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  1. Clearly you never paid any attention to Hackenberg in college.
  2. lol. Why is there even a thread for Hackenberg? Top irrelevant player thread for 2017?
  3. Ditto. Which is why I've avoided him since Peyton's production fell off.
  4. If AP gets a large enough workload he could lead the league in rushing in that offense. He has a few more good years left in him. Injury risk is much higher at his age though.
  5. After reading something about John Brown it kind of has me learning towards keeping him for my dynasty roster. But I'm currently at the cap of 20 players, so I would need to drop someone. Anyone else like John Brown rebounding this year and being a fantasy asset in the future? With Floyd gone, he does have a much clearer path to targets in Arizona. Drop candidates to make room for John Brown would be McKinnon (buried on depth chart), Malcolm Mitchell (is he worthless in NE right now?), or one of my IDP guys like McLeod or one of my DE's.
  6. I'm hoping Mariota falls a bit in drafts.
  7. I like most of your list Br0kenB, but there are a couple QBs on that list I can't get behind with the rankings you have given them. Projecting Winston as a top-5 option in 2017 seems unlikely. I love the additions they made on offense, but there are some concerns. Rookies TEs rarely do well historically, DJax hasn't been able to stay healthy, and then there is the Doug Martin issue. Martin appears to ball out when concerned about a contract year, but he is suspended a couple games and tanked hard last season after getting his money. Martin only has 2 good seasons of play on his resume and 3 bad seasons. In those 2 good seasons most of his production comes from about a 1/4 of the season (4 games). I like Jacquizz if he can stay healthy. The other QB on your list I can't get behind is Blake Bortles being in the top-10. His 2015 could have just be an aberration, before NFL coaches and defenses had enough good film on him to shut him down. It is up to Bortles to adapt and improve his game now. Can he do that? He didn't do it last season on the fly. Maybe an off season will help him, but I have my doubts. Bortles could end up being a full bust. We have seen a bunch of QBs put up a great season or great ~16 game stretch only to fall back to Earth and regress continually. Derek Anderson, RG3, Kaep, Fitz, McCown, etc. If Mariota can put up the numbers he was putting up before going down last season he could vault into the top-5. I like his chances. But ending the last couple seasons with injury is concerning.
  8. A glowing off season report about the FA signings standing out? Who would have thunk?
  9. I'd be surprised if he broke 1k receiving yards in Reid's offense. Especially for a 2nd year pro. Great dynasty asset though.
  10. I hate Doug Martin, but it could be a fair trade. Still tough to give up a talented young RB that produced last season for a guy that mailed it in after getting a big contract.
  11. Any other opinions on who I should keep?
  12. I feel you on keeping 1 QB. Was also leaning towards Eli of the two. Eli really struggled last season. Will the Giants' passing offense be improved this season? Any improvement at all would help out. As long as I have the room to keep all those RBs, I will. But I agree that McKinnon may be the odd man out in Minny. They just drafted Cook and signed Latavius. But it also isn't a bad idea to own the handcuffs or potential starter. Maybe I'll talk to the Cook owner when he gets drafted or maybe I'll have a chance to draft Cook.
  13. If you are set on selling high on Howard, I don't think you are selling high enough. I don't like that trade and feel it favors the other owner. Coleman is clearly a better option than Treadwell right now. Treadwell has near zero value besides where he was drafted. And Thielen and Diggs are no scrubs, so there is no clear path to targets this season or even next. And Dixon has the feel of a JAG to me. Howard was a legitimate RB last season and the advanced metrics back that up. He generated a lot of yards after contact (either top in the league or near top) and was great last season. Giving up way too much to move up to 1.3. You are coveting that spot too much right now because of your interest in Cook. Cook also has to face a lot more talented depth than Howard at the moment.
  14. I'm on the fence on a few guys on my dynasty roster. It was a dynasty roster I managed all last season, but I didn't actually draft the initial team. We can keep 20 players for our dynasty roster every off season. QB - Palmer and Eli. Thinking of not keeping either and going for some of the rookie QBs in this year's draft. RB - Freeman, Latavius Murray, Kelley, Crowell, McKinnon, and Jacquizz. Cook's addition in Minny makes McKinnon's and Latavius' usage confusing, but it probably isn't a bad idea to hold on to both. I'm thinking of holding on to Jacquizz, because he was effective when playing last season and Doug has the suspension and the team soured on him. Crowell is probably worth holding on to for now. WR - AJG, DT, Meredith, Beasley, Gabriel, Malcolm Mitchell, and John Brown. Thinking of only holding on to AJG, DT, Meredith, Beasley and Gabriel. John Brown seems like such a boom or bust candidate. And Mitchell looks like he will be lost in the offense next season due to all of the off season additions. TE - Reed, Allen, and Swope. Unfortunately Reed is the only one worth holding in my opinion, because of the re-signings in Indy. IDP - I'll probably keep my LBs and DEs and then McLeod at safety and let the rest go.
  15. Hoodie also has a habit of benching guys that don't grasp his offense. Cooks is being overhyped though, I agree with you there.