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  1. Cleveland Browns 2018 Season Outlook

    I was always high on Wilson. A lot of scouts were too. But every NFL team pushed him down their draft boards because of his height. Which is silly. Whenever I saw Wilson play in college I knew he would be big-time in the NFL. I saw the same thing, if not better, watching Watson. Also a lot of positions get pushed down the draft board because they aren't as important to a team. RB is one of those. Which is why a lot of the starters around the league are from later rounds.
  2. Cleveland Browns 2018 Season Outlook

    There are no legitimate 1st round QBs this season. But a few will undoubtedly go in the top-10 due measurables and potential.
  3. Cleveland Browns 2018 Season Outlook

    Moneyball isn't a fraud. But it also wasn't run very well in Cleveland. The concept makes sense in Baseball for teams that have low salaries finding value in players that they don't have to pay like the big names and compete with the big salary teams. In the NFL all teams have the same cap and salary. There is no luxury tax to go beyond the cap like in the NBA. So it didn't make a whole lot of sense continually trading back in the draft and passing on potential talent unless they really didn't like the players where they were in the draft. Cleveland also had a ton of cap space. So it wasn't like they were a low salary team that couldn't afford to pay big name players. Moneyball concept is good to apply for teams near the cap limit or championship teams looking to extend their windows. The Patriots definitely employ a type of Moneyball. But it works in NE because they have had Brady for nearly 20 years.
  4. Jameis Winston 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm also high on Howard, but they need talent at WR, RB, and OLine. Their OLine had injuries, but it sucked before the injuries.
  5. If he were a great QB he would still have been starting regardless of Fisher being his HC. He is capable though. And Keenum has also shown himself to be capable. Both can be starting in the league with good coaching and enough weapons around them. The OL didn't break down on that play either. Foles held onto the ball way too long. He was lucky to avoid the pressure and not get sacked. That play wasn't a designed double move by Jeffery either. He improvised that seeing how Foles was still keeping the play alive. It was an amazing play by all players involved, not just Foles.
  6. Cleveland Browns 2018 Season Outlook

    I don't understand Haley going to coordinate for a failure like Hue Jackson. Maybe Hue is going to be fired and Haley brought on as the HC?
  7. Jameis Winston 2018 Season Outlook

    I really don't think Winston has had any difference makers on offense since he was drafted besides Mike Evans. DJax in his twilight? Nah. Brate and the rest of the receivers? Nah. Doug Martin and Sims? Nah. OLine? Nah. Not even a decent OLine. Winston has all the tools and talent. And he does display it. But turnovers are a real problem and I agree with you. The good thing about fantasy is that turnovers don't really hurt. And can sometimes even help by leading to more garbage time play (Bortles in 2015). They need to improve the talent around him on offense. Make it more prolific. He can put up the numbers and fantasy numbers.
  8. 2013 was definitely a fluke. But Foles can be a starter around the league. He does limit throwing interceptions, but that comes at the expense of holding on to the ball too long and taking really bad sacks. I was amazed when he didn't get sacked on the play yesterday that led to the long throw to Jeffery. QBs never get that much time in the pocket. Foles with the right pieces around him, a top OL, and a top defense can look good. I think his mentality of limiting turnovers is going to be a real bonus in the SB. Just hope he doesn't take any sacks to take us out of FG range like he did against the Falcons and Rams. Yesterday's performance and the one against the Falcons speaks more to coaching than anything else. Pederson has done a masterful job with Foles in the playoffs. Doug Pederson was the real Coach of the Year. He lost his blindside anchor LT, MVP QB, starting MLB, and Sproles and still managed to go 13-3 and get the #1 seed. All that when the expectations were low for the Eagles coming into the season.
  9. I'm just stating that it is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed in the off season. Clearly the refs aren't being taught properly. The Jags played not to lose the game. They took their foot off the gas at the end of the 1st half. The Eagles drove down at the end of the 1st half and made a FG with less time and less TO's than the Jags had. The Eagles continued to put daggers into the Vikings and give them no hope of coming back to win it. Eagles stayed aggressive from the start to the end. The Jags didn't. Bortles is part of the problem, but it is a one and done game. You can't stop being aggressive against a team like the Patriots. As soon as I saw the Jags putting up FGs instead of TDs in the 2nd half I knew the game was over for them.
  10. They might say that. But all season long we see refs blow plays dead way too early. It isn't something that is unique to a game with the Patriots.
  11. The DPI was ticky tacky, but was definitely DPI. Just weird to see it called in a playoff game like that in that situation as it wasn't excessive. The Myles Jack play happens all the team. Refs are always whistle happy and blow plays dead all the time instead of allowing them to play on and rely on replay to overturn a call if necessary. I think that is more of an issue with the way refs are taught than it was a call for the Patriots. There was the issue a few weeks ago with the refs constantly whistling sack/fumbles dead against the Chiefs which very likely led to the Titans winning.
  12. I just hope there aren't any questionable "catches" in the SB.
  13. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    And the Jags and Vikings weren't those historically great defenses. That was my point. That was known even before the games this past weekend. Vikings were also aided by knocking ARod out of the first game against them and him not being healthy for the 2nd. Otherwise that division winner is probably completely different and that defense isn't looked at in the same light.
  14. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Eagles were still a top-4 defense. The Jags and Vikings weren't historically great defenses like the Bucs, Ravens, or Steelers of old. And elite QBs have shown the ability of the years to beat top defenses in the playoffs.
  15. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    Peters is going to retire I think. But they have a solid OL and Big V hasn't been a disaster. Bradham, Patrick Robinson, and Blount are FA's. I think they retain Bradham. Probably move Mills into slot next season.