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  1. If JTR decides against taking the team, I would be interested Bill qfingerfl@att.net
  2. OK, went back and look at the team again. I want it! Please send invite to qfingerfl@att.net
  3. I am definitely interested. I would like to have the Warriors If you are not forced to keep 8. If you are required to have 8 keepers, please let me know. I might still be interested, but I want to take a closer look at the team before I commit. Thanks Bill Gerhart qfingerfl@att.net
  4. must be ESPN, keeper, points, snake draft, pretty standard set up, not more than 6 keepers (prefer fewer) I am a very experienced and reliable owner. please respond here or qfingerfl@att.net
  5. I want to drop a player in my ESPN basketball league. When I go to my team a DROP button appears on the left side of the screen for less than a second then disappears. I have positioned my cursor over the spot that button come up in and have manage to catch it a couple times. When I do, my team comes up with drop buttons next to each player, however, these too disappear in less than a second. How can I keep those buttons on the screen? Thanks
  6. new or existing, must be keeper, snake, pretty standard set up qfingerfl@att,net.
  7. If it is a keeper league I would like a link to the settings qfingerfl@att.net
  8. OK LM,s if you look around your league I am sure you will find that you have been attacked by that scum of the earth creature that infest your league, drafts, and is never seen again, if so I am here. I always play 3 leagues and this year my 3 rd one fell apart at the draft. So I would like to be in one more. Must be keeper, snake, pretty standard team and scoring, not more than 12 teams, NOT FORCED TO KEEP A REQUIRED NUMBER OF KEEPERS, must have i/r slots. If you have a late starting league or need a replacement reply here or qfingerfl@att.net I am well experienced and in for the long haul.
  9. sorry, looking for keeper especially if more then 12 teams thanks for message.
  10. If you cut league to 12 teams, I am still interested, but not after Sunday. Thanks qfingerfl@att.net
  11. I'm set on money leagues, looking for a free one. Thanks
  12. Can I have a link to settings? Very interested here or qfingerfl@att.net
  13. sorry, way too many teams. If you are forced to cut it to 12 or less let me know. thanks