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  1. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    I'll take the under. Gruden just doesn't produce many 1000 yard rushers.
  2. Sony Michel 2018 Season Outlook

    I still remember Blount being quite volatile despite scoring all those TD's. He was relegated to pretty much use in standard only. And 2016 had a ton of RB injuries and poor performances.
  3. Sony Michel 2018 Season Outlook

    Others are pointing out that the Patriots rushing numbers and TD's are quite high. Usually league-leading. But those numbers get spread around to 3-4 RB's. And Brady is always a threat to sneak TD's if they are inside the 1/2-yard line. The argument is Michel could end up seeing the bulks of those touches and TD's. Similar to how Blount scores a bundle of TD's a couple years ago. I'll probably always be pessimistic towards the Patriots' backfield. Due to the unpredictability.
  4. Ricky Seals-Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    Missed the sarcasm sir.
  5. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    The Madden curse has been broken numerous times now, especially in recent years. Brady did it last season. But you appear to be of the mind that Juju is going to start eating into his role and take over soon?
  6. Sony Michel 2018 Season Outlook

    All of it.
  7. Ricky Seals-Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    Has the makings of a national race story considering what has happened around the country in the last 6 months. Starbucks had to go through racial sensitivity training. Think there was an incident at a Waffle House.
  8. Sony Michel 2018 Season Outlook

    Based on what exactly?
  9. Brandin Cooks 2018 Season Outlook

    But you are doing the exact same thing... Cooks didn't have the freedom Watkins had. Watkins was coming off injury-riddled seasons and bet on himself instead of taking a low-ball offer. Cooks was traded away from two HoF QB's twice in two seasons and would have had to bet on himself in a Rams offense with a significant downgrade at QB and likely far less targets to improve his value. One thing is clear to me. And that is Cooks took the deal offered to him instead of betting on himself and testing FA for an even bigger contract.
  10. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    Maybe he puts up a year like Megatron did while he was on the cover.
  11. Brandin Cooks 2018 Season Outlook

    Delusional Rams fan.
  12. Brandin Cooks 2018 Season Outlook

    Surprised to see Cooks only get 20mil guaranteed. That is surprisingly low. Perhaps he wasn't as confident betting on himself in a contract year and took the low-ball offer. Of course he still gets compensated quite well if he plays well the next few years. Any slip-up and he could be cut though.
  13. Brandin Cooks 2018 Season Outlook

    Cooks hasn't even played a snap for the Rams yet. Just because they signed him to an extension doesn't mean Odell wasn't a better fit. Any team would love Odell on their offense.
  14. 2018 Rookie RB Class

    Penny is my #2. But Guice and Penny are interchangeable. We know Seattle's OL is bad, but they had a lot of success with Lynch. Gruden's entire history of RB's in his scheme has been less than impressive. It just isn't a focal point of his scheme. It can be in Seattle. Guice also has more competition for touches and TD opportunities.
  15. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    No. It wouldn't have. Someone else already provided the details that confirmed what I remember from last season anyway. He may have ended up a RB1 in total point at the end of the season, but that doesn't account for injuries and volatility. I had him in standard and Latavius in 0.5 PPR last season. Situation has changed, but the volatility has always been there with him from my experience. Just have to hope the volatility is lessened in the Shanny scheme, which some others have made some compelling arguments for.