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  1. Ryan Anderson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    there is already a Ryan A thread for this season, a mod can merge them
  2. Mike Conley 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Agreed, all the people off him in this thread are exactly why I am so high on him. Great value if he comes back to anything like the year before last. On the flip side, I spent 29 on him because I was desperate for a starting caliber PG halfway through a 14-team auction. There goes all the value; now I am just hoping he plays well enough to warrant it. Yes, sore eye. He collided with Kawhi Leonard and had a huge gash on his eyebrow that required many stitches and he was not allowed to return to play. People like you are ridiculous, Conley is one of the toughest cats in the league. I guess it's easy to be an internet tough guy.
  3. I got him for $10, absurd
  4. I did not watch the game on Oct 8 but see that Vuc played 31 mins and Bamba 23. Meaning they shared the court for at least 6 minutes. I wonder how that looks defensively. Is Bamba able to guard 4s? Vuc cannot but things get very interesting if they are able to share the court at all.
  5. Derrick White 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I am just shaking my head at how the guy at 2:05 didn't cut to the basket
  6. Punt Steals

    Nice post. I agree with you that I could have punted assists as well - and to be honest, it sort of ended up being a weak punt. I am slightly below league average in that category. I am OK with a 2 cat punt. But the correlation between punting steals and skewing towards big men is the same problem as with punting assists, right? In either way, big men are valuable and you have to be very careful with FT% along with the other guard stats. (Luckily KD produces big man and guard stats.) Not to turn this into an AC forum thread, but for me PTS, 3pm and FT% were not a problem. I also got Tobias, Vuc, Mirotic, Lamb, Brolo. By the end I really wished I had gone for Kyrie, Dame, or Jamal Murray. We will see how it goes.
  7. Punt Steals

    I hardly ever see discussion about this strategy. Maybe that's because it isn't a good one - I don't know. In an auction draft my first three players were KD, Aldridge, and Conley. Conley is not longer a massive STL threat and the other two are weak in this category, so I ran with this strategy. Also most of the massive steals boost players (Dipo, Anderson, Cov, Dejounte, etc) were off the board by the time I got my guys. Auction is so fun. Anyways I am curious why this punt isn't often discussed and would like to talk strategy. Obviously assists and 3pm are natural weaknesses with a STL punt so point guards who don't get a ton of steals (Lillard, Blue Arrow) are great additions. Many big men get a boost in value. Any other thoughts?
  8. When to pick Cousins?

    I think the OP meant earliest you would pick, not latest. Hence my snarky comment. The latest I would pick him is exactly as I said, the latest possible pick.
  9. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Yes but we must consider context. 8 pts, 8 reb with good percentages doesn't help you if it's your fourth round pick, for example
  10. When to pick Cousins?

    There are about 1600 eligible players on my Fantrax league, so the latest I would take him is about 1600. If I were doing a snake draft in a 12-team 9-cat H2H league with one IR spot, I personally wouldn't take him before about pick 120. Of course, all of this is highly dependent on your league size, settings, rosters, IR spots, etc.
  11. Preseason Hot Takes

    Who looks good, who looks bad? I haven't had a chance to watch.
  12. great post, these are fun. Never realized MJ had 3.2 spg in a season, that's crazy
  13. Do you think a viable zag in this setup is to punt DD (since everyone will be drafting bigs early and often) and just load up on the guards who would normally kill your TO (not a cat) plus poor rebounding bigs that nobody wants? FG% REB and BLK would also struggle (maybe a soft BLK punt depending on who you get) but I don't see a way you would lose in 3PM, AST, STL, FT%. Basically it's a quad punt which is never rock solid (lol) but I might give it a go for fun.
  14. It's been many years since the glory year of 2011-2012. Last year he completely fell out of the rotation as Houston felt he was unplayable defensively, and he alway wasn't hitting his shots. The numbers are ugly (stats via BBM): Here are the previous years: Anyone think that in his new situation with Phoenix there is hope? Here is the roster as of now:
  15. Bold prediction but you would be incorrect. Melton is not unknown and has a chance to be the real deal. He didn't play at USC last year but look at his summer league numbers (it's summer league, I know)