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  1. Pick 2: Middleton, Wall, Kyrie

    Bump. Can I have some more opinions please? Too bad Wall + Middleton can't get me Lillard
  2. LeBron James 2018-19 Season Thread

    I think this is the beginning of LeBron's decline if they don't add kawhi.
  3. LeBron James 2018-19 Season Thread

    The Rockets could have beat the Warriors.
  4. Pick 2: Middleton, Wall, Kyrie

    Middleton is that good?
  5. Wall/Kyrie+Middleton for Lillard?

    You mean middeton and Lillard over wall and kyrie?
  6. I'm in a keep 5 league, and can only keep either Wall/Kyrie or Middleton. Someone offered me Lillard for these combinations, should I do it? The thing is when Wall plays I prefer his stats to Lillard, and Kyrie health is worrying. Assists and blocks!
  7. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Curry-less warriors vs pels?
  8. Keeper Help

    Do I trade Kawhi for Lillard? And keep Middleton over Wall? I loved Wall from the 16-17 season, but I dunno. If Wall replicated that season I would have won this one with ease, but he was injured whereas I barely squeaked out a tie having Middleton almost the entire time.
  9. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2017-2018

    This is why I like John Wall so much, but I digress that his knees kill him.
  10. Championship squads

    I'm still amazed that Wall showed up and put me over the top after killing my a** the whole season. Without that 3 block 14 assist game I would have gotten second place.
  11. Championship squads

    YEAH BOI! I tied for 1st. I'm roto league and it came down to the ******** wire. The last day I had to go for assists and decide if I'd play Buddy Hield or not just minutes before the game due to his turnovers. I beat the next guy in assists by 6, the next guy in blocks by 2, and turnovers by 4. So I was nervous as heck today. If Capella played I may not have won. My mvp goes to Ingles, he was amazing for my team this season. So amazing. Late mvp goes to Marshawn Brooks, Wall, Ingles, Joker, AD, Middleton, Buddy, Jonas and Tyler Ullis.
  12. I need 3s, assists, pts, stls. 3s and assts are the most urgent. Who should I get?
  13. Kawhi Leonard 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Told ya not to trust this guy.