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  1. Golden Tate 2017 Outlook

    What the hell was that? It’s like he’s the 3rd or 4th read now. And all this BS about Xavier would be shutting down Jones, it was the other way around, Jones owned him.
  2. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    OK why do people keep making excuses for Davis lack of production due to a “hard stretch “ because those tough matchups sure didn’t seem to bother rishard matthews? The fact is he’s just not on the same page with mariotta and probably won’t the remainder of the year. He’s pretty much the 4th option out there
  3. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    Tired of the excuses about the “tough “ matchups when apparently those tough matchups weren’t so tough for rishard Matthews. Not gonna happen this year folks those 3 catches per week for a few millimeters won’t help your team.
  4. A few more weeks then Corey Davis will break out The experts
  5. Is juju the invisible freaking man tonight??
  6. 11/5/17 Bucs at Saints Game Day Thread

    When did the saints become the 85 GD bears?
  7. Ty Hilton or Josh Doctson in ppr?WHIR

    Take a look at what Antonio Brown did to that “awesome defense “ the “experts “ keep saying the jags are. Roll with TY. Jags d is wayyy overhyped
  8. Pick a flex and TE ppr WHIR

    TY and ASJ for some reason the “experts “ like to talk about how dominant jax def is. Look at what Antonio Brown just did to them, absolutely shredded them. I know, I played against him in ppr and he destroyed me.
  9. Cooper for Jeffrey and Buck Allen

    Take that deal immediately. I have coop also and I just don’t see him turning this around any time soon
  10. Jared Cook 2017 Outlook

    Yep I'm streaming cookie this week, putting eifert on the bench until they get that mess straightened out in Cincy. Cook should bring solid floor in PPR.
  11. Benjamin Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    There are very few TE we can trust every week for targets so if we're looking at waiver pickups it's always a crapshoot. That being said flacco loves his TEs and all those targets are intriguing especially for PPR. Pitta had great numbers last year in this offense and Watson should too as long as he doesn't break down
  12. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 3

    Only if you enjoy cussing at the tv every week when he gets hurt. But he is a target hog so if you can stomach the constant injuries then he's worth a look
  13. Tyler Eifert 2017 Season Outlook

    I have eifart and I would start any of those 3 before him. He should be on benches until he actually produces and i I think we can stop calling Jax a tough matchup. Seems like overblown hype at this point so I would not be afraid of trotting out Watson.
  14. Duke Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    As much as they have tried to ignore duke the first 2 weeks, it's almost as if they will have to utilize him now by default. Geez give the guy the damn ball every now and then.
  15. Djax for T West - WHIR

    Check status on west. They're saying he has soft tissue problems and he may miss some time