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  1. St. Louis tomorrow against the Mets is a prime time to stream stolen bases. Syndergaard leads the league in stolen bases against. Plawecki and D'Arnaud are in the bottom half of the league in CS%. The question is who do you stream from the Cardinals? They've only stolen 7 bases in the last 30 days, and only Diaz has more than 1 (he has 2). Tommy Pham: Been very successful on the base paths in the minors, going 130-168 (77%) in his career. Was 11-11 (100%) between AAA and the majors last year, and is 3-3 at the major league level. He's 9-11 on the base paths this year between AAA and MLB. Jeremy Hazelbaker: Career 241-304 (79%) on the base paths, 60-74 (81%) career between AAA and MLB. Whether he'll play or not is the biggest question. Kolten Wong: 5-5 (100%) on the base paths this year between AAA and MLB. Is 46-58 (79%) on the paths over the last 3 years between AAA and MLB. Randall Grichuk: Going 24-39 (60%) over the last 4 years between AA, AAA, and MLB, he's 7-12 (58%) career in the majors and 3-4 for this year. Greg Garcia: At 3-6 this year between AAA and MLB, he broke out on the base paths in AAA last year, going 16-19. Really will just have to see who's in the lineup, but the good news is lineups/free agency doesn't lock until 7:00 tomorrow.
  2. Braden looks like he moonlights as a birthday clown.
  3. The Induction Ceremony starts at 1:30 p.m. ET. Don't miss a minute of the action. #HOFWKND
  4. He was ready to pitch tonight. White Sox told him to go home. It really comes down to how the White Sox reacted. If they said "we hear you Chris, we'll make every effort going forward to make sure you don't wear that uniform in the future" and then he did it, then I side with the White Sox. If they said "it's been on the schedule all year, deal with it the best you can", then i have no sympathy for them.
  5. No, just keeping up with the story.
  6. What it comes down to is the guy is sick of losing and has a serious dislike of the organization's management. It's not like he went around cutting them up because they didn't suit his taste. He's sick of showing off management's new clothing line every night he pitches instead of winning. I can certainly sympathize with that. I'd be interested to see how many times he's pitched in these throwback uniforms and what his record is with each jersey.
  7. The 1 night i bench him. Not suppose to come back and hit 2 home runs after a hand injury a**hole.
  8. Seems like the Sox are wearing throwback jersey's every other night. No problem with him voicing his displeasure if it bothers him. Management would've probably agreed if they hadn't already dumped him on prom night and started looking for a new girl. I bet they're regretting it now.
  9. The real question now is: buying or selling ROS?
  10. Rosenthal says it's true.
  11. The guy reporting that isn't a beat writer for the team. Writes for some website i've never heard of. Would take it with a grain of salt until someone else confirms.
  12. He might be traded but the fact that they're lying about why he's being scratched means there's something more.
  13. The world is ending in Boston. Infield fly's are carrying to the fence.
  14. A 0-0 barn burner between the AL East worst Rays and the AL West worst A's.
  15. Surely Rosenthal gets into the game tonight. Right?