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  1. I wish. Then he would be on my roto team.
  2. So Curry got a ****load, and Durant takes far less. Like....this is imbalanced.
  3. Erdogan arrested/captured Enes Kanter's father due to Enes' outspoken criticism of the Regime.
  4. Thanks Gorgui, really won my league because of Jokic but I had you since the beginning and you've come through.
  5. I want this guy back next season, hope I can get him.
  6. Did well in my 12 team roto league this season, but had 5 great keepers so I had a huge leg up, and took advantage of buying low on Hill on Jokic. Had a lot of trouble in the beginning of the season with Rubio, Horford, Hill, and Harris, but everything came together and all my keepers exceeded expectations (especially Wall, Joker overtook Horford). SG: Eric Gordon, Gary Harris SF: Leonard (k) PF: Davis, (k), Gorgui, Mirotic C: Jokic, Horford (k), Jonas
  7. Wasn't even that good, I haven't played him in a while.
  8. Eeek so far, he's basically doing the exact opposite.
  9. Bledsoe got shut down in his healthy year, so next year he will get injured for the season. Watch out.
  10. Frustrating because you never know what you're going to get. Bad gorgui just plain sucks.
  11. The nuggets are whooping their behind so I hope we get to see a minutes exception today.
  12. Which one? Need Boards and Blocks.
  13. Which one? Need Boards and Blocks.
  14. I love Wall. But I keep getting advice to trade him due to his inefficiencies in fg% and turnovers. But who would I even trade wall for? I'd need a PG with assists and some stls. My keepers are Davis, K.Leonard, Jokic, Kyrie.
  15. His career is certainly done now.