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  1. It's an interesting waiting game you're playing with both Ekeler and, what I assume to be, AJ Green on your bench. It really comes down to how soon you think Melvin Gordon will come back and how close you feel AJ is to returning. As I typed this, Siemian just went down and the Jets seems to be in shambles. Hard to say how effective Bell will be in the coming weeks. I'd probably stay put.
  2. JuJu as a WR2 and the upgrade you'd receive at TE is more than worth this trade. Pursue an RB-centric trade down the road if you feel like you still need help there.
  3. You have the RB depth to take on the risk now baked-in to Michael Thomas. Not being a PPR lowers the value, but I still think Trade 1 is worth it.
  4. Cook looks special this year. I'd pull the trigger.
  5. I don't think either of these trades are all that desirable. I'd either stream or pursue a different deal.
  6. Thinking about rolling the dice on JuJu in light of Big Ben's injury. Would something like Edelman + DK Metcalf get the deal done in a 1PPR? It's hard to believe AB will be around for the rest of the season, so I feel like Edelman's value could be inflated with some selling.
  7. Of the obvious big name, buy low WRs this week, I prefer JuJu to MT. Any Steeler faithfuls able to offer their Rudolph thoughts? He seemed decent.
  8. Most definitely. Capitalize on Ekeler’s value.
  9. I'll play contrarian and advocate for A-Rob over Sony.
  10. Who are your receivers and what kind of scoring? I think I would do that deal.
  11. I'd stay the course given the lack of an IR spot.
  12. I wouldn't be comfortable starting Pettis, even as a 4th WR, until we see him receive more snaps and prove he can capitalize on those snaps. McLaurin is the play.
  13. SF defense is underrated and should pressuring Dalton all day. I'd go with Allen. Get those sweet rushing yards.