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  1. he needs to show he's a red zone threat
  2. how often do decoy games truly happen?
  3. nice to get some closure knowing that Ware is out 0.5 ppr league what do ppl project for him tonight
  4. i cant sit him.....just cant. If he plays he's 100% i believe
  5. he will play. he hurt his ankle in the 1st against NYJ and played very very well. Had an extra day to rest and the Texans still have something to play for. Nuk is their offense
  6. this is a game changer if i can put in Samuels for my TE.
  7. my options are grim...brate, burton (although the latter can see an uptick with Trubes back). TD Dependent TE sounds pretty par for the TE landscape, albeit a select few
  8. probably letting his wrist rest in preparation for 30+ touches
  9. anyone starting him even if Conner is in?
  10. 5 pt pass td Luck @ HOU Trubisky vs LAR (SNF)