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  1. Bears finally run out of luck. Nagy is an idiot and his playcalling cost Bears another game.. As for Howard..he is slow as f....he should have scored on that cut outside
  2. dont make me nervous Guys..he is sitting on my bench but after reading some posts of him blowing up I have second thoughts. If the game was in Chicago, I would put him in
  3. yeah..that's why he wanted her to leave...but her desire to be drilled was too much..
  4. he didnt run at her..put your glasses on
  5. the point is most of people here are looking for sensation...I get that it's Friday but there is no point of making things up and claiming sth terrible has happend. Doesnt mean he acted ok
  6. not even close to Rice elevator knockout..if u r so sensitive about pushing, turn on your parental control. Otherwise move on
  7. but he doesnt look good at all. Baltimore doesnt look good. Playcalling is terrible. It was just Oakland and it took enormous effort to get respectable line. When I picked him up, I thought Tyler Thigpen....not even close
  8. First round of playoffs and with Woods on bye, Scantling struggling, Suttons tough matchup and Tyler Williams game time call I dont have choice and Im starting both Pettis and Bourne @flex....seems to be scoring fest...shots in the dark but who knows
  9. these defenses are clueless..week 12 and still cant scheme to stop Cohen like there is no footage from previous weeks..but they all act like they know what is going on
  10. Seriously..It's all mental with Nagy..he just wants all the headlines..and all the talk is about Andy Reid, Mahomes, Chiefs and the offense he's just left.. Gamification at its best
  11. I dont know what league you play in, but there are NO better stashes right now than Penny guy. If so, just name a couple
  12. Good luck to You. Got headache off my head. I really liked the guy not so long ago but his latest actions just made me wanna put him into coma. You r competing and for me its just another year.
  13. Harbaugh wont turn to Jackson. Also, highly unlikely Ravens will make a midseason change even if they lose to Steelers. That's my take.
  14. He thinks Jackson would take league by storm which is quite funny, isnt it? Flacco is elite when u compare him to Jackson. Thinking Ravens would have better chance with Jackson is like saying Browns have legitimate shot at winning SB this year..totally clueless. Ravens beat Steelers, go to the bye and then with the cupcake schedule they need to make postseason. The division is terrible this year. Only chance of seeing Jackson starting? When they are eliminated..otherwise no chance with season on the line the next couple of weeks
  15. Both are terrible and should be let go..Haley is nothing better than Hue. Hue is just envy he has competition in this stupidity race
  16. Received an offer Mahomes Mixon Mike Evans for Todd Gurley take it or leave it? what u think? Got Brees, Tevin Coleman, Alvin Kamara, Nick Chubb..thin @ WRs with Godwin Trequan Smith Coutee and Sutton.
  17. dont know which team is more pathetic....titans or chargers