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  1. I’m in...will find the link if it’s posted and pay asap
  2. Any chance on just keeping it at ESPN...using leaguesafe, etc? I would join if that was the case....just have a hard time managing between 2-3 different fantasy sites.
  3. Me too if someone wants to start one...$50 or under preferably.
  4. I am as well (keeper/dynasty)....although I'm a cheap a** and could do $50 or under
  5. Interested too....but also commenting that this isn't a true Superflex league
  6. How are you running an auction draft at 7:30 when you are in another auction draft i was just looking at that drafts tonight at 8:30? Props to you if you can pull off double duty with two auctions at the same time
  7. Im interested.....enjburns@hotmail.com. Havent used Fantrax before but i assume they have a decent mobile site. Thanks!
  8. I’m interested too if the settings change for 14 vs 4 ejordanburns@hotmail.com