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  1. No I lost. I've lost 6 straight now. I've been on the other side when I lost when a random team's defense had over 30. Like a few years back, when Julio had 300 yards or something against the Panthers...but no Ryan ******** fitzpatrick threw like 800 interceptions against the Chiefs and I still lost. I continue to be ridiculed by the fantasy gods
  2. I'm up by less than a point and was so confident after that Denver D performance. Leveon Bell, Jordan Howard. FML!!!! 1-6 holy s--- kill me
  3. This man is going to save my season starting week 4 or i may never win a game again. It's RB2 slot for you!
  4. Have the same problem....not sure who to flex.
  5. I think I'm benching him. I don't trust the Bucs on the road w/ Winston just yet and can see an ugly game from TB.