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  1. The Chiefs are going to have to learn how to run the football if they want to win games.
  2. 1st and Goal from the 6 and Kamara gets no looks, not even on the field for the first two downs. Gotta love these "offensive genius" coaches sometimes.
  3. That's a fumble, but I think they blew the whistle before the recovery
  4. Such a shame Scary Terry couldn't go. He'd have had a 75 yard TD on the first play.
  5. lmao not one rush from the 1...modern NFL for ya
  6. Makes the Nagy week 1 45 pass 12 rush look even more dumb
  7. "If you're going to throw a fade, you gotta throw it to where Robinson is and not where Norman is." Thanks Boog
  8. lmao I love how Sanu was fist pumping the second Julio turned upfield, he knew.
  9. Great drive by the Giants. Good to see a team sticking to the basics, rushing the football, good o line play in this era of coaches who think they need call exotic plays 75% of the time no matter the situation.