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  1. Sam Darnold 2018 Outlook

    His receivers can't get open and can't catch contested balls. He is going to struggle as a rookie. And probably until they upgrade WRs/TEs. Going to be an up and down rookie year for Darnold. There will be games with TDs, but also games with no TDs and multiple turnovers.
  2. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    And that is fine. I like Baker a lot as the #1 pick. But Darnold has been good so far as a rookie. I saw his receivers having a really difficult time getting open tonight even in man-to-man coverage. Darnold's supporting cast sucks. Even when they can run the ball. Baker has the tools to be much more NFL-ready from the start though. Really like Baker's impact on the Browns' skill players. Boost them all.
  3. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    I wouldn't go that far. Teams will have a better idea of how to defend Baker next week. But Darnold has a terrible OLine and no receivers worth mentioning. Baker has a good supporting cast in Njoku, Landry, Hyde, Duke, and a good OLine. And Callaway looks like a talented player that could develop into a star receiver.
  4. Jarvis Landry 2018 Outlook

    I honestly thought it was going to be the same result as last week watching that 1st quarter of Tyrod. 0-10 yards all game until a garbage 4th quarter run the clock out drive where he gets a few catches. Luckily Baker came in.
  5. Tyrod Taylor 2018 Outlook

    He was never better than a backup QB starting for bad teams. Never willing to make contested and risky throws. Settles for throwing it away or taking sacks. Occasionally he uses his athleticism. In the exact mold of Kaepernick, although I think Kaep was a big more dynamic. QBs have to be willing to take chances. Sometimes they are turnovers, but sometimes they lead to points. Better than going 3-and-out all the time. Especially if it is a turnover deep which is no different than a punt. And his deep accuracy is laughable.
  6. Jarvis Landry 2018 Outlook

    All those laughing at me for starting Landry. Baker comes in like I've been saying for months now and the offense looks fine. 12 points in standard is a great night. Almost had a TD with a great catch at the 1. 20pts in PPR. Landry is going to be a rock solid WR2 going forward in standard and WR1 in PPR. Pretty good draft value. Hopefully Hue doesn't go all Hue and start Tyrod when he clears concussion protocol.
  7. Nothing is saving Hue's job. He is done after this season anyway.
  8. The trifecta. Browns are 1-1-1.
  9. Jets need some actual talent at WR/TE. They fine at RB.
  10. 2. Baker gets 2 and Jarvis gets 2. Jarvis sitting at 10 right now in my standard league. Not a bad night. Could be 16.
  11. Jarvis gets that 2PC right? I remember Rivers getting one a couple weeks ago throwing it in.
  12. At least Landry putting in a good WR2-3 night. Could be a WR1 night if Baker was starting the entire game. Landry is going to feast rest of season.
  13. Dang. Landry down on the 1 leaving it to Hyde. Knew that was going to happen.
  14. Aikman has really grown on me over the years. Especially as an Eagles fan. Buck, on the other hand, continues to get worse. I hate Joe Buck.