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  1. Couple ideas, may need to uninstall and then reinstall the app but 1st id go to the web browser of ESPN and get to the league page in 5 minutes when you "launch draft" it may just get you back to the app with the phone. I have one other person trying the uninstall and reinstall right now. Damn ESPN sometimes.
  2. No you werent kicked out, it shows you in on league page. I know the app had issues previously, are you by a computer?
  3. Invite Sent, are you wanting in? Alot of interest so just seeing if you got it or if you are going to pass?
  4. yes I didnt think I would get so many so quickly especially 20 owners in 3 hours, 12/14 is a much easier task lol
  5. I have sent invites to all emails I have received, if you want to private message me your email instead of putting it on here that will work too.
  6. Sorry Tuttle of course I switched it to the standard 6, It was just at ESPN defaults and of course not using 2 week playoffs and week 17 6 teams weeks 13-16