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  1. Obj. He’s big play dependent with a QB who looks like crap.
  2. 10 team standard keeper league. I’m currently in 2nd and trying to beef up RB for the playoff run. QB - Ryan, Dak RB - Gurley, Conner, Mixon, Coleman WR - Tyreek, Mike Thomas, Godwin, Chark, Hollywood Brown, John Brown Offer 1: Give Coleman and Chark for Zeke (Chark is 10th rounder to keep next year ) Offer 2: Give M Thomas and Coleman for Saqon (this is my last year keeping a Thomas but he would be able to keep him for a 6th next year)
  3. Thanks for mine. Id pass or try to package something else up for his Cook or Kamara. Kamaras value might drop a bit with Brees out so you might be able to get him discounted. Im not high on Kerryon and wouldnt trust starting Murray unless its a great matchup.
  4. Thats what I've been leaning towards. Ill wait another day to see how Conners practice progresses through the week.
  5. 10 team standard keeper league. Dropped Elliot this week after Samuels didn't get claimed on waivers so I grabbed him. Now I'm not sure who to drop since I have my two main handcuffs. Looking to pick up Maher who's available. Normally I'd wait until Sunday afternoon and try to grab the Sunday or Monday night game kickers if I look like I'm down but I'm not to confident going into this matchup. Bench is currently: AP Tevin Coleman Marquise Brown DJ Chark Malcom Brown (have Gurley) Jaylen Samuels (have Conner)
  6. I'd hold off. Barber is going to be hit or miss and Gore is only a plug and play when Singletary is out. Help?
  7. If you're confident that you can be .500 or better by week 7/8 when Tyreek is back then yes I'd do it. (current Tyreek owner and thats how im looking at it) Help?
  8. I'd go for it. Juju has proven his talent unlike Hock other than one game. If Hock puts up another dud then his value is going to tank, atleast his getting you something now. Help?
  9. Id do it. Huge improvement to your TE and adds solid RB depth. WR's are solid enough to make it work. Help?
  10. I'd wait another week with the recent Cam foot news. I doubt anyone will be jumping on Olsen. If you dont trust OJ then start Hock and see how his role plays out. Help?
  11. Second trade is worth considering with AJ news but Mixon has the most upside out of anyone. They have some O-Line starters coming back soon which should help his production. Help?
  12. 10 team standard keeper league, 6pt all TDs. Currently 1-1 facing the top scoring team this week. QB - Dak, Ryan RB - Gurley, Mixon, Conner, AP, Malcom Brown, Coleman WR - Thomas, Godwin, John Brown, Hollywood Brown, Marvin Jones, Tyreek TE - Waller WW Available: RB: Samuels, Mostert, Darwin Thompson, Burkhead WR: Demarcus Robinson, McLaurin, Chark, Agholor If I had to drop someone now it'd prob be Jones. I dont think anyone is worth dropping Coleman just yet but that would probably depend on Conners status this week. Samuels will likely go for a fair amount on the ww so I was think of trying to grab either McLaurin or Chark. Thoughts?