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  1. i like Ross with AJ G out. i think AJG and Hill's timelines are similar
  2. my matt breida for his allen robinson 0.5 PPR Start 3WR 2RB my wrs: Cooks, Jeffrey, Ross, Hill (IR) my rbs: Conner, Carson, Duke Johnson, Breida, Lat Murray his wrs: woods, godwin, robinson, john brown, shepard, washington, sanue his rbs: Bell, Mixon, Howard, Malcolm Brown
  3. 12 targets sounds promising. gotta play him with Hill's injury for 4-6weeks, hopefully Ross has enough value to cover those weeks. wlil have more confidence that he keeps up the high targets if Mixon is hobbled or misses time
  4. NE has ranked 4th, 6th, 5th the last 3 years in team rushing TDs. they score frequently on the ground. hoping Michel gets the majority of the share
  5. was #1 in 0.5 PPR and STD leagues
  6. any stats on Rodgers when targeting the slot WR?
  7. agreed, but you asked the question just stating who was top 10. Michel had 931 yards in 13 games last regular season (along w/ 336 in 3 PO games), I don't see 1000 out of the realm of possibilities. NE has also finished 4th, 6th and 5th the last 3 years in terms of team rushing TDs. They score lots on the ground, i think the potential for 10+ TDs for Michel is there edit - FWIW Blount did finish 8th in the league in rushing in 2016
  8. White was top 10 last season in 0.5 PPR Blount was top 10 in 2016