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  1. Ketel Marte 2018 Outlook

    Yea, accidentally switched Contact%/O-Contact% numbers. Good catch. For what its worth Ender Inciarte has a 86% O-contact%!
  2. Ketel Marte 2018 Outlook

    To follow up from my last post, looks like someone else has their eye's on Marte's recent production:
  3. Ketel Marte 2018 Outlook

    He was left for dead on waivers in a dynasty league after the abysmal start, I recently added him after looking at this: By Month: March/April - 61.3 GB%, 21.5 FB%, 28.0 Hard Hit% May - 54.8 GB%, 30.1 FB%, 33.8 Hard Hit% June - 42.3 GB%, 46.2 FB%, 57.7 Hard Hit% Overall: 88.2% O-Contact% 91.8% Z-Contact% 5.3 SwStk% The numbers for June are SSS and he just finished a 3 game series @Col so take the %'s with a grain of salt but it certainly a good trend, maybe he figured something out? He has been much better vs LHP compared to RHP thus far but his .218 BABIP vs RHP should improve considering he has never had drastic splits. The plate discipline #'s are elite as far as contact goes, if he keeps hitting the ball in the air with some authority maybe Jeff Sullivan from FG's was onto something (see below, re-posting from page 1).
  4. Alen Hanson 2018 Outlook

  5. Jalen Beeks LHP Red Sox My girlfriend was a real trooper this weekend as I dragged her along to this outing. Beeks looked extremely strong all game and his breaker looked above average all night and flashed plus on occasion, something I was absolutely not expecting. Beeks hides the ball very well in his delivery, which helps his modest 91-92 FB play a bit better. He did have some trouble hitting his spots here and there throughout the 6 innings, which caused a rather inefficient outing, but it wasn’t so frequent that it got him into trouble. There was very little hard contact. Braves’ lefty Kolby Allard pitched opposite of Beeks and was also impressive after the 1st inning, in which he left a lot over the plate. Allard works down in the 90 mph range with his FB as well, but his curveball is extremely good, far better than I’ve seen it on video. The velocity band separation is perfect, as the curve will usually sit close to 77 mph, and he tunnels it with the FB extremely well. Watching them back-to-back for 5 straight innings, I think Beeks and Allard have very similar Major League careers ahead of them. From everything I have gathered, he started throwing a cutter and gained better control of his slider this year. Lack of plane and lower velocity separations may always be an issue but chances of pitching in rotation seem to have improved. Beeks is currently on the 40 man roster so he figures to see some time in majors this year regardless if its in the bull pen or rotation. The Red Sox are missing a quality LH reliever/long man at this point so there is a lot of speculation that he could fill that void in majors for time being. Impressive numbers none the less.
  6. Marco Gonzales 2018 Outlook

    Just to expand on some of the company Gonzales is currently with after last night's game via Fangraph's leaderboards for qualified starters this year (some of these categories overlap one another): 2.60 FIP - 14th in MLB 2.41 xFIP - 4th in MLB 2.79 SIERA - 10th in MLB 23.5% K-BB% - 12th in MLB 10.72 K/9 - 16th in MLB 1.59 BB/9 - 14th in MLB .406 BABIP - 1st in MLB (highest among all MLB qualified starters) 9.7% SwStr% - 57th in MLB Swinging strike % indicates the K/9 probably comes down like @taobball indicated but if/when BABIP regresses and if he keeps limiting walks and HR's and figures out how to pitch a little deeper in games he should be interesting.
  7. Corey Ray OF Brewers

    Ray is off to a nice start in AA after a disappointing 2017 in Hi-A. Supposedly he has made a swing change that has corrected some mechanical problems from last year and has correlated to in-game power early on in 2018: He is heating up with 5 multi-hit games in last 6 games played. On the year, 9 XBH in 11 games (5 doubles, 3 triples and a dong) plus 3 SB to boot. Plate discipline still needs to tighten up (3 BB to 9 K) but he only K'd twice during recent 6 game hot streak. As the above article indicates, he is currently boasting large BABIP and pulling the ball a lot but early numbers are promising so far. Prior to 2017 season Corey Ray was listed as high as #34 overall prospect by Keith Law, , #48 by John Sickels, #42 by BA, #30 by MLB, #41 by BP, etc. KLaw himself pointed out that Ray's disappointing 2017 could have been attributed to swing mechanics and health. Maybe Ray has fixed the swing and is finally healthy? Either way, he is worth keeping an eye on for the time being with the hot start.
  8. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    2 XBH. He hit a bomb and a double today, both off of Parker Bridwell.
  9. Jordan Hicks STL SP

    Hicks had an impressive 4 inning start vs. most of the Nationals regulars yesterday: Tweets from Derek Shore @D_Shore23 Mo on Hicks: Mentioned how they dealt with strong armed right-handers - Rosenthal, Martinez, & Lynn. "We weren't afraid to bring these guys up & stick them in the 'pen to get their feet wet. If he can go down and do what he did today, he's going to move pretty quick." #STLCards John Mozeliak on Jordan Hicks' ETA from FSM: "When you look at some at his age and where he's at, the important thing for him is to continue to develop. There's no doubt he's close." #STLCards Impressive stuff from Jordan Hicks today against a potent Nationals lineup. On 41 pitches, he's through four one-hit frames with a pair of strikeouts and has induced six groundouts on the day. #STLCards Jordan Hicks flashing that dynamic stuff today. According to @FSMidwest, he hit 99 mph on a practice pitch after being hit by come-backer. Touching 101 on the gun. #STLCards
  10. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    Seems like the power is coming. Something must have revealed itself for KLaw to do a 180 on him: From earlier this spring: Urias’ five doubles – “He’s hit every wall in the Cactus League,” manager Andy Green said – are tied for the major league lead this spring. In 17 plate appearances (13 at-bats), Urias has a .538/.647/.923 hitting line. Last year: While Urías hit just three home runs in 2017, a closer examination revealed more than an elite contact hitter. According to Trackman data, he produced the farm system’s third-highest number of exit velocities of at least 95 mph. (paid content)
  11. Carter Kieboom-SS-WSH

    Not sure what is gained from comparing Rodgers to Kieboom but both played in SAL at 19 years old: Rodgers hit .281/.342/.480 in 491 PA's in 2016 with a 7.1%/20.0% (BB/K), good for 135 wRC+ Kieboom hit .296/.400/.497 in 210 PA's in 2017 with a 13.3%/19% (BB/K), good for 158 wRC+ Kieboom's season was cut short by hamstring issues which cooled off the hype and is probably the reason he isn't getting more love in prospect circles. Kiley McDaniel mentioned that Kieboom is more bat over power today in his Fangraphs chat for what its worth and FG's guys are high on him. Kieboom's 158 wRC+ was tied with this forums prospect darling Colton Welker last year (both played in the SAL). Obviously, Kieboom won't play at Coors Field for half his games in the future but he is an interesting prospect none the less, especially if he could stick at short stop.
  12. Carter Kieboom-SS-WSH

    From Longenhagen's Fangraphs chat on 5/16/17: Andrew: Who in the Nats organization has opened the most eyes in the early going? Eric A Longenhagen: I had someone (not in Nats org) slap a Tulo comp on Carter Kieboom.
  13. Keibert Ruiz- C Dodgers

    Completely agree on Welker, his stock is way up regardless of the undisclosed injury. Just trying to shed some light on Ruiz's potential/upside.
  14. Keibert Ruiz- C Dodgers

    From Longenhagen chat today on FG's: Stros Fan: Out of these 3, Austin Hays, Colton welker and Keibert Ruiz. Which one has highest ceiling, lowest floor and most likely to hit their projection. Who has increased their projection the most? Thanks! Eric A Longenhagen: Ruiz has the highest ceiling as a catcher who can hit. Welker has raised his stock most for me of the three. I like Hays but think his approach might be exposed eventually. I know Welker has gotten a lot of love around here and obviously this isn't a fantasy baseball directed question, but still says a lot about the kid.
  15. Lonnie Chisenhall 2017 Outlook

    Not that it correlates into a direct fantasy baseball category but Lonnie is currently tied for the 13th best wRC+ in the majors. Compared to last year, he has nearly doubled his BB% (5.5% to 9.7%) and increased his ISO by 120 pts (.153 to .273) while his K% only grew about a 1%. He is also sporting career high's in FB% and HR/FB%. As others in this thread have mentioned, he is crushing LHP but that is probably mostly aided by a .429 BABIP vs LHP. Regardless, as long as he keeps hitting vs LHP he should stay in a hot hitting Cleveland lineup everyday.