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  1. Long wait time for such a weak comeback. 6 point passing TD leagues are for children. My 6 and 10 year old nieces are in one so they may join yours assuming you get close to filling. Assuming you’re an NFL.com guy?
  2. Aka not 6 pt Passing TD where mahomes scores 50 a game which is stupid. also @gronk, aren’t you having a little trouble filling up big guy? Thanks.
  3. Espn/yahoo roughly standard everything snake or auction and $50-100 with half or full PPR? Doesn’t seem very picky to me
  4. Anyone want to start a new one? Seems like a ton of interest. I’m already commishing a few of would
  5. Same, would like to see details. Emorgan2790@gmail.com
  6. Looking for an auction draft tonight. Half or full point PPR preferred and standard or mostly standard roster. $50-100