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  1. Came as an add on with a trade package that I made 2 weeks ago, for bench depth. Decided to flex him tonight on a whim and hunch (agreed with yanksman up above), and he was one of the lone bright spots in that horrendous game. He looked pretty good out there tonight, decisive and pushing for extra yards. Really nice to see him taking most of the passing targets out of their backfield. I can't complain at all.
  2. Man, Denver's OL in pass protection is getting absolutely whipped.
  3. If it was to be any game, I could also see it being tonight against that flimsy Chiefs Run D.
  4. He skied for a high pass from Stafford (think it was the 3rd quarter), and then came down hard on his hip/posterior. He looked noticeably shaken up on the play. He didn't really do much from that point on for the rest of the game. It was kind of weird, since the broadcast booth never gave any updates after that point. They just kept lathering over the virtues of Rodgers.
  5. The consistency with Zeke is nice, but the injuries are really taking their toll on this offense - especially up front. If they get curb-stomped by Philly in their own house this week, then the sirens will be blaring. I'm sure Jason Garrett will have some uppity comment about having the right hose for burning buildings.
  6. Yes, things are looking swimmingly on that front. He looks so fast, fluid, and decisive this year. It's been fun owning and watching him, and I hope the good times continue. (Knock on wood).
  7. Are you predicting a San Fran shutout? It's certainly possible given that defense (and I'm a believer in the 49ers defense). That said, I can't see the Skins moving the ball whatsoever on the ground, so if there's to be any spark or glimmer of moving the ball and a score, it will come through the air. Not a great matchup, but the same was said when they played the Bears and Cowboys. You don't sit your studs (and make no mistake, McLaurin is a stud) regardless of the matchup. Don't overthink things.