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  1. Cameron Meredith 2018 Outlook

    Is now the time for a speculative add? Seems to be getting healthier and more targets every game. If he has a decent week 5, he may be a nice flex rest of season as Brees' number two on a high powered offense. Also let's not forget how good he looked in Chicago before he went down.
  2. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Now we are diving into conspiracy theories. This thread just keeps on getting better and better.
  3. Rex Burkhead 2018 Outlook

    The Pats are gonna be scheming hard against that deadly Jacksonville D so if Rex plays I'm firing him up in my flex. Also it should be raining so they are gonna run the ball plenty.
  4. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Not ideal since I already have a few injuries however the bigger fear is him re-tweaking this injury all season. I rather know he's out than him starting and pulling it mid game. Either way, I hope he really rests it for a few weeks before jumping back into action.
  5. Rex Burkhead 2018 Outlook

    Who here drafted him to return RB1 value? You drafted him in the 7th yourself, if that’s what you thought than you were destined to be disappointed from the start. Still though one week in, I think dropping him is an overreaction.
  6. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Actually you’re absolutely right, now that I think about it, it was Sutton who was in coverage not Haden. Either way there was like 30 seconds left it would have been over if the pass was on target lol.
  7. Rex Burkhead 2018 Outlook

    Sure it can support 3 but can they all be productive? If he can catch 4-6 balls per game and rush for another 5-7 than in ppr I’d be happy, especially if he gets some goal line looks. The concern aside from injuries is really Michel and if he eats some of those touches.
  8. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    It was the play late in the 4th where they were driving up the field to get into position for a FG. Gordon had a step on Haden and if it wasn't for the under thrown pass, Gordon would have ended the game with a TD and this thread would have been over 200 pages.
  9. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    I don't disagree with you, in fact I watch hockey myself and know they do fight through some tough injuries, however calling football players babies for not playing through an injury is just dumb.
  10. Rex Burkhead 2018 Outlook

    The reason why I hesitate is because Burkhead did very well at the end of last season when Dion Lewis was the lead back so I feel they is a world where they co-exist and both do well. He probably has the best skillset of all the backs there so he can have a nice roll, especially if he gets the goal line duties. Very tough situation I guess let's just see how he does this week.
  11. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Wow dumbest thing I read all day. Did you not see Rodgers just play a game on 1 leg? Hockey players get banged up too sure, but you can't tell me the average severity of their injuries is on par with football players. A bad hamstring issue for a running back prevents them from running, plain and simple.
  12. Rex Burkhead 2018 Outlook

    Man I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with sexy rexy. I wanna hold but I fear he may lose value if Michel plays well and that's before even factoring in his injuries that seem to be piling up already.I think if he starts again this week, I pray he puts up a decent stat line and then maybe shop him around and see what I can get. There's just too much uncertainty swirling around him right now that I rather have a safer option.
  13. Doug Baldwin 2018 Outlook

    If they hold him out until after their bye week 7 I'll be happy. Give this guy as much time as he needs don't rush him back.
  14. Ezekiel Elliott 2018 Outlook

    The issue is more atrocious play calling than it is the o-line. Garrett and Linehan cannot be canned soon enough. It's a travesty that this team does not call play action and screens more often. With that said, I'm not too worried about Elliott because today is about as low as it can get.
  15. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Which seems ironic because if you watch Hard Knocks, Hue was throwing players back into practice and preseason games even when they were banged up. I'l never understand tis guy.