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  1. Sign me up. Unlikely he makes another mid-season trade request next year.
  2. Let's pump the brakes a little bit. Take away one swing and he is batting 0.100 with 1 RBI and 1 steal
  3. No doubt, It's because everyone had him benched with a 2 game week
  4. Picked up Kleber about 10 min before lineups locked today for a 4 game week and now looks like he may have a significant wrist injury. FML.
  5. Playing Curry for FG% over the last month has been like playing the computer in Madden when it decides to go into f&#$ you mode and you get destroyed no matter what you do
  6. I see that now. Must have just been updated this afternoon. Looks like RR is also assuming a 6-man rotation. Not sure where they're getting that.
  7. according to the Miami Herald 5 days ago, there is a 5-way competition including Smith for 3 rotation spots. Hopefully get some more hints after today.
  8. Roster resource doesn't have him in the rotation, but he's definitely in there from day 1 right? Have to drop Anibal Sanchez, Sonny Gray, or Strahm for him.
  9. Traded Westbrook for Curry a couple of weeks ago to improve FG% and since then Curry has shot under 40% while Westbrook has been over 46%. I know it's small sample size, but come on!
  10. Shooting 5-27 over the last 3 games. Middleton is contagious.
  11. I hate to pick nits with this guy, but 1 steal over the last 6 games is disappointing.
  12. looks like espn has only moved him down 3 rounds to 68th overall (SP 18)
  13. Finally put him in my lineup and Fiz keeps him on the bench. Why do I play this game?
  14. I've considered picking up Wellington Castillo, but with OBP as a category, I think Cervelli is intriguing. He's a career .362 and .378 last year. Also projected to bat 4th in the order this year.
  15. Any idea how the wing rotation will shake out once TJ Warren comes back? I'd think that Oubre has earned a starting role, but it could get crowded with Warren, Oubre, Bridges, and Jackson.
  16. 10 team league 7x7 roto (standard 5x5 plus OBP, SLG, Innings, Losses). Team is below. I feel great about my offense, but should I try to make a move to improve my pitching? 1B: Carpenter 2B: Villar SS: Correa 3B: Arenado OF: Betts, Soto, Rosario C: Cervelli UTIL: Robles Bench: Cano, Voit, Andrus, McNeil SP: Bauer, Strasbug, Wheeler, Eovaldi, Darvish, Glasnow, Musgrove RP: Yates, Knebel Bench: Sonny Gray, Anibal Sanchez, Jeffress
  17. I think he's pretty much set to be at the bottom of the order, at least until he proves himself or Eaton gets hurt
  18. It's completely my fault. I traded Westbrook for him last week to boost my FG%. Sometimes I don't know why I do this to myself.
  19. Have you looked at the Orioles lineup?
  20. I have the 10th pick in a 10 team 7x7 (standard 5x5 plus OBP, SLG, Innings, Losses). We keep 3 players every year and my keepers are Betts, Arenado, and Soto. Here are the players that I think will be available to me. At least 2 of these pitchers: Verlander, Cole, Snell, Severino, Bauer, Kershaw, Carrasco, Syndergaard, Buehler Batters: Merrifield, Marte, Bellinger, Bogaerts, Votto, Correa, Mondesi, Realmuto, Khris Davis, Rendon Was planning to take 2 pitchers at 10 & 11 (really 40 & 41 after keepers), but now I'm considering taking 1 pitcher and 1 batter and hoping that one of Flaherty, Taillon, Clevinger, Wheeler, Greinke is there when I pick again at 30 & 31 (60 & 61 after keepers). Any thoughts on which way I should go?
  21. If his OBP and SLG were good, he'd be a first round pick. Who else can you draft that late that will have a big impact on steals and not drag on OBP and SLG?