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  1. A 0-0 barn burner between the AL East worst Rays and the AL West worst A's.
  2. Surely Rosenthal gets into the game tonight. Right?
  3. Expected to be Glasnow.
  4. 4th 5-Hit game of Pedroia's career, and his first since June 24th 2010. He suffered a season ending foot injury the next day.
  5. Looked pretty bad again. Can't locate anything. You see flashes of it, got guys to chase curveballs down and in in the 3rd inning to strike out the side. But the majority of the time he's starting off counts missing location, then having to pump a fastball over. What bothers me the most is his body language. Whenever he bounces one, he's visibly upset, which is something I haven't seen before this season. He doesn't usually wear his emotions on his sleeve. 1st HR off Beckham Pitch 1: BALL 93 mph FB in the dirt Pitch 2: BALL 83 mph CU low Pitch 3: CALLED STRIKE 92 mph FB bottom of the strike zone Pitch 4: BALL 91 mph FB low Pitch 5: HOMERUN 92 mph FB middle of the plate. 2nd HR off Dickerson Pitch 1: BALL 90 mph FB belt high outside Pitch 2: BALL 88 mph FB low and inside. Bad miss, Vogt set up away. Pitch 3: HOMERUN 92 mph FB middle of the plate.
  6. Who knows who keeps up with this stuff, but the telecast put up a graphic: Average against his curveball: 2015 - .222 2016 - .288 Average on belt high curveballs: 2015 - .375 2016 - .455 Both 2016 numbers are the 2nd highest in the majors.
  7. Rosenthal wasn't used at all in a doubleheader today. He has officially been demoted to the very bottom of the totem poll.
  8. Watched his last start. Looked horrible. Couldn't get the breaking ball over the plate to save his life. Wouldn't surprise me if his back is still bothering him. Gets the Rays tomorrow, who just put up 10 and 11 runs against the Rockies in back to back days. Curveball 2015: he bounced his curveball 6.9% of the time. 2016: This year, he's bouncing it at 11.8%, a 58% increase. Guys are laying off the curveball down that got him so many ground balls. Leaving curveballs up and and not getting people to chase. The most severe chart is the swinging % on the curve to left hand batters. 2015: he was getting left hand batters to swing at the curveball down and inside at 86%, 89%, 94% range. 2015 range 2016: he's getting them to swing 0%, 15%, 18% range. 2016 chart Swinging % on curveballs outside of the zone has dropped from 56% last year to 32% this year. Number of curveballs he's gotten in the zone has dropped from 49% to 32% this year. Fastball His fastball velocity is back down as well. He was topping out at 96 in the 6/15 start against Texas. Back down a tick or 2 since. Velocity chart Everything is trending the wrong way. Contact % of FB in the zone is at 96%. Swinging strike % has been cut in half from last year, down to 3%.
  9. Amazing to me that Dario Alvarez is not pitching the 9th. I guess it makes sense that they want to boost Johnson's value, but Dario is the one that should be closing games.
  10. It's 10 minutes until first pitch and they don't have a starter for Washington. Also don't have any of the late lineups.
  11. jk phatrat BaseballPress is slacking off again. Tigers 1. Ian Kinsler, 2B 2. Cameron Maybin, CF 3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B 4. Victor Martinez, DH 5. Nick Castellanos, 3B 6. Justin Upton, LF 7. Mike Aviles, RF 8. James McCann, C 9. Jose Iglesias, SS
  12. I'm having trouble reading that lineup. Please make it a little bigger.
  13. I would say the opposite. Any league where you can stand to play a guy who sits half the time is either extremely deep or extremely dead.