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  1. McDonald has been inconsistent since his return, but I think he'll have some big weeks (with a strong chance at a good game at home on Thursday night...). I'd take him over Reed, but I'd actually drop Rudolph for Reed, if possible. Rudolph is a huge tease. I'm done with him.
  2. Reed might actually pop this week against Tampa, but I like Doyle more ROS as a backup/ potential starter
  3. If we're asking for comparative opinions of his value, here, would you guys rather have Kirk or Larry Fitz? This week, and rest of season?
  4. Kittle and Doyle should finish well ahead of Heuerman, but keep him on your watch list. I doubt anyone else has grabbed him yet...
  5. Not everyone plays in PPR leagues, so those points totals you mention are arbitrary. When both backs were healthy, Michel was starting over White, and was the better bet for standard leagues, as the preferred goal-line back. This is coming from a Pats fan who has watched every snap.
  6. I'm wondering if offering Sony Michel would get me Johnson in my league (Keeper league, based in Massachusetts, DJ owner is a Pats fan)... And is David Johnson worth an emerging Sony Michel??
  7. Wherever possible, I'm trying to add both until we see how this shakes out... If one of them runs away with the #2 WR role on that offense, it's obviously going to have some value... It sounds like Tre' has more HR potential, but Meredith may see more targets/red zone looks, at least initially.
  8. Goodwin, after his breakout game, and it's not close! Followed, for me, by Davis, Ridley (if healthy), Smallwood...
  9. Funchess... ... Allison (RIGHT behind him, could pass him, a lot depends on health of GB WR's) Gabriel Godwin Sanu Thanks for helping w/ mine
  10. I am going to beg to differ with the above commenters and say keep Chris Thompson (but do you have anyone else you could drop for Ingram?)... I think dropping Thompson for Ingram is short-sighted, an overreaction to one game (last night's MNF). Yes, Ingram looked good and got a few TD's, but it was his first game back from suspension and I think his coach wanted to get him going and up to speed, so he got extra reps. Alvin Kamara is NOT going anywhere, and HE will be the more valuable PPR back on the Saints, rest of season. Meanwhile, Thompson has a pretty good track record of being an excellent PPR option. The Redskins have to play better, if they want to win, and part of that means feeding their best players (of which I think Thompson is definitely one, along with Jordan Reed and 33 year-old Adrian Peterson - which is another reason to keep Thompson). Help with mine?
  11. I would definitely make that offer. If the other owner rejects, I would also offer Kerryon Johnson (if he prefers), or any other combination of your bench RB's/ WR's (Cole, Callaway, Clement, Jones, etc...) Help with mine?