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  1. You guys freak out way too easily. Their schedule has been easy, wait until things get more competitive and see how often Pollard sees the field compared to Zeke. It's not like he's been putting up duds anyways...20 & 17 pts in the last 2 weeks should not be cause for concern lol.
  2. That's a bit of an overreaction, it's only been 1 week. He's gonna be fine.
  3. He says a QB is making a comeback and Drew Bledsoe is there throwing the ball around lol. Nothing to see here.
  4. I'm just as annoyed as a lot of you here, starting both Monty and Jones hurt, but I think we're overreacting. Monty's role will keep increasing cause he clearly looked like the best back tonight. I'm more concerned about Aaron Jones splitting so many carries with J.Will.
  5. His value is always the same. Top 10 WR.
  6. Cool, Rams and Chiefs are on bye. Can we get back to Josh Adams now? Adams' snap count has increased by a wide margin for 4 weeks straight. Against NO, who was dominating all game, Adams had a 55% snap count. In a game where you'd expect their pass catching back (probably Clement at this point) to take over, it's telling that Adams stayed in and ultimately got them their sole TD. I think Adams will be very serviceable as an RB2/Flex down the stretch even in PPR leagues.
  7. Had to re-read this a couple times to understand lol but I'm definitely sure it's happened before. Also I don't think it would be the most insane moment in NFL history, not even close actually.
  8. It was a matter of time before he scored but he's still gonna be tough to predict going forth. If you have him you probably play him, but don't be angry if he puts up pedestrian numbers again. I still own him in one of my pools and would strongly consider selling high if I didn't pass my trade deadline.
  9. Just precautionary. I know it could mean nothing but hearing limited after being full on Wednesday isn't the best thing to hear. Tomorrow will be telling.
  10. Yup right on queue...just as I traded for him. Pick up Bernard while you can.
  11. Another thing, if Flacco's injury is minor enough to have him potentially play this week on no practice, wouldn't the team want to see how a full game of Jackson goes if Flacco does indeed miss the game? If it goes poorly, Flacco goes back in week 12, but if it goes above their expectations, they're future starts now. I just don't see any logical reason to start RG3 in this game.
  12. Your team has to get to week 16 first before we can start getting excited about matchups and so far Baldwin hasn't shown any reason to get you there. As for the offense finally clicking, they've been pretty solid this year at moving the ball without him. I've mentioned this before about other players but he feels like the type of guy I rather be playing against and drops 6-8 pts on me than on my own roster.
  13. I really hope behind closed doors they know already they are going with jackson cause if they are truly debating him or RG3, their management is stupider than I thought. That's not to knock on RG3, everyone deserves a comeback shot but they drafted this guy in the 1st and he will open soooo much for their offense. In a division where offenses are exploding, Baltimore is gonna need to keep up.
  14. The issue was never his talent and the GOAT throwing him the ball. The issue is his body has a lot of wear on it and he is visibly slower and less physical than he has ever been. Some can argue that even a Gronk at 80% is better than most TEs in the league but I'm not willing to take that risk this late in the game when I can still get some value for him. I may end up eating crow on the Gronk situation but the potential return from a decent trade can make up for it.