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  1. Astros are debating whether to pitch him in the minor leagues for the rest of the year until the playoffs.
  2. From last nights walkoff in Seattle...
  3. He looks like a young pitcher - great stuff, no command. Once he figures out how to command his pitches, he'll be great. Aroldis Chapman's a good example - came into the league firing the ball 105 but all over the place. Toned it back, started hitting corners and became a lot better.
  4. Just struck out to cap off an 0/4 night w/ 2K's. Slams his bat to the ground in frustration. Things are not going well right now.
  5. Farrell run by Cuzzi in Boston arguing balls and strikes. Cuzzi nailed both calls.
  6. If there was a stat category for number of times a pitcher has blown his own win in the 5th-7th innings, he'd lead the league.
  7. Just fouled a ball off his face. Alot of blood. DL stint likely.
  8. I'm excited to stream Washington hitters.
  9. Selling after a guy getting rocked is not selling high.
  10. I haven't watched his starts, but i did see the highlights last night. The pitches he threw were 90 mph cheese right down the center of the plate. He didn't become one of the best pitchers of the season throwing that crap up there night in and night out. Tend to think it was just a bad start.
  11. 11.24 seconds from home to 3B. fastest time for the White Sox this season. All per MLB stat cast. Love a rookie that hustles.
  12. Anyone have a distance on that Judge HR tonight? That's gotta be over 500 feet.
  13. His stat line burns my eyes.