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  1. sounds good. please send me an invite.
  2. Dwight and AD aren't exactly pillars of health, so his minutes would likely rise if/when those guys miss any time
  3. The invite I got still says auction draft. Will it be changed to snake?
  4. I'm looking for a roto league drafting tonight with $25-$100 buy-in, ideally snake, but would do auction if it has to be. Email me if you have an open spot -
  5. I’d be interested in a roto league
  6. I'm in a 10 team H2H 9-cat with double doubles instead of turnovers picking 9th and was considering Drum / Gobert for that 4 cat lock, but feel like it's too hard to get strong enough in AST/STL/3s to make it work. What about targeting LeBron (if still there) or Simmons then one of Drum / Gobert? That way you get a better start on AST/STL.
  7. I'd probably do the trade. Ravens won't play Dolphins and Cards every week.
  8. How many RBs can you start? I'd want CMC, Henry, and Monty in the lineup for sure. I'd rank Woods over Cooks and Cooks over Vance. Help me?
  9. Think I'd stick with Baker. Help me?
  10. I'd drop Ito or Jackson. Help with mine please:
  11. 12 team 0.5 PPR. Just lost Brees and have been offered Rodgers for my Mike Williams. Josh Allen, Andy Dalton, and Brissett are on waivers. Should I make the trade or roll with one of those 3? My team is below QB: Brees RB: Connor, Carson WR: Julio, Amari Cooper, Mike Williams Flex: Singletary TE: Engram Bench: Will Fuller, Metcalf, McLaurin, Moncrief, Penny, Justin Jackson, Malcolm Brown
  12. Unless this is a dynasty league, I'd drop Hill for Breida
  13. I'm in a 10 team league, standard scoring (no ppr). I can keep 1 player and draft him 1 round higher than where he was picked last year. I'm trying to decide between: Tyreek Hill - Would be 3rd round / 27 overall Sony Michel - Would be 7th round / 67 overall Derrius Guice - Would be 14th round / 134 overall Who should I keep?
  14. Henry was top 10 among offense ball carriers for top speed last year. His speed is absolutely elite, especially at 245 lbs