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  1. What in the hell was that?? great that he got the early TD but not a single catch?!
  2. Furthermore just because he’s out on the practice field doesn’t guarantee he is able to play and get crushed by linebackers. Nobody really knows yet if he’s playing
  3. Not a bad flyer in the TE wasteland. Should be on the field most plays, potential 3-5 catches wouldn’t expect much more than that. Could sneak into the end zone just as easily as any of the other 10th through 20th ranked TEs
  4. Yeah that really clears it up for everyone
  5. Amazing isn’t it? The warriors on here are unbelievable sometimes. “Ah turf toe is nothing. I had it once and was able to go to work the next day” (to a desk job). This injury is no joke and his ability to cut is just not there for a few weeks. CSB I’m an adams owner too but pump the brakes because he may miss several weeks
  6. Must start then. Attending a funeral is most definitely a barometer of his ability to get crushed by linebackers all game. Fire him up boys
  7. Now we’re talking. Time to board the edmonds fitzgerald
  8. Standing by for the Ron Paul “it’s happening “
  9. The kid could surprise. Somebody’s gonna get the touches for the giants and they can’t get stuffed for a loss on every down. Or could they?
  10. You forgot the obligatory RW “With confidence “
  11. But if you look at who they’ve played this year, none have prominent TE’s. Cin, Pit, TB, and Cle. Not exactly a murderers row of TE performance so it really remains to be seen. In comparison to all the WW TE’s he should be targeted more than any others
  12. People in 1 PPR do kinda care about minor details like that
  13. I’m too lazy to look, but how’s “matt” snell’s pass catching chops? Does he have stone hands or decent mitts?