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  1. I'm not personally. Doesn't offer nearly the same stuff as Henry so I won't bother. I'm firing up home vs Indy this week. Game'll be close and Henry'll get fed all game.
  2. 19 attempts -- fantastic to see. Haters said the Titans suck and he'd be game scripted out. That's a good team they just put a whuppin' on, on the road. Their style travels well. I don't see a blow-out on their schedule. The biggest thing for Henry this year is getting that volume that the coaches and GM said he was gonna get, and so those 19 attempts were great. 84 yards = 4.4 YPC. Not bad with all pro LT gone, and on the road vs an elite DL. 2 targets -- on pace to smash his career high of 18 👀😂 Doubters btfo. Henry draws Colts at home next week who just got railed by Austin Ekeler, then goes on the road to Jacksonville for TNF. Jacksonville, and TNF...... Derrick Henry, Jacksonville Jaguars, Thursday Night Football.................................... Choochooo train is leaving the station, good luck everybody else
  3. If you guys have time to listen, here is Reid's presser from yesterday. It's interesting to see how his actual words get twisted in the media reports. https://www.facebook.com/KansasCityChiefs/videos/658637674631491/ "We're lucky to have Damien, who we consider a starter, as we do shady, so it's a good situation." I don't hear that so much as "co starters" as "we have 2 guys that are starting caliber." He went on to say that Shady needs to learn the playbook first before he gets significant time. So how can this guy be a co starter? Also mentioned there's not very many 31 year old RBs out there. But that the footwork and vision is still there. Enough to warrant a spot on the bus. Asked: "Once shady gets rolling do you see much of a role for Darwin Thompson?" Answered: "Sure. I've done this before, I've done it by committee, most of my time in Philly that's what we did, they all had success, and it worked out pretty well for them. So yeah, we have the ability to play everybody if we go that route." So basically he dodged the answer. It's not necessarily "every week will be a committee" but perhaps more of a "anyone can step up if we need them to." I got no clue how this is gonna shake out. I'm guessing just like everyone else. My take if you're wondering is that Damien is going to be the 60% leader who puts up RB2 numbers until injury or ineffectiveness inevitably pave the way for someone else. But that take's irrelevant to the point of this post: you should always read news reports -- even from beat reporters -- carefully. It was funny to see reports yesterday "Shady is co-starter already" or whatever, when really Reid said nothing of the sort. A beat reporter phrases something selectively, then suddenly it's a rotoblurb and the fantasy world loses its mind. And by the way -- Evan Silva is the worst of them all. He wants so badly to appear smart. Nowhere did Reid say "Shady's still got it, will be ready Sunday." Silva's attempting to spin this in a way such that if McCoy goes on to be the guy, he looks smart, but if he doesn't, he's shown enough caution on the situation. Disclaimer: I own Damien as as 15th round keeper in one league, and Shady as a late flier in 3 others (drafted 2x as a Bill and 1x as a Chief). I'd rather see Damien go off cuz I care about that league more. I'm no D Will truther. I just want people to see the objective truth, and not the one presented by spin doctors. (And the only objective truth is that Damien will be the leader this Sunday, and we'll go from there).
  4. I try projections each year. Here's my half ppr results. Tear it apart.
  5. Been grabbing this guy in most of my best ball drafts. An 8th rounder who may be going in the 3rd next year. Foles loves his slot guys.
  6. 16 years ago. Damn that's a nice memory.
  7. Can't remember Reid ever running a 50/50 timeshare. Wouldn't mind if Darwin was the clear backup and getting 30pc of opportunities. More clarity that way and the lead dog can still eat.
  8. I don't read too much into preseason snap percentages. Coaches wanna see different guys involved. I wanna see who starts.
  9. Can't find the tweet but he's been working as the clear starting running back in TC and PS and has far more targets from Jimmy G than Breida. So the evidence is there.
  10. You're assuming he's gonna miss games which is fair but I think he has a relatively complete season. I build projections for 16 games then price in risk later.
  11. 280 carries for 1200 and 10 TDs. 50 rec for 400 and 2.
  12. It was never his job. Silva speculated based on some stats and everyone ran with it.