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  1. yeah..and Hopkins did nothing for the last 4 games
  2. OJ Howard and Darren Waller left the thread
  3. so what's the problem with Kitchens? Last season when he took over as OC, it was all good for Mayfield and Co. Obviously he is not Sean McVay but he was on the rise as an offensive mastermind a'la why is it so bad when it was quite good?
  4. from team's perspective it was s--- performance...s--- performance for me as well...but I see there are people who are encouraged..if I owned Damien, I would be depressed, but it is just me..when I see s--- performance, I call it like that, no matter number of touches.
  5. What is there to contemplate? Both are long shots, but I prefer Shanny calling plays to Steelers playcalling, I prefer 2nd year player to a rookie, I prefer Niners to Steelers and so on.....go for Diontea
  6. RAW talent is nothing if you dont know how to use it. Drafted him based on predraft fever but I ve seen's not college where he can run away with his physical talent and Miami sucks at developing talent..Fins are a mess and going to be a mess for quite some time. If you are willing to wait another year, two or maybe three years, good luck
  7. 32 points from Conner, Tj Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick
  8. Not a surprise When your HC is a dumb idiot who calls WR pass across the field
  9. they wont deploy him heavily...all Niners rbs are the same kind of rbs..Shanny likes to rotate them..[...]
  10. if I was Redskins I would just sit him. With hamstring lingering, more chance for knee injury
  11. Good enough. I agree to disagree but I think that is what they want to do - commit to the run and give him the ball. Im also not so down on that offense so obviously im buying Conner because he is cheap as f---. Not a huge investment right now but maybe high reward later..quite frankly I cant think of better buy lows than Steelers and Jets. We will see in a couple of weeks how it turns out.