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  1. Cook didn't want to go to New England because he was concerned about playing time behind Gronk. Obviously this wouldn't have been a roadblock if Gronk had announced retirement earlier. Additionally, the Pats would have had an additional $9 million in cap space that would have helped them in their pursuit of Humphries and other free agents. It definitely affected their ability to make decisions in free agency.
  2. The Pats need talent at WR and TE badly now. Gronk waiting till after free agency started to make his decision definitely tied the Pats hands to a degree in free agency.
  3. I don't think it's happening, Martellus himself poured cold water on that rumour earlier this week.
  4. Tennessee's GM Jon Robinson was the assistant GM in Tampa and was the one who brought Humphries into Tampa for a tryout as an undrafted free agent. Also, there is no state income tax in Tennessee, so even if the Pats offered more, his take home after taxes still could have been more in Tennessee.
  5. Yes, its not apples to apples, when a team has a running QB. For example the Patriots and Texans are only separated by 16 rushing yards on the season (2037 by NE, 2021 by HOU). One might think just looking at the numbers that their running games are just as good. However, the Pats get very little rushing yards from Brady and his scrambles actually bring down their team ypc. But when you look at when New England actually lined up to run a called running play, its running game was far superior to the Texans.
  6. I would say that their rushing ranking doesn't tell the whole story about the poor play at RB. Their rushing numbers are buoyed by Deshaun Watson who had 551 (5.6 ypc) of their 2021 total rushing yards. While some of Watson rushes are called runs, the majority are actually scrambles off of pass plays and are not called running plays. Their running backs totaled 1470 yards at 3.9 ypc, which isn't very good. That being said Le'Veon barely averaged 4 ypc his last year in Pittsburgh, which a lot of people forget about (he was well below 4 ypc for most of the year), so its questionable if he is an improvement.
  7. Humphries to the Titans. Was hoping he'd go to a team with a better QB.
  8. I agree completely. There are so many other good WRs with less question marks than AB. I don't really trust Carr and I believe Gruden's time in Tampa showed he's overrated as an offensive coach.
  9. AB will be a good boy for at least the first season on his new team. He's being extra difficult now because he wants out of Pittsburgh. That's not to say he won't clash with his team/teammates at some point after the first year, but typically there is a honeymoon period the first year (e.g. Terrell Owens', AB's mentor, first year in Philly and his first year in Dallas). That being said, I would stay away from him if he lands in Oakland because I don't like the situation (not a believer in Carr or Gruden).
  10. Reid has basically always had a workhorse back, Kareem Hunt, Jamaal Charles, Lesean McCoy, Brian Westbrook, Duce Staley
  11. AB is running off teams. The Steelers will be lucky to get a mid-round pick at this point.
  12. If he's in Buffalo, I'm definitely crossing AB off my draft list for next year.
  13. I think his average salary will be in the $9.0-10.5 million/year range. Definitely a lot of teams with cap space out there and WR's have been making bank lately.
  14. Although the Patriots would be a great fit for Humphries, don't see the Pats with enough cap space to give him a competitive offer. I think they will pursue someone cheaper like Jamison Crowder.
  15. It certainly wouldn't be a waste. The Patriots have previously spent a 3rd round pick on Ryan Mallett and a 2nd on Garoppolo. There is a value to planning for the future. Obviously Plan A is see how long Brady can play, but this is unchartered territory for a QB to play as long as Brady wants to play. Getting a talented, young QB at a discount price is a very smart move. Let him learn from Brady and you may have your next QB for the next decade. If he doesn't work out, it's only a late 3rd round pick (basically a 4th).