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  1. Good advice....we'll tune you out from now on then. "In the debate over which quarterback has had the greater career, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, the postseason stats are remarkably similar. -Passer rating, the NFL’s flawed but still useful formula to put one number on a quarterback’s all-around passing performance, gives Manning a career postseason mark of 88.1. Brady’s career postseason passer rating is 88.0. -Less than one percentage point separates the two quarterbacks’ career postseason completion percentages: Manning has completed 63.35 percent of his postseason passes, while Brady has completed 62.38 percent of his postseason passes. -Brady and Manning are 1-2 in NFL history in postseason attempts, completions and yards. Brady has thrown 1,183 passes in the playoffs while Manning has thrown 1,004. No one else has even thrown 800. - Brady has completed 738 passes in the postseason while Manning has completed 636. No one else has completed even 500. Brady has 7,957 passing yards in the postseason while Manning has 7,198. No one else even has 6,000 postseason passing yards. -Brady has 56 postseason touchdowns and 28 interceptions. Manning has 40 postseason touchdowns and 24 interceptions. Manning has averaged 7.17 yards per passing attempt in the postseason. Brady has averaged 6.73. Which player has played better in the playoffs? Statistically, it’s a wash."
  2. If you think posting gifs makes someone look cool, you have a very low bar for coolness.
  3. The Pimp Perspective: Set up straw man Make him sound ludicrous Throw out cherry-picked player comparison Rinse, Repeat. BOTH had amazing players on offense and defense which they undoubtedly made better. BOTH redefined the position. Manning with the audibles and shifts. Brady with the short passing game and seams. BOTH won multiple championships. Manning has some edges in head to head, Brady holds others. The list goes on and on..... it really just depends how you want to define "the greatest".