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  1. Great - draft starts in 11 minutes. Thanks for getting that done!
  2. All paid and joined! I'll set the draft up - see you all soon!
  3. Invite sent. Invite Sent Please pay quickly
  4. Still interested? 2 people haven't paid yet.
  5. Draft at 6pm EST - will setup once all are paid. 2 left to pay - will replace very shortly if they don't pay in next minute
  6. I tried to send you an invite. I also messaged you the link to join the league. Check your messages
  7. I believe league is full, but not everyone has paid yet. Give it 5 minutes or so - and we may need to replace someone.
  8. League is full - PAY quickly - or I may need to replace owners. Draft in about an hour, so let's get this done fast.
  9. I sent you an invite - should have just got it