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  1. Standard form ; my two receivers Thielen and Hilton both injured ... need some big help.
  2. Standard Form, offer is My Ronald Jones II & Zach Ertz for his Jonnu Smith & Julian Edleman My Team is sitting at 5-4 QB: Brady RB: Leveon,James Conner, Ronald Jones, Carlos Hyde, Kenyan Drake, Jaylen Sameuls,Latavius Murray WR: Thielen, T.Y, Robby Anderson, McLaurin
  3. I would definitely do it. Your getting a top 5 QB with a reliable receiver.
  4. Hate my TE sitatuon. Ertz been disappointing this whole season & I just picked up Brate to maybe help me a lil bit more. Who gets the start?
  5. Standard Form; sitting at 4-3 QB: Brady RB: Leveon Bell, Conner, Hyde, Roland Jones III, Latavius Muarry, Kenyan Drake WR: Hilton, McLaurin, Thielin, Fuller V, Robby Anderson
  6. Leaning towards Hyde because recent success. McLaurin is playing vs a good defense and Will Fuller is a boom-or-bust. What you think? Thank you in advance.
  7. I thought that was Marquise Brown ... definitely Marlon brown.
  8. It’s either between Hyde and McLaurin ... not sure yet.
  9. Ertz will get the catches while Lamar has 3 TEs to work with ... go with ertz.
  10. Was going to play Latavius Murray but Alvin is going to play so that’s not going to happen. Here’s my other options: Carlos Hyde at Kansas City Terry McLaurin at Miami Byron Pringle vs Texans Geronimo Allison vs Cowboys thanks in advance!
  11. I would drop Williams and add Ronald Jones as their offense continues to improve and he gets more volume.
  12. I don't like the deal as Bengals will always play from being down..
  13. Standard Form, Hyde vs Chargers McLaurin vs Bears
  14. I like Carson. Singletary is good but he still has to deal with Frank Gore in a worst offense.
  15. I'd go with Brees at LAR. Way better option with more explosive offense.
  16. Stand. This always happens every season in fantasy where trades are not “equally” fair.