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  1. You received several emails. Unlike the other 11 people, you ignored them. Good luck getting your next league commissioner to change the payouts before you pay the entry fee and good luck finding one who will even listen to your proposal. Here's some advice: Pay first then negotiate for changes.
  2. Why would I set the payment deadline two weeks into the season? The correct payment deadline was three days ago. The LeagueSafe link and the due date was on the league home page for the past week and a half. I also sent four emails over the past week reminding everybody when payment was due. I sent you an additional email personally and you ignored it. 11 people figured it out and paid. You didn't. You were too busy trying to change the payout structure and questioning why you had to pay the entry fee before the payouts were changed to what you wanted them to be.
  3. Just filled the last spot a little while ago.
  4. Invitation sent. Welcome to the league. You'll see the LeagueSafe link on the home page when you get in.
  5. Need one more owner. Already have 11 owners confirmed and paid up.
  6. Invite sent...welcome to the league. Once you get in, the LeagueSafe link will be in the home page.
  7. I have three more spots open in this league due to owners who missed the payment deadline. If interested, reply with your email or dm me. Since all confirmed owners have already paid, LeagueSafe payment is required when you accept the league invite. The payment link is on the league home page once you get in.
  8. Invitation sent. Welcome. At this point the league is filled but I'm still awaiting payment from everyone. I will bump the thread if spots open up.
  9. **** Three Owners Needed for 2nd Year League **** League Info: 12 teams ESPN Standard H2H points scoring 8 team playoff (3 rounds, Weeks 14-16) Standard Roster plus 1 IR slot Player Acquisition: Waivers (no acquisition limit) http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=481056 Entry Fee: $25 buy-in LeagueSafe payment information will be sent out once the league fills. Payouts: 1st: $125 2nd: $55 3rd: $35 4th: $25 High Points Score: $60 (1st Place winner ineligible for High Points) Collected and paid through LeagueSafe. Draft Info: Tuesday, August 29th @ 8pm ET -- Snake Draft Snake Draft Draft order randomized prior to draft *** If you would like to join, please provide your email below or send me a DM. ***
  10. League is full for now but I'm still collecting payments. If I have any non-payers, I'll let you know.
  11. The league is now full. If I one of the owners ends up not paying the entry fee, I'll bump the thread and accept a replacement owner.
  12. Invite sent. Welcome to the league. If you could, please take a look at the league poll when you accept and let me know how you feel about the Year 2 entry fee.
  13. One more spot open. For those who are deterred by the Year 2 entry fee, I'm putting it to a vote among the fist 11 members and we are leaning toward changing it to a flat $25 entry fee in year 2.