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  1. I am not in the league, but I wouldn't play 2 TEs so I feel like I am winning already.
  2. It's not. You just have that one doofus that keeps talking about it.
  3. So you don't like the no TE flex...you don't like the 6 bench...you don't like 0 IR spots...you don't like the waivers. You might want to try finding a different league.
  4. This guy is super adamant about wanting to play those 2 TEs.
  5. Just to be fair...make sure you look at the settings everyone. It's a 2 QB league and not a superflex league. Big difference.
  6. Feel free to message me on here if you have questions.
  7. Draft hopefully will be this Sunday, the 24th. Team name after your favorite player that hit more than 400 HRs in his career.