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  1. I needed Tyreek Hill to get 2.3 points to win. He left with a hamstring injury before he got any points. Wow.
  2. Someone actually played Preston Williams against me, and he goes off. Ridiculous.
  3. Kenny Stills just limped off after catching a pass. Looked like a hamstring injury
  4. Alright so at some point it just gets too ridiculous. I have Rivers going tonight, who has a meager 7 points so far against a putrid KC defense in one of my playoff leagues, while in the other, I have Tyreek Hill and Keenan Allen going against Damien Williams, who has outscored both of my top 10 WR's by 13. The crazy thing is this happens EVERY Thursday. Whoever I start sucks, and whoever my opponent starts does amazing. At some point it has to end right?
  5. I would be looking to trade one of your younger guys like Juju for a young QB. Most of the backend WR's aren't going to see any playing time with the studs you have going every week. Trade from strength here.
  6. I am thinking of trading my Marvin Jones for his Mike Williams. (no PPR league) I've been going back and forth for a week. Jones def has more value this year, but he could lose some work with Golladay. Williams, though, has Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry (next year) blocking him from targets, and Rivers is getting older. What say you?
  7. So I think McCoy is the greatest potential league winner of the draft so far. Could he bust due to injuries, bad offense, domestic issues? Yeah, he definitely could. But if he stays healthy, he is an amazing value in the 4th rounds of drafts, which is where i've been getting him
  8. We don't. Just gotta keep em on the roster. I do have some concerns about Juju moving forward too. Mainly the fact that he will be the #2 WR for a while, and once Big Ben leaves, who knows what will happen. I see him as a solid WR throughout his career, but not ever one who is a top 10 guy consistently. Obviously if he becomes a #1 WR in fantasy for years to come this will have been a bad deal (unless the top pick in dynasty draft next year is an absolute stud)
  9. Yeah that is a definitive possibility. I should say I am pretty set at WR. After trading Juju and Godwin, I still have M. Thomas, Stefon Diggs, Amari Cooper, Marvin Jones and Marquise Goodwin. That doesn't even include Hogan thrown into the mix. Since we have a set number of keepers too (16 with a 21 person total), trading those two opens another spot or two in the future for people I may want to keep. I appreciate your input
  10. So I already accepted this trade, but was wondering what the dynasty community thought of it. I trade: Juju Smith-Schuster Chris Godwin I recieve: Chris Hogan His 1st round pick next year (Should be top 3 easily with ~35-50% shot at #1 overall) I have a competitive team, and my thoughts are Hogan should match if not eclipse Juju this year, and the pick should have more value than Juju down the road as well. Your thoughts?
  11. Like the work you put in your rankings alot as it is well thought out. Did you include fumbles in your projection?
  12. If i'm seeing this right, first, Darnold was the first pick in rookie draft, and second, Barkely was traded for Garopollo+Ridley? Unless this is a three QB league, these people don't know what they are doing. Great trade for you. As for the pick, I like Nick Chubb the most. It's much easier to trade for WR's than RB's
  13. So the Seahawks claimed that teams called after they picked Penny to trade up? That's a Seahawks claim. No other team has confirmed that. That is a very teamspeak thing to say especially whenever alot of their fans probably thought it was a reach. Could it be true? Sure, I guess, but unless another team confirms that, i'm taking it with a huge grain of salt. the problem I had is you said definitively "Lol, the thing is Penny is the much better talent than Guice. So that point is irrelevant. He's the better player, with the better opportunity." you state something as fact without seeing either one play an NFL down. if you believe that, great, then go ahead and go all out for Penny, but it is certainly not a fact and you could be made to look really bad with those type of statements after the season
  14. Can you please source the articles you read that other teams thought Rashaad Penny was the better talent? And that's one site that prefers Penny. the majority still have Guice higher
  15. what makes you say he is a better player? we haven't seen either of them work in the NFL, and by most talent evaluators, Guice is the better talent. The only reason that Penny went higher is because he didn't have the off the field concerns that Guice did, and even without that almost everyone thought the Penny pick was a big reach