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  1. I like Charlie Morton as a player and i'm rooting for him. But a 33 year old pitcher with a long injury report is a suckers pick.
  4. I wish i could've recorded the entire series to watch again. Doesn't get much better than this. It's like the all-star game for 2 weeks straight.
  5. BIG MIKE!!!
  6. Wiggled out of that one. Still not sure i'm comfortable with Duffy out there.
  7. looked fine to me. Elite of the elite pitches coming in - Miller's slider was coming in sideways - and he nailed the ones i saw. McCutchen knew what he was doing- he wanted an early shower. Can't say much for the announcers though. And they were criticizing him on balls just barely off the plate according to their virtual zone. If you watched TBS's strike zone last post season, then i don't need to tell you how wrong those things are. He looked fine.
  8. This is a great tournament. Better than the MLB IMO. Superstars competing against each other in a postseason environment. Fans showed out as well. Wish it was longer than a month. Great stuff all around.
  9. I read he was still struggling to get his breaking ball over the plate. Not looking like he's going to be ownable the first half of the season.
  10. Jeez Trea Turner 14th overall with 90 stolen bases. The hype train has fully left the station.
  11. This guy is fun to listen to. Hope he makes the team. Starts at 0:32
  12. Draft has been moved to Sunday March 26th at 7PM eastern. Still looking for the right owner.
  13. Bruce Chen! 2 and 2 thirds scoreless.
  14. still available - although considering bumping the draft up a day to Sunday March 26th.