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  1. Same here. In my finals too. hoping Teague plays so his pickup backfires.
  2. 9 cat which guy to stream for tonight and maybe rest of the week?
  3. PG got me to the playoffs, and losing because of him. Good with the bad.
  4. Jrue and Beal are dead even. No reason for extra.
  5. To much for Tatum imo. Horford and Tatum are even.
  6. I love Beal, but I think I would keep Bledsoe and Mitchell. They can have equals weeks as Beal at anytime.
  7. Idk if he can have a season average of 1.5 stls for the year but I think he can sustain 1.5 stls ROS....
  8. I own Jarrett Allen.. I honestly like TT better, but Allens upside is much better.
  9. I agree but Gary is no question injury prone. This is my 2nd year owning him and he gets banged up quite easy.
  10. I may sell low for someone more dependable
  11. I think D Lo will still be good. I’d sell high if possibe but i think he’s a guy your better off keeping.
  12. I think they go back and forth. Dinwiddie is better with teammates but D Lo is a better scorer, especially when hot.
  13. Great offer, I think I would keep Harden unless I had an injured squad. If you needed that extra high end depth though Kwahi/Marc is worth it.