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  1. Eagles have been bad against TE's for a long time and their LB's currently suck in coverage under Schwartz. If he gets targets he will have a good game. Eagles are going to struggle offensively. I think he will be alright today.
  2. I hope so as both an Eagles fan and fantasy owner of Sanders, but I don't see it happening. I'd like to see the Eagles lean more on Howard and establish a running game.
  3. He passed the test of the Bears defense. I don't care what defense he faces rest of season.
  4. I just don't find myself in the AC forum. So much for IDP discussion. The only way I'll find myself here is replying to mentions/quotes.
  5. This is only his 2nd year in the league. Better every season? I agree with you though that the Browns hype train ran wild.
  6. Okay? Seems to be serving me well so far.
  7. How many games has Lamar started? Kaepernick was also only very good during his first two seasons starting, which his 1st one only began towards the end. Tebow? Plenty of QB's have shined bright in fantasy and disappeared. Little too early to declare anything with Lamar. I'm withholding judgement until the end of this season.
  8. It is still way too early to be making those kind of snarky declarations.
  9. I meant ceiling. I think he will have plenty of kicking opportunities, but like I said he isn't going to kick many long ones or make long ones in leagues that give you more points for longer FG's.
  10. I like Zane and his FG opportunities in that offense, but I think his upside is limited because he won't be kicking many 40 or 50+ yarders. Hence, why I went with Slye. Overall he is going to be a steady top-10 kicker option this season imo. Maybe top-5.
  11. Does anyone ever fall for that? I've tried that numerous times over the years and have never really had someone bite and trade for the player I didn't want any more that just had likely his best game of the season.
  12. Not really. If he continues to bust for the entire season his value falls every week you don't sell him. You can still probably get something for him from hype and name. That will eventually wane if he continues to stink. The other side is he turns it around and beasts. But if he doesn't then every week you don't see him you lose value and eventually drop him for nothing in return.
  13. I'm just hoping he doesn't drag Gurley down this week too.