gas'd by the time OT occurs and somehow as long as the 1st offense scores a TD it is fair that the 2nd offense never gets chance. Unfortunate. The league MVP not getting a shot to tie the game and extend it in OT is probably going to be a catalyst for OT rule changes this offseason.
  12. Pats/Chiefs

    I can understand not going to college rules, because those are silly, but each offense should get at least one opportunity. If they both end in TD's then the game goes to sudden death and next score wins. They are already prepared to play forever until one team scores.
  13. Pats/Chiefs

    That is the reason NFL OT sucks. When one offense never touches the ball. This isn't soccer where the teams are playing simultaneously.
  14. Pats/Chiefs

    Brady throws an interception.
  15. Pats/Chiefs

    Now whatever the Chiefs do, don't kick it to Patterson.