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  1. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    Royce was drafted in the 4th round or earlier. Royce is the bust and it isn't even close. Penny still reflects his ADP well.
  2. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    He was still churning out good yardage on his other carries. I do agree with another poster that he needs to adjust his running style to the NFL though. Trying to get fancy at the 2nd level instead of running over DB's. Carson is just a battering ram that runs forward and uses his size and momentum to carry defenders. Which isn't what Lynch did.
  3. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    I disagree with your disagree to an extent. I wasn't high on Aaron Jones early in the season, but I quickly dropped all shares on Williams noticing it was never going to happen. The RBBC is mostly gone. He may not be seeing 20+ touches feature back, but not many RB's do in the entire NFL these days. He is the 3-down RB for the Packers now. He is seeing early down carries, receptions, work at the GL, and 3rd down work. They trust him now. Rodgers will always skew the statistics towards the passing attack. So 15-18 touches is probably Aaron Jones' ceiling in this offense. But that is 80-90% of the RB touches. And he is in a high scoring offense with Rodgers. He isn't script proof, but he is in Mixon's territory now.
  4. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    No, but Lacy was a high draft pick and was never competing with other RBs for touches. His conditioning is what did him in after the first couple seasons.
  5. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    Some real haters. He looked good on every run last night. Remains to be seen whether he becomes relevant this season, but loving his value in dynasty. Still a great playoff stash this season in redraft if you are set at RB1-4.
  6. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    Well I don't really have any cause to drop him. And I don't have any cause to start him either. Here is to hoping he lights the world on fire during the fantasy playoffs this season.
  7. George Kittle 2018 Outlook

    RSJ over the Denver guy.
  8. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    Jones is TBD. Depends on who was drafted and who wasn't. Some guys like Mahomes and Kittle are also drastically outproducing their ADP's. Chubb and Mack are WW winners so far.
  9. Alfred Blue 2018 Outlook

    Weird gameflow I think. I'd have to go back and look. Blue getting more than 6-8 touches in a game just isn't likely. Look elsewhere.
  10. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    He only had 14 touches and 59 yards in the Oakland game. A game in which he was the fully healthy starter. He was the unquestioned starter weeks 1-2 as well and didn't have many touches. I feel like you are trying to skew the numbers to the few games he had the most touches. And his 34 touch game heavily skews everything. All I know is Mike Davis has twice as many TD's (4) and only about 90 less yards from scrimmage. And double the receptions. Carson has been a streaky fantasy performer whether it is due to injury or usage.
  11. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    Ingram has a much higher and safer floor. And they have roughly the same ceiling. It isn't a tough decision.
  12. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    He has had some run. He just stinks. The Bucs running game also isn't going to happen this season.
  13. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    Carson's touches have been up and down. And go ahead and look at the snap %'s. Mike Davis hovers around 35-40% in games Carson is 100% healthy. And Davis is used in that role. Carson is not an every down back for the Seahawks. Lynch is not the Carson type either. Carson is a Latavius Murray comp. Maybe Blount.
  14. Ricky Seals-Jones 2018 Outlook

    That is quite the stack.