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  1. I'm interested. Could also tell my brother if you want. Let me know. My email is jrgary@hotmail.com
  2. If you still need 2 my brother and I would be interested. My name is Dennis and my e-mail is jrgary@hotmail.com My brothers name is Spencer and his email is spgary18@hotmail.com
  3. Hey Kenny this is Dennis from The League that you run. I am looking for 1 more league just like this. My email is jrgary@hotmail.com
  4. Can I ask Why? What is the point of posting u need 2 if you're not interested.
  5. My brother and I will play. My email is jrgary@hotmail.com
  6. So you're planning on keeping 2 for next year?
  7. My brother and I would play My email is jrgary@hotmail.com I will text him
  8. My name is Dennis and my e-mail is jrgary@hotmail.com
  9. How many players are you planning to keep next year? My brother and I might be interested.
  10. We are brothers and very competitive with each other. Just wanted to get those 1st posts in to try to get our pick of the teams lol.
  11. My name is Dennis and I would take team 1. My email is jrgary@hotmail.com
  12. I would take team 1 and my brother could take team 2. My email is jrgary@hotmail.com and his is spgary18@hotmail.com
  13. Is this a free or $ league. Can you post the league or rules to be looked at.