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  1. Is robocop a nickname for a player or are you being sarcastic and actually don't like KB?
  2. I have no doubts Mixon can overcome a below average offensive line, considering AJG, Eifert, Ross, Dalton are all there to keep defenses honest.. My only doubt about Mixon is Hill and Gio and the volume they eat. No way we can possibly know how the workload shakes out. Scary investment at the current price.
  3. Problem is you're still only getting mid or low RB2 production from those guys. There are players in the early 2nd that will give you a lot more. It's risky, but maybe you can eek out some wins. Late 2nd round, if it's Zeke or Gurley, I'm taking Zeke. Early 2nd is another discussion, unless it's a keeper league. My main standard league last year, I drafted Hopkins and Charles in rounds 1 and 2. So I already know what it's like to live the first 8 weeks without your 2nd round stud running back. It was tough. Granted, Hopkins was a bust, as was Lockett (4th round, return yardage league), Moncrief (injury), Robinson (6th round keeper), Abdullah (injury) ....... But..... But even despite all of that, I eeked out enough wins that I wasn't officially eliminated until week 12. If I could have gone on a 5 game winning streak to close the year, maybe I would have made it. But that's assuming Zeke's extra 6 points a game gets me those wins. There are no guarantees. I just mention my own experience to illustrate the point that you can still win games with a 2nd round RB who gives you 0 points. You just get very, very little margin for error.
  4. A COP back can still get 10-12 carries and 1-2 receptions per game. That'd be pushing for almost 1,000 yards on the year, 6-10 TDs. This would still leave enough volume for Ingram to get 14-16 carries, 3-5 receptions a game. They brought him in as an upgrade to Hightower to keep the running game lethal and aggressive all game long. Ingram is more 3 dimensional though so it would make sense for him to get the majority of snaps and touches.
  5. Payton told us that Peterson is going to be a complement to Ingram. He also said last year that Thomas is a guy he'd want on his fantasy football teams. I brushed it off as coach speak. It's not too complicated. You've got an old guy, a big physical freak, with a little bit left in the tank. You are going to use him situationally. "As a complement to Mark."
  6. Drew Brees: Peterson "looks the part". "He is a stud". Sean Payton: “He’d be the one guy that you would say’s already gone against conventional wisdom,” Payton said, via the New Orleans Advocate. “With not only his skill set, but also his physical ability and the way he trains, I think he is excited to get back.” You are 100% right -- we need to see it in preseason first. But those are some good eye witness accounts. And if I'm ever going to trust anyone to be a machine, a physical freak, defy age... it's Peterson. I'm drawing up my rankings with all the above in mind. For now. Here's another interesting quote: “I think the role will be very clear and defined,” Payton said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “It’s a tough, long 16-week season. I think that he’s someone that certainly will be able to complement Mark. Those guys are different in some ways, and yet we feel like we’ve added another quality player. It goes without saying, [Peterson is] a guy that eventually is going to be in the Hall of Fame. But I think — we think — that he’s got more years in his career, so we’re excited for that to happen.” Then I saw this clip: http://www.bardown.com/adrian-peterson-shows-he-s-still-superhuman-pulls-off-crazy-jump-in-practice-1.829219 All these above in mind, I think I finally figured it out: -- Ingram is the starting RB, the primary ball carrier, the 3 down back. He'll get the majority of carries, and the majority of receptions. Kamara will get his chance on some 3rd and longs. Ingram will not score the majority of TDs. -- Peterson is the COP and goal line back. He'll work similar to Hightower last year: to keep Ingram honest and pushing for carries. But he'll also vulture a lot of rushing TDs. They're not going to give him a ton of volume, but you can bet your a** they're gonna put his talents to use. As some have pointed out in this thread, there's enough volume and scoring opportunities in this offense to sustain two fantasy viable RBs. As others have pointed out, you're going to need good luck picking the right one on a weekly basis. In PPR, the decision is a lot easier. In Standard, it might be a dice roll week to week, but cumulatively they should both be valuable. I think I'd even give the edge to Peterson in Standard, where TDs rule. He could have 12 and it wouldn't surprise me. Depends if you want a yardage floor or TD upside, and what round of the draft you are in.
  7. I think they hear it first, then they need to schedule a meeting to decide when the decision is gonna be made.
  8. In keeper leagues, I think he's definitely worth a 2nd rounder. Especially when you consider a lot of good guys are already being kept, so the talent available in the 2nd round is even less. For example: Howard, Ajayi, Murray, Gordon, and Thomas are being kept in my one standard league. You can only keep for one year. Mid 2nd round, the options are Miller, Gurley, Crowell... Not a very hard decision for me there. I'll guarantee myself Zeke in the 2nd next year, then run on some RBs.
  9. That's some damn fine detective work, cock. Damn fine.
  10. Actually getting a good deal higher on this guy the more I read about Gilly's hamstring woes his entire career. If Gillislee isn't practicing next week, sound the alarms. Can only watch and wait for now. Anyone know how Bolden plans to factor in?
  11. Better career numbers. Better size. First reps w first team when camp opened. They sent picks away to get him even after they got Rex.
  12. No doubt that if I'm drafting and Gilly is still on the shelf, I will not take him. But if that thing clears up, then it's clear he's the early down guy.
  13. ... You don't think the NE early down and goal line back is worth a 6th round standard pick ... ?
  14. Am I not reading this correctly, or is Indianapollis ranked 2nd? If so, throw this list out, or better yet burn it.
  15. 5th and 6th round in standard leagues is more than fair value. Here are some fun facts: - PFF grades the Eagles O-line the best in the NFL. PFF isn't the end all be all, but they're pretty good. - Ryan Mathews had 8 rushing TDs in 13 games last year - The Eagles offense improved dramatically this off-season. More scoring opportunities this time around. 12 TDs wouldn't surprise me at all. You might want some more flash out of your mid round pick, but this is the kind of boring pick that wins leagues.