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  1. Jerick McKinnon 2017 Season Outlook

    Murray is a much better athlete and player than Asiata though. I did pick up JM in my redraft league, but have been hesitant to start him. Glad I didn't this week. I have a feeling this backfield will continue to be a frustrating RBBC. JM or Murray are going to need TDs to put up RB2 value. I still own Murray on my dynasty team.
  2. 10/22/17 - Ravens @ Vikings

    I think it is too early to anoint any of them as the lead back. I have a feeling this is going to be a frustrating RBBC the entire remainder of the season. I held onto Murray in my dynasty league and picked up JM in my standard redraft. They are both going to be TD dependent for RB2 value imo. Otherwise it is going to be flex value and whichever one has the better week yardage-wise. Going to be a hot hand RBBC.
  3. Wendell Smallwood 2017 Season Outlook

    15 in PPR? Only if he scores a TD and does exceptionally well. I expect a weekly output of 7-9 pts from him in PPR.
  4. Which QB to Stream? - WHIR

    Bortles' fantasy numbers this season have been abysmal and he has only topped 12 points once this season. With Kizer or Brissett you have to rely on rushing numbers and rush TDs. Leaning towards Siemian or McCown. I think Dalton could be solid, but he has a really tough matchup.
  5. Start Mixon? WHIR

    Elliott has been a solid kicker and the Philly offense has been productive. Just the homer in me though. I think your lineup is set. I don't like Mixon over AD or Kamara. DT's health would be the only consideration. But if DT is expected to be good, you don't start Mixon over him.
  6. Which QB to Stream? - WHIR

    Even if Winston does suit up I'm thinking of sitting him now. The Bills have been terrific against the pass all season and against a banged up Winston it doesn't seem like a recipe for success. I'm just looking for my QB to not lose me the week while Watson is on bye.
  7. What's Julio's value? WHIR

    I'm in agreement with this. There is no way with what you offered could you land Julio and Mixon, and probably not Julio. You are going to need to increase the value with someone other than Adams if you really want Julio. Throw in Cooks.
  8. Nelson Agholor 2017 Season Outlook

    You can't rely on TDs. They eventually become inconsistent. The best bet for consistent production is a healthy amount of targets and outside of Ertz no one on that offense is really seeing a ton of targets. The Eagles are doing a really good job of spreading the ball around. Kind of reminds me of the Saints' offense of years past. I agree with the matchup this week though, but MNF is tough. Could always go for broke if you need that flyer on MNF to win you the week.
  9. I like the trade. There is no guarantee McKinnon keeps it up. Sell high for reliable and known production.
  10. Watson is on bye and Winston is injured. Do I played Winston or stream a flyer from waivers? Siemian, McCown, Hundley, Dalton, Bortles, Keenum, Brissett, and Trubisky available.
  11. Julio Jones Trade!! Whir

    If is great value if you really want Julio. I'm regretting going with Julio in my 10-team re-draft this season. They just don't involve him enough in the RZ and at the GL. Maybe that changes after recent coach speak, but it has been an ongoing issue for several years. Starting to think the issue is Matt Ryan.
  12. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Henry has always looked fantastic when given enough of a workload. The Titans seem averse to consistently doing that though. I own no shares, but my eyes don't deceive me.
  13. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    lol. Give it up. Who said NO had no passing threat? No one. NO was not a good fit schematically and they didn't give him enough touches. He was productive on the touches he got generating most of the yardage after contact all on his own. Stop posting nonsense.
  14. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Ari is a power run scheme from under center...