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  1. Hugo!! Thanks man. To quote Bart Scott...can't wait.
  2. Looking for a Competitive Money league

    You don't need to validate yourself to someone who calls others kids and clowns.
  3. Thanks. This late in the draft season, I can't commit without knowing date and time. Best of luck.
  4. Is there an official draft date yet?
  5. It might be best if you let the new owner pick his own keepers. LOL at Swarzak.
  6. All these people that love to play for money on here...yet you can't find any for this league. Odd.
  7. I would go to if it's later tonight.
  8. 1 open Spot In ROTO $

    Not only that but if it's 8x8, the cats would be nice also.
  9. Do you enforce a hard cap on the starts or are you allowed to use the ESPN loophole?
  10. Too bad Scott took that $25 one away. I liked the settings in that one.
  11. You should read the title of the thread.
  12. A discount on what?
  13. Afternoon Drafting?

    Anybody off work like me and want to draft while watching some basketball?