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  1. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2019 Outlook

    I'm drafting Evans over Julio in Dynasty cuz of age reasons. It's something you have to consider. Thomas and Kamara owners are going to be sad when Brees retires in 2 years and they'll wish they had Evans or Chubb instead.
  2. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Come September when he's making huge plays no one is gonna be saying "that team shouldn't have traded for him".
  3. Tevin Coleman 2019 Outlook

    "Willing to fight for his services"? Sure. I don't see anyone getting into a bidding war or anything. But I think Kyle Shanahan would take a stab for the right price. Also wouldn't be shocked if Kansas City brought him in. Both teams don't ask their starter to carry a ton of volume. Both emphasize speed in space. Both require running backs to be good receivers. Both teams need depth. Both teams get a lot out of their RB2. I don't think Coleman would walk into a starting gig in those spots, but I think he'd compete for that job sooner or later. The 49ers especially saw last year how important running back depth is, and we know Shanahan knows how to get the most out of Coleman.
  4. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Mr. Big Chest has moved into the Ochocinco phase of his career. A great talent, someone will tolerate him, but he's started to go mad. Time's running out. Why is it that only wide receivers ever turn into real housewives of New Jersey?
  5. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    They soured on him cuz he wasn't on the field. You can bet that if he is available they are going to use their top 5 pick.
  6. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    Why so down? Injury concerns? Then why is Cook so high? Fournette will get as much volume as anyone.
  7. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Fantasypros Expert Consensus Rankings (half PPR) Kerryon in the following tier of running backs. Marlon Mack - Torn labrum in 2017 caused him to miss 2 games. Hamstring strain caused him to miss 5 total games in 2018. Chris Carson - Freak leg break caused him to miss final 12 games of his rookie season in 2017. Phillip Lindsay - Broke his hand at the end of the season. Derrick Henry - Iron man Devonta Freeman - Has missed time from concussions 3 times. MCL and PCL strains he played through. Missed 3 games from a knee bruise in 2018. Sports hernia surgery later ended his season. Derrius Guice - Torn ACL ended his rookie season before it started. Jerick McKinnon - Torn ACL ended his 2018 season. I'll take whatever odds I'm getting.
  8. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2019 Outlook

    I'd maybe settle down and remember Ben has just a handful of years left.
  9. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    Meh. This is a pretty unique example. Doesn't even hit the radar for a FA. FAs care about 1) money 2) winning ..... 6) front office antics.
  10. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    Seems the unpopular opinion but I believe this is good for the browns. $1M bucks max gets you a stud, RFA rights, a potential trade. Nothing to lose but lots to gain as a football move for Dorsey IMO. But I know this is a fantasy football forum. Worse for Hunt than Chubb IMO. Could've gone to an RB-needy team. This is just a longer wait until relevancy for him as far as I'm concerned. I'd guess Chubb remains the starter all year albeit with lesser volume in the second half. Never good for your fantasy outlook when another stud suits up next to you.
  11. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Not only investing in Lewis, but LaFleur who, coming over from the "McVay Tree", had me thinking they'd throw to RB a ton. I for one was fooled but will not make that mistake again. Goes to show you can't bank on the apprentice being much like the master when any of these new OCs come to town. It's why I'm preaching caution to those who assume Mixon will get a Gurley workload with Taylor coming to Cincy. Henry's presence may be a factor, but a good OC would have known to throw to him still. No excuse to be at the bottom of the league in RB passes when all analytics say how effective that strategy is. Lewis split for a while, then was lead for a bit, then finally became strictly the 3rd down back, so his ranking 15th isn't all that notable to me.
  12. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    85 RB targets was the 2nd least in the league. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/reports/targets-distribution/rb.php?year=2018&start=1&end=17&show=totals
  13. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Loving Kerryon Johnson in 2019 the more I think about it. == ADP Value There's a string of RBs in the 3rd-4th round ..... Jones, Henry, Mack, Guice, Freeman, Carson, Kerryon, McKinnon .... and one or two of these guys will break out and be RB1s. Every year there's a mid round guy to do it. It wouldn't surprise me to see any of them be that guy, but Kerryon may be my guy. Mack and/or Jones are right there. Other guys are either coming off of major injury, or have good young RBs pushing for significant time behind them, or don't have a 3 down skillset. Kerryon really has everything going for him, and now they bring in Bevell to build a run-first offense. Mack kind of checks those boxes. I like Kerryon's talent more. Jones checks them too. Matt LaFleur is a big question mark. He didn't throw to RBs in TEN and Rodgers rarely did last year. I love Guice but the QB/WR situation is as bad as it gets, and returning from ACL scares me too. Freeman's one concussion away from done and yet another OC comes to town. Henry's always a risk to get game-scripted out of a week. Carson's got Penny to deal with. McKinnon's off an ACL and we've never seen him be the guy. Don't get me wrong I'd love to own any of these guys, but if I had to pick one, right now, I think I lean Kerryon. == Injury History He's gotta show he can stay healthy, yeah, but none of these guys (except Henry) have stellar track records of availability. Kerryon played through an injured shoulder his senior year in college. Then suffered the MCL sprain his rookie year. I think it's the same injury Gurley and Gordon played through, and Kerryon would've pushed if they had playoff hopes. Yeah, it's something to watch. But I'm not gonna not draft the guy cuz of his history. It's been nothing major so far. == Situation The Lions offensive line is really good. Underrated, at least. LT Decker is a former first rounder, and was Zeke's LT at OSU. Better run blocker than pass blocker. LG Ragnow, Lions spent their 2018 first round pick on. Run blocking mauler. C Glasgow is average. RG Lang don't know much about but was a big FA signing from GB who seemed to have a good reputation RT Wagner FA signing from Baltimore, he was a prized FA when Lions signed him. They dumped Jim Bob Cooter who couldn't call a run game to save his life. He resurrected the offense after Joe Lombardi was fired in 2014 (I think it was?) and implemented a quick passing game. Good for Golden Tate, and for Stafford to put up numbers. Not good for much else. Darrell Bevell was the OC behind Beast Mode in Seattle. Don't know what he can do in the passing game but he is a strong run game coordinator. Basically what I'm saying is that all the pieces around Kerryon Johnson are shaping up to make him the centerpiece. The Detroit Lions organization is putting him in a position to succeed. == Comparison Kerryon's vibe is an awful lot like another break out running back from last year at this time. He was a stud talent, 2nd round running back, but drafted into a situation with a veteran banger and a veteran 3rd down back. The team wasn't very good. He struggled to stay healthy in his rookie season, but the times that they did commit to him, he put up like an RB1. Entering his sophomore season, all indications are that the offense runs through him now. Dynamic runner, elite receiving chops, veterans fall away and the team looks to him... I'm talking of course about Joe Mixon. == Last thought I'm not going to rank Kerryon above RB15 right now. I could project his workload and maybe he'd come out there. But plain and simple there are more guys who have already broken out and done it that I need to draft ahead of Kerryon. You guys can argue if he's an RB1 or if he should be ranked top 12 or whatever. I don't know how much good that does us right now. All I'm saying is that when the time comes in the draft and I know Kerryon isn't making it back to me, I'm probably (at this moment) pulling the trigger over some of these other RBs ranked higher than him. I'm reaching. I see value at his ADP. I see a guy who should be drafted outside the top 12 who I could easily see finishing top 12. If the hype gets out of control and I need to draft him with Cook or Michel or Fournette, I'll be passing, but I really don't think it gets that crazy.
  14. Derrick Henry 2019 Outlook

    Exactly. Outside zone gets the whole defense flowing in that direction, it takes away Henry's advantage -- speed around a defense. Further, Henry is not one to make a hard cut back up field. But when he can bounce outside against defenses that are sucking into the middle, that uses his strength -- his speed -- to his advantage rather than his detriment.