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  1. Tough call but I feel confident always going with the KC rb.
  2. Like others have said, I think using DJ depends on your matchup. I’d use DJ if I was favored but I’m a huge underdog so I’m benching DJ who has a low ceiling and gambling on Ballage.
  3. I’m a huge underdog in the championship so I’m going to roll the dice with Ballage. I could go DJ but in standard leagues he’s 7-14 pts each week. Not good enough. I have McGuire which is tempting but I need a home run like last week.
  4. Putting in a lineup a bit different than making free agent moves but if it’s been done all year I’d say it’s fair but like said above it prob shouldn’t have been done in the first place.
  5. Not using him until he shows something. A pretty big blow to my team.
  6. I love Dion here but I have Gordon and Conner and QBs can flex so Dion is on the pine. Wish I would of use instead of Conner but how would you know? I expect Dion to have his best Ppr game of the year.
  7. I wouldn’t say embarrassingly misinformed on info that was out there for months changed a couple days ago. But I stand corrected.
  8. I’m not trying to argue with everyone because I only know what I read. Am I wrong that if he DOES NOT show up the Steelers can put a transition tag on him for way less than franchise tag? If he DOES show up, yes he risks injury but he still gets $5 million and truly a free agent next year. Nevermimf, didn’t read the latest contract misinformation
  9. For those saying I’m embarrassingly misinformed... tell me how? This from Rotoworld about a week ago... The Steelers have no idea when or if Bell will arrive, though he'll need to report by November 13 in order to play this season. If Bell decides to punt 2018, the Steelers could assign him the transition tag next year, which would be far less expensive than franchise-tagging him for a third straight season. Under the transition tag, the Steelers would be able to match any offer Bell receives elsewhere. Per La Canfora, his projected salary under the transition tag could be as low as $9 million, which is far below the $14.5 million Bell passed up in 2018. The 26-year-old and his agent have played this extremely poorly.
  10. How so? Can’t the Steelers put another tag on him for $9 million next year if they wanted? If not then I’ve been reading all this crap wrong.
  11. Problem with teammates aside, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t return. Steelers can tag him for way less next year then try trading him. Everyone assuming Steelers will just release him but they didn’t this year. This whole thing is unpredictable. He can show up and get paid $$$ and probably barely play at all and control his own destiny next year. Now he’s he’s still a “hostage” of the Steelers next year unless they release him.