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  1. You are building a strong case for him..never thought about that this way..need to reconsider him again and probably add wherever I can..thanks for awakening my head in clouds
  2. Yeah..when you just want to win regular season games or beat divisional rivals i guess Reid is great. But if you want to win it all, you need "it" factor which Reid lacks.
  3. He just is..hard to believe but its true..shredding MAC or other s---y conference is completely different animal. Makes no point to pump him up again
  4. I dont know what you expect from Fatty Brain Andy? He always starts pretty nice but some time later he just messes things up and it is all slow downfall..he doesnt have feel for the game
  5. dropped him yesterday in 12 teamer..he was picked up today...not worried..I was just fed up with waiting with no updates on injury, there is a tear in his abdomen but magically he is now day-to-day..smh
  6. What is the point of trading for two pass catching/complimentary backs in one season? BOB cant use Duke properly. If he had two Dukes, oh boy. Houston only makes sense from BOBs incompetence point of view - we know he can send three 1st's to Miami for Drake.
  7. J.D. is injury-prone.TY besides being pumped up on this forum is nowhere near Drake potential. Drake would be perfect James White avatar for Patricia. And as for Panthers, they may ok with what they have but if they want to make a run they need a back like Drake and limit CMC workload and please dont tell me Bonnafon is capeable because he is not. Falcons wont trade for him because it makes no sense in situation they are. Same Houston..they have Duke. Seattle is an option but they have better situation than Lions and if it make no sense for Lions, it makes no sense for Seattle. Chiefs dont need rb, they need Oline and defense help.
  8. Drake is not a starter. Who is the back up in Detroit? Carolina?
  9. same story...really hard to trade wr these days if you are not overpaying and even that is not an auto-acceptance..who knows what to do with the guy
  10. I know one Bills homer who has been pumping this guy since August, saying he is gonna be relevant after bye week and he will set league on fire....he is rarely off when it comes to Bills, so I added this dude just in case
  11. there is only one thing to overcome..fatness of Reids brain..they are sitting @ 4-2...they are ok right now..but when I watch Chiefs I have a feeling Freddie Kitchens is calling plays...another fat looked good when Darrell Williams was on the field
  12. because some coaches are stubborn, fat ones especially. McCarthy was stubborn, Reid is stubborn too and sooner or later he will lose his job because run game was a big part of their success last season..we see how it looks like now and we see Reid has no clue what to do to improve the run game
  13. he was blocking in the endzone when the ball thrown to him was in the air...
  14. Forget Fuller..have you seen Hopkins? Another game another dud. Guy is just plain terrible..Watson is throwing to him in the endzone and Hopkins is blocking..keep Fuller..he is Texans biggest weapon and has rapport with Watson.
  15. yeah..and Hopkins did nothing for the last 4 games
  16. OJ Howard and Darren Waller left the thread
  17. so what's the problem with Kitchens? Last season when he took over as OC, it was all good for Mayfield and Co. Obviously he is not Sean McVay but he was on the rise as an offensive mastermind a'la why is it so bad when it was quite good?
  18. from team's perspective it was s--- performance...s--- performance for me as well...but I see there are people who are encouraged..if I owned Damien, I would be depressed, but it is just me..when I see s--- performance, I call it like that, no matter number of touches.
  19. What is there to contemplate? Both are long shots, but I prefer Shanny calling plays to Steelers playcalling, I prefer 2nd year player to a rookie, I prefer Niners to Steelers and so on.....go for Diontea
  20. RAW talent is nothing if you dont know how to use it. Drafted him based on predraft fever but I ve seen's not college where he can run away with his physical talent and Miami sucks at developing talent..Fins are a mess and going to be a mess for quite some time. If you are willing to wait another year, two or maybe three years, good luck