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  1. Funny how this thread and Mccoy thread each crown their players as "league winners" and "RB1 ROS". Just gives you a perspective into these threads 🙂
  2. I am not agreeing or disagreeing. But you sound upset and try too hard to bash TJ. Which is not constructive. This tells me you might be a Kerryon owner, a mad Lions fan or just irrational. All are traits of someone I would not take an advice from.
  3. Your problem is that you listen to people's opinions. You are supposed to gather information to form your own opinion. If someone keeps saying OJ is a stud, and you go draft him its your own fault. But if someone provides a structural argument and maybe backs it up with facts or stats then you can use that to establish your own decision.
  4. Hardman is your worst player on your roster and yet you are desperate for a rb? Definetely not sad.
  5. I will echo others and take the 1 target as a sign of a rookie wr placed mid game into an unexpected position. Considering KC were already up they didnt need to test him. Lets see moving forward.
  6. That could be said about any NFL players or team. Dont forget they also now have a running game. And Carr looked poised. Add that with the fact that Waller has a size advantage on most defenders and you got youself a good TE.
  7. I bet you won a lot of championships by picking big-name washed up players.
  8. 15 carries for 60 yards, 2 catches for 10 yards is all you need to get to 8pts. Doesnt look like elite RB numbers. Any potent offense can produce a rb with these numbers.
  9. I think the argument is about week 1 of this year. Nobody is arguing he wasnt hurt last year. If easing him in is what it takes for him to regain his confidence and play to 100% then that's what they will do. These players are investments.
  10. This is my thought as well. Besides the physical aspect, the game is also mental. He might feel 100% but he needs actual game reps to get back into it and regain confidence. You dont get that on the practice field. It might come gradually.
  11. I would disagree. Volume based RBs on above average offense will get 8-10pts per game.
  12. Someone who is presented a sure opportunity right now and not presumably down the road.
  13. without the 2 goal line carries he has 5.3 in .5ppr. This line makes him a td dependent flex option. What am missing when people say he has a stand alone value? To me a stand alone value is a floor of 8-10pts. I get the possibilities if something was to happen to Gurley. But people are burning their top waver on this guy?
  14. and Pats just traded Thomas. LOL Brown is done in NFL!!