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  1. The discrepancy in his blocks can be one hundred percent attributed to the MIL defensive scheme. They funneled players towards the middle and dared players to take tough floaters (which most don't like to), while Brook would drop back and protect the basket. He's deceptively stretchy at the last second and has great timing. Coach Bud is still there and they had the #1 defense in the league last season, so the scheme won't change. All this to say, there is no reason he can't do it again. Here is an example in a March game where he had 7 blocks.
  2. He will be the first player I nominate in auction because I expect someone else to pay $40+ for him due to the hype. I don't think he will have that much fantasy value this year, so it gets all that money out of play.
  3. As I stated previously, I think Buddy is a lock for his minutes because he is the future of the team. They will re-sign him for a big extension this year. Bogi is a great player but I don't see him staying with the Kings, partly because they will choose Buddy over him. My guess is Bogi doesn't get as many minutes as he'd like this season. Fox, Hield, and Barnes should be a lock for starters minutes. But Bogi can play the 3 as well, so I think it really depends on how they use Ariza at the backup 3. If Ariza is playing ~20 minutes then I don't see any way Bogi gets to 26 min. If Ariza rides the pine ($12M benchwarmer?) then I might be wrong. This year Sac is a logjam. PG - Fox, Joseph SG - Hield, Bogi SF - Barnes, Ariza, Bogi PF - MB3, Bjelica C - Dedmon, Giles, Holmes
  4. 56 y.o. Michael Jordan is the Hornets best player
  5. Buddy had a breakout season in 18-19, finished ranked 38 in 9-cat. The man is a certified knock-down shooter. He has the starting SG spot on lock, really only with Bogdanovic taking minutes behind him. The Kings will probably also run a some 3 guard lineups featuring mixtures of Fox, Cory Joseph, Buddy, and Bogi, meaning his 32 mpg should be safe. But on the other hand, Luke Walton made some questionable HC decisions, especially two years ago in LA before Lebron came, and we have no idea what he might do in Sactown. Here's last years line: 82 games, 32 mpg, 20.7 ppg, 3.4 3pm, 5 reb, 2.5 ast, 0.7 stl, 0.4 blk, 1.8 to, 45.8% and 88.6% (An aside on the avalanche of 3pm in recent seasons - these numbers would have put him in the top 20 in 2016, see: Klay Thompson) Honestly it's hard to see him improving too much on that, besides some more steals and 1-2 ppg scoring. The new look Kings suddenly have a lot of mouths to feed. There is a chance he bombs even more triples, but my guess is the odds are he ends close to 3.5 per game again. Josh Lloyd's early projections agree, and have his projected rank at 35, one spot ahead of Trae Young. Lots of people got him at a major discount last year, and this might be the last year where you can get him a round or two late since he doesn't get a lot of national media attention (KANGZ). I think his ceiling would be if he managed an ultra-efficient season and approached 50% fg, which would put him closer to 25 ppg, and probably a top 20 ranking. I wouldn't draft him that high though. Thoughts?
  6. I will add some fuel to the fire.. this depends on your definition of best player alive. If the definition is "the one player you want on your team in an NBA playoff game that you need to win" then I still think he is the best player alive. But by most definitions, he's probably been passed up by KD, Kawhi and maybe Giannis.
  7. Last year it was a roller coaster of a season, partly due to injuries/illness and also due to battling Zubac and Tyson Chandler for PT. Both those guys are now gone, but presumably the Lakers will add someone since their frontcourt depth is a gaping wound. At his best, he is the type of player who can single handedly win you a H2H matchup, and at his worst, he is not even in the game. His season depends on who else the Lakers add, but as it stands he is in line for as much PT as he (and coach Vogel) can handle. That might be 25 minutes, but in 25 minutes he can do a lot of damage. His line for the last 2 months of the season is 23 min, 13 pts, 9 reb, 2 blk on 66% fg with little to no steals/assists/threes and something like that is attainable IMO. Those are top 50 numbers.
  8. I see the point you're trying to make, but you've framed it incorrectly. Of course Lebron will be stopped with age. Whether it's this season or the next, or the one after that, his stats are going to decline, because as they say, father time is undefeated. But you are correct that his sustained production is nearly unmatched (except by maybe Kareem? this could easily be checked on BBreference). 60% FG would be an absolute miracle. LeBron is a competent (sometimes streaky) shooter, but he's not that good at it, and he likes to shoot jumpers quite often. Those bulldozing drives are tiring. Let's come back down to earth.
  9. Oh, I guess I am old school. To me "homer" means someone who is biased towards their home-town team. But I forget that this is no longer such a thing, as kids these days only follow players, not teams. I do recognize Lebron's greatness, but don't think that makes me a homer one bit. And yes, I am a product of the 80's... I am fine on agree to disagree but then again not sure we're really disagreeing. I wouldn't draft him before any of: Harden, Curry, Giannis, AD, KAT, Jokic, Kawhi, Lillard, Beal, and any of PG, Vuc, Drum or Butler are questionable. Where we may disagree is that I think he will play a lot of minutes and will play more effectively than last year because his team will actually be in the running. Can't fault anyone who thinks otherwise; predicting health is futile.
  10. Not a homer (I am from Sacramento) but I certainly have a higher opinion of his abilities than you do. His whole life is an extreme outlier event, and I think that this year he will have fantasy success and end up around the top 10. 60% is out of the question but if he can get back up to 54% it would drive his fantasy value, obviously.
  11. Great post. I think where he gets drafted is highly dependent on what news comes out about his availability.
  12. I see what you are saying, bball is definitely a sport that requires skill and purely exerting more energy, working out more, juicing, or anything along those lines doesn't mean improved performance. This is exactly why it's my favorite sport. My argument is actually that for LeBron (who is an extreme outlier), literally trying harder can make his numbers better. Of course, I don't have anything to back this. But this man is as close to the ideal physical specimen for a complete basketball player we have ever seen and if he locks in compared to last year, he can improve effort-related things like FG% (drives instead of jumpers), STL and BLK (both mostly results of high-effort plays) on a per-game basis (FT% remains a mystery and his popcorn stats never dipped.) Plus, I expect him to play one or two more minutes per game just because I don't see them getting blown out as often. If this is the year that father time catches up with LBJ, then this may all be wrong. But nobody seems to expect that, he is a freak of nature.
  13. You would think all players are fired up but that is definitely not the case. As Kings fans know, and presumably Warriors fans will learn, a guy named Cauley-Stein never appeared to be fired up even though he would have thrived had he actually given a s---. But back to LBJ, in his case, motivation could be the driving force behind his production. You could tell he was not that motivated last season, because of a combination of factors, but notably that things just weren't going well, and he saw the writing on the wall. He is still good enough to coast (in general, with some explosions) to a top 20 season or something - I don't know exactly where he ended up. So I think you are right that "focus" is not a category, but if LBJ is playing hard and fired up he will be a much better fantasy player this year than he was last season. He will definitely be in the top 10 this year imo.
  14. Give me something spicy, like Dion top 50 spicy