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  1. I'm with you. What I'm saying is that people don't like it when someone comes into training camp looking out of shape. When people transform themselves it looks like they're trying to go to an all new level, even if that's not a good assumption to make. It's all optics.
  2. I think players getting jacked is more about assuming that they're taking their nutrition and overall health seriously. Always progressing to maximizing effect, and never regressing. Its just what people want to see especially in a young guy.
  3. I drafted teague and Harris in the 6th and 7th, and it still wasn't worth it. I think this guy won't be on my team this year unless I get him off the waivers.
  4. How is he just a small upgrade over Joker in roto?
  5. Btw we can't trade picks this year. It's basically a reset.
  6. How is AD #1 when he's playing lebron and cousins.
  7. I would just do it, rather than have the deal fall through. It's a fair sacrifice because you're just strengthening your keepers.
  8. This is a keeper league, and we can only keep two players this year. My other keeper is KAT. 12 Team 9 cat roto. Otherwise I would keep Jokic.
  9. Which one would you pick to pair with KAT? 12 team 9-Cat Roto
  10. I had this guy the last week and a half of the season, and he was great. But I probably won't be looking to him next season though.
  11. I barely won, and would have dominated had Anthony Davis played the whole season. It was a nail biter, but I pulled it off due to picking up hot waivers the last two weeks. For some reason blocks, boards and fg% came in abundance the last two weeks. My difference maker was waivers: Pascal Siakam, Ibaka (I drafted him), McGee and Young. Guys like Ingles were great too (drafted). I must get Siakam back next season. MUST!
  12. 12 Team 9-Cat Roto Which one should I keep? My first keeper is Anthony Davis, but this year we keep two (next season keep one).
  13. Yeah, Kawhi is a bum. He sits out too much to be useful. Bad fantasy player this season. Raps have 16 games left, hopefully he gets to 55 games played. He's tremendous when he does play, but that's the problem.
  14. And people actually playing games. Should I drop Ibaka for Gary Harris.