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  1. I would expect Chubb to be a very safe low-end, maybe higher, RB1 next season. Hunt's 8 game suspension nearly eliminates him from the conversation in my opinion. I view Hunt as a high upside handcuff and depth for the Browns in 2019. However, if Chubb falls on his face in 2019 the Browns can easily go to Hunt and not look back. Really depends on how well Chubb does during his first 8 games though. I wouldn't expect the team to start getting Hunt involved 50/50 or more unless Chubb fails to impress. And based on last season's production from Chubb and the new additions on offense I wouldn't expect him to falter.
  2. Could end up being another Michael Turner. 2-3 years of elite production and then falls off a cliff production-wise.
  3. Charles Johnson proving again he belongs on an NFL roster. Not sure why he flamed out at the NFL level.
  4. He definitely isn't a plodder. Not sure which Bucs games you were watching last season.
  5. I'm sure D'Onta Freeman was also releasing training videos and contributed zero production to the 2018 season. Different injuries, but Guice's ACL injury wasn't as simple as most ACL injuries. He suffered setbacks and multiple surgeries. I tend to be pessimistic about these injury timelines though.
  6. He has been the sole case of such a short recovery time and also being highly productive coming back from an ACL injury the next season. He had his 2000 yard rushing campaign coming back from the ACL injury.
  7. Nothing has been proven at this point and there is a lot of misinformation and poor journalism going on. Sit back and relax and wait for the investigation to finish.
  8. lol. You sure like to go all in on your declarations. 0-2 so far. 0-3 next up?
  9. I issue with that article is it is comparing a slot receiver to every receiver. Different positions though. Humphries might be an average receiver, but he could also be a very good slot receiver. Fits Belichick's system well.
  10. Even if Callahan could never regain form that is a definite loss any way you cut it. I actually view HaHa as an upgrade over Amos.
  11. Arians and the Bucs may be looking to the draft. I like Barber's outlook if they commit to him for 2019 though. Ronald Jones is not a concern, but drafting a talented RB is a concern.
  12. Don't really understand the point of the article. Humphries wasn't paid huge money. And the deal probably only locks Tenn into 2 years of guaranteed. He is a typical slot receiver. The fumbles are the only real concern.
  13. I would think the Raiders and Bucs could have used his services.