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  1. If you still need one I would take an invite. amotion at gmail dot com
  2. If you still need one for the draft amotion at gmail dot com
  3. Bump only need 1! Good active league with trading during the year
  4. PM'ed you about a league that fits your description
  5. - Weekly lineups - FAAB process runs Wednesday, Friday, Sunday - Core group has been playing together many years - Link to league: - Link to Leaguesafe: (Majority vote for payouts) Have 11 owners in the league and 10 paid on Leaguesafe - need ONE before the draft
  6. Sent invites to those who responded - remember first 12 to pay on leaguesafe are in!
  7. H2H categories league here still needs a couple: Can move the draft a bit later for you guys if necessary