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  1. Hi guys, I've run 10 leagues across three different sports for the last 10 years or so, but this is one of my favorite leagues. We started by each team getting 2 different NBA teams and 2 keepers from each team, then we snaked the rest. It was a really cool setup and it's been a lot of fun to watch a lot of these teams develop and change. With that being said- i'm in search of a few new owners because the previous guys just weren't active enough. Some quick stuff: This is a 10 team FREE ESPN league. We keep 6, draft at 10 PM ET, 7:00 PM PACIFIC tomorrow evening. Scoring is most categories. Team is: Portland Mavs- Dame, Lonzo, Tatum, Jamaal Murray, LAM, Marc Gasol Here is the league Page if interested:
  2. Looking to start up a league to draft tonight! I have a couple of owners on board already, looking to fill a 10-team or 12er, with settings open to discussion! Currently ive added an OP slot and changed the playoff format a little bit from standard, but I don't mind anything. Also considered making IDP if interested. This will be a free league, so come for the fun and trust me it will be active (I will replace anybody who goes inactive) We can start with a typical snake draft, or I have another interesting way to start a league if interested. Each team will essentially get 2 NFL Teams and 2 keepers from that team to go into the draft. The first round will be first come first serve of picks. Then, I will use ESPN keeper ranks to determine quality of each players 2 keepers, and the worst ranking team will get first choice at their second team, and so on. I will repeat the same process for the draft order, and then we'll go into the draft with 4 keepers each. I've done this about 7-times across 3 different sports, and Ive only have the guy with the very first team pick win once. 7th pick has won 3 times. So its a fair start, and quite an interesting way to start a league, different from the normal boring start. Teams Taken: Giants Email me at if interested or leave email below with your selection! Looking to draft by 9 ET tonight P.S. can use groupme or email thread to discuss, whichever is easiest.
  3. bump looking for something with a few keepers or undrafted totally
  4. Active owner for over 10 seasons across 7 leagues. Open to any settings, just gotta be free. Leave links or email me at I would like to draft ASAP!