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  1. He launched it to right field. Makes you think he's got 15 of those in him with regular at bats.
  2. Ah, you're saying the consensus from experts isn't high enough for a King's Ransom, yet? I may try to see just how much other owners are willing to pay. It doesn't hurt to throw offers out there highly favorable to our teams. If you have depth at 1st base already, it'd be interesting to see how well you could sure up other positions, or pitching, or both.
  3. Agreed this is legit ( though he will obviously, certainly regress, at least a bit over the season ), but every asset should have a price in fantasy, I believe. For team owners who's rosters aren't well rounded, but Bellinger is carrying them to Top 3 in their league, what if he gets injured? I'm just seeing if anyone has decided to limit their risk by spreading their investment. For example: Bellinger + Miguel Cabrera + Brandon Nimmo for Paul Goldschmidt + Adalberto Mondesi + Chris Sale. This example may sound outrageous, or has anyone received a monster return for a Bellinger package to create balance up and down the roster?
  4. /Normally when a player is THIS RED HOT, it's crazy to not try to sell high, high, high! I keep loading up trades of Bellinger for Jose Ramirez and Aaron Nola or Goldshmidt and Syndergaard, but I can't pull the trigger. There aren't many guys that can potentially hit 40 + HR's and Steal 20 + bases, all while being under 25 years old. Bellinger's spot in this batting order is possibly the best in baseball. Seager is still heating up right in front of him, Muncy looks legit protecting him, and Pollack hasn't even gotten going yet while Verdugo could actually end up an awesome lead off hitter for Cody to drive in even more runs because Pederson is hitting so many HR's from the lead off spot that Bellinger is missing out on ribbies. This sh%t is bananas. Has anyone sold high, and if so, what kind of return were you able to get?
  5. Soroka is an extremely polished young pitcher. His stats are rock solid both in minors, and his major league appearances, but you MUST watch this kid pitch to see the composure, and confidence he has, while hitting his spots like a veteran. His skills, and potential to rack up wins with such a stacked offense are seriously exciting BUT his shoulder injury last year shut him down, and then going into this year, he had a setback, shut it down, and built back up. His ability, health permitted, will win him a spot on the rotation, and he can be a difference maker on our fantasy squads. The Braves have a team that can compete for the NL East this year. They have a shot at winning it all and they'll look to iron out their rotation by going with the most reliable of the young arms to be their 1-5 starters. Folty, Gausman,and Teheran are locks for 1-3. Of the 4-5 young prospects they have to fill the last 2 spots, Soroka has the most polished, mature mound presence.. Touki has him beat when it comes to more nasty "stuff", but seeing the Braves biggest weakness right now is their bullpen, I could see the Braves using him in relief to hold onto leads in the 6-8th innings. If you can pick up Soroka, or get him cheap, my advice is to DO IT, and hold onto him. Talent, in the majority of cases, wins out. Especially on teams as competitive as the Braves this season, and many years into the future.
  6. Dahl will have to go a month, at minimum, before they let him run to prove he can stay in one piece, but I actually do need to temper expectations on him, you're right. I'll say closer to 15 SB's for Dahl this season. He's quick, and a great athlete, but this isn't the year to push him. The abdomen issue doesn't seem to be anything serious. Dahl's demeanor strikes me as a guy who truly believes he's a top hitter in baseball. Short sample sizes of proven he's for real, but the constant injuries have robbed the fans of seeing what he really can do with regular at-bats. As far as Hampson, I believe he's the future 2nd basemen of this club. This Rockie's lineup looks best with him at the 2 spot in the order, allowing the 4-5-6 spots in the lineup to be occupied by their veteran, talented bats.
  7. If he's available in your league, I'd scoop him up. Hampson's game is perfect for a #2 hitter in the Rockies line up. He takes a lot of pitches, can bunt with the best of them, and has the speed to turn groundballs into singles / force errors then move along the base paths for the big hitters to bring him home. The Rockies have started off rough, but Dahl will be back, and Arenado will heat up. I see Hampson, Dahl, and Story being asked to steal 25+ bases this year to give their offense a chance to score more runs than your typical, more talented hitting team. Right now Hampson is starting nearly every game, and he's on a 5 game hitting streak. If he can stick as the Rockies everyday 2nd basemen, and gets at bats at the top of the order like today, he has the skills to climb up the charts FAST. There aren't more than 5 players on waivers with his type of upside in 12 team + leagues. Steals are hard to come by this year and 2nd base is VERY shallow. I'm holding Sampson and Senzel to increase my chances of having a young 2nd basemen breakout this year. If they both put up strong numbers, than there will be at least 1-3 teams in my league hurting for an impact 2nd basemen, netting my team a strong SP in return via trade.
  8. Just dropped Clint Frazier for Margot. I think this is the Padre's year, with a great lineup, and healthy mix of young talent plus proven veterans. Margot is going to score a ton of runs. I believe he sticks as the leadoff hitter, bats 280 with 20/20 potential. His game reminds me a lot of Puig without the mental problems. I've been high on Margot for a couple years, and love seeing him play with confidence. The Padres management know they can compete this year, and a productive Margot is a major asset for a playoff push / run.
  9. He looked great tonight, but put up 2-3 long 2's that you can tell the Wolves' coach wants him to stop it. He dribbled the ball out, and iso'ed his man at one point, then rove to the rim effortlessly and finished with a smooth layup. It looks like he could do that at will anytime he wants it. They're sitting him to close out the game in the 4th with Covington finishing the game. I was excited to see him finish with like 2 15 5 5 2 2 He's fully capable, and hopefully it's a wake up call. There's no way he enjoys sitting there watching his team in the 4th when this team FINALLY looks like they can compete in the playoffs. WAKE UP WIGGINS!
  10. You're in an 8 team league, so yea if he's slumping, you can drop him and pick up someone hot right now. In a 14 team league you can't do something like that. The waiver wire looks a whole lot different. The top pick ups are guys like Jordan Bell and Emmanuel Mudiay....
  11. Something's gotta be up?!! Any Min fans wanna chime in here? Is there a story here?
  12. Pathetic....maybe a trade to the Suns can get him motivated again. Those games right after they moved Butler were so well rounded, and showed he developed the 3 ball, was tougher grabbing rebounds, moving the ball around, and engaged on defense to rack up steals and blocks. He looks like he's mad Rose is ballin'. We know Booker and Wiggins keep toying on Twitter that they'd love to play together. Wiggins for Ariza, Jackson, and a 1st rounder?
  13. Myles Turner? Reminds me of what they were saying about Thon Maker. I think it was Garnett who said Thon is a lock to be an All-Star, and one of the best big men in the game.
  14. Every NBA market has media coverage on their young players though out the season, and especially in the offseason that creates buzz for the upcoming season, and their budding stars who where early draft picks. I'm sure there are plenty of players, young and old, that handle their business quietly, in the gym, and keep it a secret, but there are cameras everywhere and Youtube videos showing almost every player in the NBA with their workouts. You can't base a players work ethic off of one Youtube video but you can get good insight into which of the high draft picks from recent years are building their skills in a major way. A guy in the NY area would have heard plenty of buzz about Levert, because the organization was blown away by his work ethic, and willingness to learn and expand his game. Another example is Jayson Tatum working out constantly over the offseason with Kobe Bryant. You can see obvious signs of this in his approach this season. Some of it awesome, because he's been able to create his own shot, and make 1 on 1 fade-aways reminisent of Kobe. Local media interviewed Kyrie last night and he eluded to his young guys taking a big step forward in skills, individually, but they need to focus on team ball. I probably wouldn't have known any of this if I wasn't in Massachusetts, and it tells me that the Celtics are still feeling their way through the beginning of the season. Kyrie is working on checking their young players' egos, and Tatum, when he begins playing within the offense, should have a much more consistent game offensively. If you don't want to participate, that's fine with me. I see your posts on other player threads and I can tell you follow the game, and not just read boxscores. This thread could help people see who, of the young players with gifted physical attributes, and skills are working on taking it to the next level, in a way we can gauge based off of local media outlet's coverage. There was so much buzz around Giannis in 2014, and Kidd talking about playing him at PG, that I wish there was a thread like this back then. I had him on my squad, and completely bought in to what I was reading from a small market, as crazy as it seemed for a 7 footer to grow 3 inches, from Greece, drafted a couple years ago, with no buzz, blowing up because of hard work to be possibly one of the greatest players the NBA has ever the new buzz that is in this thread is the 3 pointer is coming. I wouldn't bet against that info either.