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  1. Same team (Team Sheehan) he did the shady trade with in our deleted league is in his newest league.
  2. Nobody dropped out. I challenged you to play by the rules and you booted me. Then, you deleted the league. Need me to post the screenshots?
  3. To be clear, nobody left the league. He booted the owner (me) out in a tantrum because I challenged him to play by the rules. Then, he deleted the league. I can post the screenshots John/Ethan.... Funny thing is, he and the guy he was doing the trading with (Team Sheehan) were the only two with pending payments on Leaguesafe last night. And, one of the first teams to join the league that he set up today on Reddit is....wait for it.....Team Sheehan. Make of it what you want...
  4. I was in the same league. What CrastersCreep left out: after the trade gets vetoed, he gets mad, does the exact same trade proposal and then goes in and changes the league setting from 4 votes to veto to 5 votes to veto and from 48 hour review to 24. When I call him out on changing the rules - after the draft, in a money league - he calls me a b**** on the league page. Soon after, the league was deleted. I play in about 20 football and baseball leagues a year and have never had a commish behave this bad.
  5. 12 team ESPN, 1.0 PPR snake redraft, standard fractional scoring, deep rosters, 2 IR slots. 1QB, 2RB,3 WRs, 1 flex, 1DL, 1LB, 1DB, K P, 8 bench. No DEF/ST. 3 Defensive players (DL, Linebacker and DB). Punter (points for inside 20 and 10 yard lines and then negative points for touchbacks). Kickoff and punt return yardage points at .1 per yard. Passing TDs are 5 points. Waivers inverse order of standings. 4 vote veto on trades. 6 teams make playoffs, including 4 division winners. Snake draft Sunday August 19 at 7 PM EST. $25 LeagueSafe due at least 72 hours before draft or you lose your spot. Payout is 200/75/25. League manager is putting up over $100 in bonuses to encourage teams to stay active all season throughout playoffs. League will redraft each year and teams that stayed actively and positively involved all year will be invited back (10 of us currently play together in baseball and/or football leagues). Rush (the band) themed. Email tycobbfya@yahoo.com if interested or questions.