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  1. Interested: (sent email to you already)
  2. howdy, do you work for Prospects Live?   I'm on that site all day. love it! 

    1. Meastoftheeast


      Unfortunately I do not.  I love it their work as well though.  I followed the majority of the founders on twitter prior to them getting together and creating Prospects Live.  Great content!  

  3. These guys are awesome, they dropped their aggregate top 100 today, the also have top 30 team rankings as well as FYPD rankings: Ralph Lifshitz (@ProspectJesus) Jason Woodell (@JasonAtTheGame) Jason Pennini (@Jason Pennini) Matt Thompson (@mdthompFWFB) Eddy Almaguer(@EddyAlmauger) Lance Brozdowski (@LanceBrozdow) Top 100: Interactive top 100: For those who already knew, I am sorry and for those that didn't, you are welcome!
  4. Yankees could face 4 LHP starters this week, real test will be to see how many starts Voit picks up vs the 3 RHP. Voit is batting cleanup tonight vs Rodon. Starters vs Yankees this week: Rodon L Shields R Lopez R Liriano L Zimmermann R Carpenter L Boyd L
  5. "safely hidden" = running routes for overthrown passes by backup QB Brian Hoyer.
  6. Not to rain on anyone's parade but per RW: Phillip Dorsett caught 4-of-4 targets for 36 yards in the Patriots' third preseason game Friday night. Dorsett started in the Patriots’ opening three-receiver set opposite Chris Hogan with Julian Edelman in the slot. Tom Brady found Dorsett for a crucial fourth-down conversion toward the end of the first half, showing trust in the former Colts first-round bust. At least until Edelman returns from suspension, Dorsett looks likely to open the season as the Patriots’ No. 2 receiver. He will still be the fourth or fifth option in New England’s passing game behind Hogan, Rob Gronkowski, James White, and Rex Burkhead with gadget guy Cordarrelle Patterson also in the mix. The RW comments and links above are mostly fluff pieces but Dorsett caught 4 of 4 Brady targets last night with 1st team offense and it looks like the 25 year old, former 1st round talent could be Pats starting WR2 until Edelman returns (ahead of Patterson). Funny that Dorsett doesn't even have a 2018 thread. Patterson is interesting in his own right but not sure why he is getting more hype than Dorsett.
  7. So far this year: Santana 101 wRC+ vs RHP Bour 124 wRC+ vs RHP Santana is signed through 2020 and Bour is arb-eligible through 2020. I would expect Bour to receive a few starts vs RHP each week. Not a straight platoon between the two but Bour will definitely get some starts at Santana's expense.
  8. Raked in the FSL as teenager: 12 HR's 9.2 BB%/15.6 K%. Raking in Eastern League so far (sss) as teenager: .400/.500/.600 15.4 BB%/7.7 K%. List of teenagers that have played in AA ball this year: Juan Soto, Vlad Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., Keibert Ruiz, Isaac Paredes, Andres Gimenez and the Eguy Rosario. Eric Longenhagen hinted towards him being at least a 50 FV propsect in his chat yesterday: Has gotten some love Carson Cistulli's Fringe Five:
  9. "Rays 1B Nate Lowe has wrist-flicking upper-deck power."
  10. Yea, accidentally switched Contact%/O-Contact% numbers. Good catch. For what its worth Ender Inciarte has a 86% O-contact%!
  11. To follow up from my last post, looks like someone else has their eye's on Marte's recent production:
  12. He was left for dead on waivers in a dynasty league after the abysmal start, I recently added him after looking at this: By Month: March/April - 61.3 GB%, 21.5 FB%, 28.0 Hard Hit% May - 54.8 GB%, 30.1 FB%, 33.8 Hard Hit% June - 42.3 GB%, 46.2 FB%, 57.7 Hard Hit% Overall: 88.2% O-Contact% 91.8% Z-Contact% 5.3 SwStk% The numbers for June are SSS and he just finished a 3 game series @Col so take the %'s with a grain of salt but it certainly a good trend, maybe he figured something out? He has been much better vs LHP compared to RHP thus far but his .218 BABIP vs RHP should improve considering he has never had drastic splits. The plate discipline #'s are elite as far as contact goes, if he keeps hitting the ball in the air with some authority maybe Jeff Sullivan from FG's was onto something (see below, re-posting from page 1).