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  1. Push draft back half hour or hour to make sure it fills? I need this haha
  2. Ok sorry I will have to be out after all you can boot me. Kato dynasty
  3. I'm in. Got another guy or 2 as well. Let's fill it fast!
  4. Khorak I invited you to league, leaguesafe link is on message board. If you can pay right away its yours
  5. 1 spot left. Auction 8:45 tonight. Be able to pay right away
  6. 2 left unpaid now...first to be able to pay gets them
  7. Still 3 left unpaid....if anybody wants to join and pay right away I'll let you in.
  8. Nah, advertised as 10. Didnt know it would fill so fast but few people only wanted 10 man. Do have 1 spot that someone didnt join if anyone wants it. Pay leaguesafe right away to secure spot.
  9. Here is the leaguesafe link for those who are in. We are full but the last few to comment if we have any unpaid in a couple hours I'll send you a message to join in.
  10. Sent to all of you. Should be full now I'll post leaguesafe link within an hour. Give everyone a couple hours to pay to secure your spot or we will open it back up. I'll post it on here and league message board