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  1. Thank you for the assist, I'll check it out. Luck to ya.
  2. I usually don't do IDP's. But I am in this league that has 1 defensive player. Who should I take? Thanks Bill
  3. Interested but two questions that I would rather not post publicly. Please e-mail me at qfingerfl@att.net Thanks Bill
  4. Why not just do it? I would be interested MAYBE. That is the problem with saying you want to do it, but not doing it. Without knowing the details, the only people who will commit are the ones that are not serious. If you decide to do it, send a link to the settings to qfingerfl@att.net
  5. It depends on how you look at it. If someone keeps no one, they get a SOONER pick but not a higher pick. Remember all keepers are not in the draft pool. So if someone keep no one and they finished last, they will have the actual first pick, but all the best players from last year will not be available because others already have them on their team. So the only real advantage to having the first pick in an established keeper league is to be able to get the best unproven ROOKIE! I don't think it would be worth it to say not keep Adam Theilin to be able to draft Josh Jacobs, but that is opinion. If you do, drop every one and go for it.
  6. Please provide link to the settings. I was going to leave it at the above, however, As a guy who has been doing this for awhile, let me offer some suggestions. First, it will be hard to fill a league with the draft at 9 Pacific, that means it STARTS at midnight on the east coast. You just eliminated 3/4 of the country and even more of the world.. The number of teams, type of draft, whether or not it is a ppr league, what service it is on and whether or not you use defensive players should be in the title. ie FREE ESPN, 10 team, snake, sm ppr, no IDP. That will get you more and better responses. If you have room to sneak in whether it is a keeper league or not, even better.
  7. Thank You. I liked that league, oh well.
  8. Hey guys, hoope you can help. I was in a fantasy football league last year that was suppose to be for one year only. I just received a message that they are going to reactivate the league and that I should come back. Unfortunately I have deleted the team from my ESPN fantasy screen and the e-mail does not allow a response. Is there anyway I can get that league back on my screen or get an e-mail to the league?? Trying to go directly to the league only gets me a "you are not authorized to see this league? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Looking to join one more league. snake, ESPN, keeper, 10/12 team, close to standard scoring and lineup are the musts would like ppr, I/r slots, unlimited trades and waiver adds. You get a very experienced player (currently LM of another league) will be setting line ups and doing my best to win the last week as much as the first regardless of record,easy to get along with and responds to every trade offer. Reply here or qfingerfl@att.net
  10. hennel, you should have an invitation, please accept ASAP or let me know if you need me to send another invite.