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  1. Invite sent! Here is leaguesafe link as well! Cheers!
  2. Still planning to join? Sent an invite, you are last one to join if you are still in!
  3. Yup, invite sent! You will be the last spot. League safe payment link on home page of league!
  4. They are fun! Let me know if you change your mind! Otherwise, all good. Anyone else? This will fill quick this weekend, so please pay ASAP once you join!
  5. We are full, sorry. All 12 paid. We have I think 8 paid for Saturday, same site, same amount, same setting, also an auction. I think half hour earlier on Saturday night. I'd have room for both of you if you want to do another, ha.
  6. Yes. It rattles me, ha. I have set up 6 or so already earlier this year, people just ignore the thread for 6 days until the day of the draft then jump in, ha. I have faith in everyone here to get it full though! Thanks all, see you all in a couple hours!