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  1. You must play in an extremely non-competitive league. Why not trade him to someone and at least get some value back?
  2. Calvin Ridley will finish the year with more FF points than Julio Jones
  3. FWIW, this is being is being described as a bone bruise...which can take 1-2 months to heal. As opposed to a soft tissue bruise which usually aren't a problem for more than a week.
  4. I was shocked at how disinterested Cam looked in the game. I swear when Carolina got a safety he looked bummed he had to go back in, Clearly some personal issues are at hand...which is understandable but people need to realize football is not a priority for him right now.
  5. I have a feeling McCoy has a bigger role this week. I would role the dice.
  6. Gotta roll with DJ he was your top pick
  7. I would not consider it but I'm not very high on Mixon.
  8. Yes especially with Thomas and Devante can afford the risk
  9. Honestly I wouldn't drop any of those for Justice Hill.
  10. Amazing trade on your end roll with Cousins for the time being
  11. I like TJ Hockenson but he is a big wait and see at this point.