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  1. In this first half vs NO he looks extremely uncomfortable and not confident at all. Seems like he is forcing shots because he knows he won't be playing a lot. Plus the man he was defending (Marcus Morris) blew by him twice in a row for an easy layup. Not good..
  2. this man thought his ankle was broken and returned to the game, give him a medal
  3. 2018-2019 Most Overrated Players

    sorry, i thought this thread was about players in which people who don't know anything about basketball will blindingly and undeservingly praise in terms of fantasy ROI you are right he's been a gem. i just don't think he is good and i sure wouldn't want him on my team IRL. (as a caveat, i am assuming his shooting so far this year is unsustainable, which his career numbers suggest. if he really is a 50+% 3pt shooter then i eat my words)
  4. Tonight we need Randle 8 TOs and that good old Laker ballhoggin'
  5. Personal Fouls Count Display

    from commissioner tools go to where you set which stats are scored, add fouls (or anything) and give it zero weight
  6. Personal Fouls Count Display

    in fantrax, you have the option to show any stats in live scoring, even if they arent scored
  7. I agree that streaming without limits is bad. But if set up correctly, with weekly limits on games played, "streaming" forces opposing managers to stay active, which is more fun in my opinion. The tough call to drop a solid player just to get one more block (for example) can make or break a season. Once a solid player is dropped it cascades; more waiver bidding, roster turnover, etc. Dynasty leagues are not for me, I prefer a fresh start every season.
  8. Thorough answer as always, have a rec. I would like to emphasize a point stifle made, that along with league size, roster size heavily influences strategy. With smaller rosters, in H2H, having flexibility to stream players becomes critical, making the star players even more valuable. If you have a balanced, full roster, then you are more susceptible to poor schedule weeks; in particular empty Sundays. I play in a H2H 14 team league with 10 roster spots, only 7 of which are active, and 28 max games per week. (which can mean up to 34 since there is no limit to GP on the day the 28 is exceeded). There is a lot of talent on waivers and I have been trying to convince the league to increase rosters by one. This would more easily allow for a stash player, which is impossible now.
  9. Josh Hart 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Should be a really useful player in the future, but this season it doesn't seem likely to happen, barring injuries.
  10. I wonder how much his game check is.. $25,500,000 / 82 games , let's say about $304,000. Nice ROI.
  11. Russell Westbrook 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    the line tonight was as westbrook-y as it gets. killing the popcorn stats but absolutely destroying the efficiency ones. i had him last year when the FT% was a surpise; at this point it is reality. i am glad i don't have him now
  12. Favorite 3pt Specialists Who Were Ahead of their Time

    No love for the 4-point specialist Antione Walker??? lol
  13. Where’s @Chickenmane ?