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  1. Succesful Punts?

    This year during the draft my team naturally formed into a punt Steals/Assists squad and I just rolled with it. 14 team H2H league, I am 14-3. G: CJ McCollum, Klay Thompson, Will Barton (gross) F: Tobias Harris, Kevin Durant, Nikola Mirotic C: Brook Lopez, Lamarcus Aldridge + Streamers I haven't seen much discussion online about punting steals and am curious if anyone else does it. For this build, Brolo is extremely valuable this year.
  2. Succesful Punts?

    you must have very relaxed positional requirements in your league to be able to play that many Cs
  3. This, my friend, is why this forum is so much better in the offseason. Way less hot take garbage (not to mention the constant complaining) and more people who actually present rational, thought out opinions/speculation.
  4. Will Barton 20018-2019 Outlook

    out there looking like he smoked a fat blunt just before the game tonight
  5. This is getting way off topic but Sacramento's problems are at SF (they've been searching for the right one for a decade plus.) Nemanja Bjelica is a serviceable PF but he hardly plays recently because they have MB3 and Giles. both taking minutes there. Mirotic can easily be a top 40-50 player for the rest of the season with 26-30 mpg at NO. To me, odds are good that he does that.
  6. He has a nice line tonight and missed several make-able shots, including two wide open 18 footers where he got run off the 3pt line. He is usually money on them. Perhaps most important is that he's at 29 minutes and there are 3 to go in the game (yes AD is out but I will take it). Hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come.
  7. Javale McGee 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I agree, seems like his magical run is over and it has nothing to do with LBJ. Right now it's a 3-way timeshare at center, which is a fantasy nightmare. McGee can still have some value playing only ~16 minutes, but it's nothing like what he had in the early season. The blocks will still be helpful, but I expect closer to 8 pts, 5 reb and 1.5 blk for the rest of the way, with some really bad, frustrating games mixed in with some stronger ones. Of course on reduced volume his fg% impact will be greatly reduced too. If something happens and he gets back up to 22+ mpg it would make him must-own again.
  8. Brook Lopez 2018-2018 Season Outlook

    His third best category - turnovers at a minuscule 1 per game - makes him such a sweet addition on a punt-assists H2H team. Go Brolo.
  9. Interesting season so far for Klay. Besides a few games with massive 3 pt outbursts, he hasn't been shooting that well. His 45% fg is his lowest in 5 years and his 36% from three is the lowest of his career - he has never been below 40%. But his Pts, Reb, and Stl are all up from last season and his FGA are at a career high. The biggest impact on his "ranking" of 28 in 9-cat (although I don't like using rankings much) is an almost 0.5 spg increase from last year. We all knew he was always a good defender, it's great to finally see him getting some more steals as a result.
  10. Javale McGee 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He's playing with a grip of ball hogs right now. Both Kuz and Ingram look nowhere but the rim once they touch the ball. As others have said, his numbers should improve when the team is healthy.
  11. Your Best/Worst (So Far)

    Best Draft Pick: Vuc for $10 out of $200 Worst Draft Pick: Aldridge for $39 Best Trade: n/a Worst Trade: Preseason traded away Vuc, Levert, and Conley in a 3-way trade to get back CJ McCollum and Klay. ouch. Best Add: Javale McGee!!! Drop You Regret: Jeremy Lamb during his early struggles.
  12. Javale McGee 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    This is terrible news for fantasy owners.
  13. In this first half vs NO he looks extremely uncomfortable and not confident at all. Seems like he is forcing shots because he knows he won't be playing a lot. Plus the man he was defending (Marcus Morris) blew by him twice in a row for an easy layup. Not good..