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  1. It means he'll miss his connection and have to call in sick on Monday.
  2. Braden Shipley.
  3. Something has stunk about this injury from the get go. Definitely not an ankle sprain whatever it is. Marlins manager Don Mattingly says he doesn't know exactly what is going on with Bour (ankle) and doesn't expect him back until September, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports. Spin: This is bad news for the Marlins who continue to make a push for a playoff appearance. It looked like Bour would return at some point this week, but that timetable has been pushed back at least a couple of more weeks. The Marlins will continue to use a platoon approach at first base with Chris Johnson, Derek Dietrich and Miguel Rojas.
  4. Trades were easy vetoes. Not even close. Provides no benefit to the guy down at the bottom. Only thing close to a rational argument is keeping Pollock, who was only included after the first one was vetoed. It's a combination of the guy trading too much value because he just doesn't care and the crazy notion of not vetoing trades. I'm realizing the only way to avoid tanking in these leagues is to do away with keepers and put a trade deadline middle of July.
  5. Standard 5x5 roto 4 keepers. Guy in first place originally offers Molina and Schoop for Salvador Perez. Guy in last turns it down and counters with Molina and Benintendi for Perez. VETOED. New trade: Molina, Benintendi, Pollock for Perez, Wainwright, and Archie Bradley. VETOED. Goes to league vote and is approved 7-2. I'm in a league with terrible owners. Guy in last is not active because he's in last. Got the trade offer from the guy in 1st, looked down the 1st place team and said "eh, i like Benintendi" and sent him whatever he liked because he doesn't care. Spent the whole day yesterday telling me Benintendi and Pollock might be keepers, and that they're both better than Wainwright and Bradley, a rookie who's actually playing. None of these guys are actually keepers but that's the tune he's singing. I lay out the fact that all the guys he's receiving in the trade were available on free agency to be picked up NOT A WEEK AGO. Doesn't have an answer for that, just says "things change". Well i'll tell you what hasn't changed all year, your spot at the bottom. If you're in the mode of looking for keepers, why didn't you pick these guys up off free agency when you had the chance? So then he changes it to "i'm only in it for Pollock". You mean the guy that wasn't included in the first trade you offered? The guy who was available to be picked up and stashed in your DL spot a week ago? Then finally admits today he's obviously not going to keep any of them. Then why in the f&*# are you trading? I tell you what, i try very hard to think up policies that avoid teams tanking and still gives owners a say in the league. But if the owners don't pay attention to how roto fantasy baseball works, and just don't care about the trades they make, then i have no other option than to just make it LM decision.
  6. Guess i should also mention that B has his first 4 keepers set. No way he's keeping any of the guys he's receiving.
  7. Let me get this straight - you receive Goldy AND Stanton for those 3 guys? You accept it. You accept it and you hope it doesn't get vetoed.
  8. 5x5 standard league with 4 keepers. Team A is running away with the lead, team B has been a cellar dweller all year Team A receives: Salvador Perez Adam Wainwright Archie Bradley Team B receives: Yadier Molina Andrew Benindenti A.J. Pollock Alternatively... Team A receives: Salvador Perez Team B receives: Yadier Molina Andrew Benindenti Who wins these trades this year, who wins them next year, who is the better keeper option? Thanks. WHIR.
  9. If you look at his zone fbr overlapped with his LZL R p %, he's actually the best pitcher in the league. I dropped him a week ago and no one touched him.
  10. Kemp looks so disinterested. He drags his feet to the plate like a child going to the dentist. Allways looking like he's thinking about anything but baseball. Swings at anything close and anything not close. Never seen a pitch he didn't like. Strikeout, now time for the performance. smack your bat and yell. He looks fat too. What happened. I get he's getting old, but he's only 31. He was chiseled and stealing 40 a couple years ago. He looks like he'd be lucky to have double digits by years end.
  11. Torres and Kneubel are the top 2 for the 8th. Both have strong resumes IMO, both could end up with the 8th. Torres was used before Kneubel last night though.
  12. So Tyler Thornburg is closing now? wow. Had a stretch towards the end of June where they didn't use him for a week and a half. Edit: Thornburg
  13. Joe Smith trade increases Bedrosian's value. Guarantees him the 8th inning, possibly the 9th at some point if Street has a poor month.
  14. The ESPN insider commercial i find very odd. The guy hears on ESPN that some players ankle is going to be fine, then he tweets his friends "talked to his doctor. the ankle is fine". What kind of idiot does this guy take his friends to be? Every time i imagine his friends reading that text, it makes me cringe. Although 4 or 5 years ago before twitter really became mainstream, guys would do that. Cringeworthy.