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  1. My rb2 situation is terrible and I’ve got to pick one. This is a standard league Shady Burkhead Who do you like and why? WHIR, just leave a link. Thanks!
  2. Went 1 for 2 today but was a huge underdog in both so I’ll take it. Trubisky Fournette Ingram TY Adams Baldwin Njoku Gostkowski Bears
  3. Who wins? Cam/Baker Mixon Fournette/Connor Julio Baldwin Herndon/Jarwin Golladay/J. Kelly Bears D Watson Zeke McGuire Evans Adams Vance McDonald Lockett Pats D
  4. I survived last week with Cam but need to replace him this week. 4 pt td passes. These are my options: Darnold L. Jackson Mayfield Foles Carr Mariota Stafford I’m leaning Darnold with Jackson and Baker close behind. What is everyone’s thoughts on this? TIA
  5. I managed to survive last night with Cam but think I will be benching him for the Championship. Seems crazy to have to rely on either Darnold or Baker but I dont think I can roll Cam out again
  6. 2 standard leagues but need: 26 out of CMC and Lutz Leading by 5; Cam and Ian Thomas to score more than Ingram
  7. Standard league Baldwin @ Car or Golladay vs Chi
  8. Exactly and thanks for your take on it. Like I said, im 8-1 and playoffs are a lock pretty much. But I’ve been sitting on the #1 spot for weeks now and not sure if another opp will present itself and could use a hopefully more consistent wr2 rest of my team is: cam connor mixon julio baldwin doyle fournette butker bears kerryon golladay watkins moore graham
  9. If I had to choose I’d say #1 although standing pat wouldn’t be bad either. Thanks for mine
  10. 12 team standard league Record is 8-1 but feel very weak at WR Should I use my #1 waiver for MVS? My WR’s are: Julio Baldwin Golladay DJ Moore Watkins Id also have to drop one of the above and am leaning Watkins Drop a link and I’ll help in return. Thanks!
  11. Made the switch and dropped Enunwa for Watkins. Thanks guys