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  1. I'd also like to get into a league with TX Babe Ruth. Can I sign up or do I need to praise Gonzalez first?
  2. Personally, Howard and Ajayi are probably the only ones for sure I'd feel safe about. Get a lot of volume and are good with it. Other RBs feel too uncertain, compared to dependable WR or QB in the territory. Not to say I won't end up taking some other RB in round 2. Not if I had to draft today tho.
  3. @Catch23 solid list. I think even in a half PPR you have a few too many WRs above RBs. Here's where I go in standard formats: Round 1: (DJ, Zeke, Bell), (McCoy, Brown), (Murray, Freeman, Gordon), (Evans, AJ, Jordy, Julio Round 2: Howard), (Beckham, Ajayi, Brady, Rodgers), (Dez, Hilton, Thomas, Cooks, Baldwin, Gronk, Fournette) Thing is though, after this point, good freaking luck. Hyde, Ingram, Gurley, Miller, Ware ... I was comfortable with those RBs about a week ago. Then Peterson and the draft happened. Go for Lynch here? I wouldn't. Comfortable with Hopkins and Robinson this year? Cooper's never delivered 2nd round value despite the price. Lots of good players, but lots of question marks.
  4. No one's talked about the Draft's impact on Melvin Gordon yet. Big winner in my book. Offensive line got better. Rivers got more weapons. SD LA defense is already strong. This looks like a premier situation. I'd love to grab Gordon late in the first of a standard redraft league. PPR situation looks good, too.
  5. He can navigate and cut just fine. He can't take a hit or deliver one. Evidence: game film; being injured all year. A complete RB needs to wear down a defense. I thought he was a 2nd round RB because of his lock to get volume. Question marks rise now, in a round when I want none.
  6. Were Blue and Grimes not decent cuffs last year? I remember Grimes coming in and getting tough yards that Miller never would have got. RB depth isn't their problem. Miller is awful between the tackles and carrying the load. He's a humerun hitter with his speed but he is terrified of contact. The Texans want and need a power runner. And remember this is the same brain trust that overpaid for Osweiler. They look at a guys highlights and ignore his downsides then give him a big contract. Week 7 2015 - Miller's biggest game of his career... Vs the Texans. They fell in love and went after him and were surprised to learn that he can't break tackles. I think Miller will still get the vast majority of work this year. But that volume is not a sure bet anymore, and I think this because of what we saw from Miller last year. Volume was really Miller's only redeeming quality last year. Risky in the 2nd now.
  7. I'll draft him in the sixth or seventh round again, just like the last two years. Too much talent to let slide further. He might be the last starting RB taken off the board. The defense and offensive line is improving. Will give him one last chance to prove he can stay healthy and not put the ball on the turf.
  8. 6'0" 228, all the speed, power, agility, and hands you could want out of a running back. He's the best offensive weapon in this draft class in my eyes. But man.. . I just wish his situation was better. Line is bad. Hill will steal some goal line. Gio will steal some passing work. They'll probably throw more than they run, being a bad team that needs to play catch up. I have no idea where to draft him or what to project. I think if he fell to the fifth or sixth I'd have to give him a shot as my flex just out of masochistic curiosity. Probably won't own him much, but will be watching closely. Best of luck to owners everywhere.
  9. Signed a FB in FA, and drafted one. Stock rising....
  10. Neither do I, but no they didn't. Olsen was the security blanket in the middle, but they don't have any agile speedsters. Benjamin has never been great at gaining separation. Funchess I feel is just a poor man's Benjamin. Ginn was a burner. Philly Brown is just another guy. Stewart, CAP, Fozzy aren't special in that regard. McCaffery and Samuel can get separation in their sleep. Both are faster and agile than anything Cam has ever had to work with. I just don't know why they needed to take both of them, feels like they have more needs on defense.
  11. See my guess a few posts up. I think Mixon gets the chance to be the guy, with Hill spelling him and maybe getting goal line stuff. Probably like 60% for Mixon, then 20/20 Hill and Gio. Hill had his chance to carry the load. Mixon is physically ready to handle it, and the coaches are going to give him a chance to prove himself. They've seen all they need to out of Hill. He's had 2 years to prove his 1st wasn't a fluke, and he failed to that end. Time to move on.
  12. Ajayi yes. Miller no.
  13. Mixon is a talent on par with Fournette. His combine was better than Zeke's, and his tape matches the numbers. I agree that most other rookie RBs won't be a huge factor, probably, but... These really are special players this year.
  14. Not sure why they spent 8th overall on McCaffery if they were planning to get the same player in the 2nd round.