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  1. Winston was trash. Carolina looks 10% better than Miami and yet he still couldn't carry the talent around him. The Winston experiment needs to end so TB's talent is no longer wasted.
  2. Until he posts 4/32 next week and everyone is panicking once Mike Evans makes a comeback.
  3. McKinnon is trash. I've said that since he was in Minnesota. Difference is Jones showed flashes of talent last game, and Assrians went away from him for no reason other than to control a game against a garbage Carolina team. Meanwhile TB won't finish above .500 or make the playoffs, so jokes on us for thinking this guy would be fantasy relevant. Down with repeat coaches. Once you're fired from an NFL team you should be barred from any future head coaching positions.
  4. I'm sure you were one crying about McKinnon not getting run infront of the plodfather in Minnesota. Bad coaches tend to continue their bad ways. That's my favorite part about the NFL: continuing to rehire coaches who failed on other teams. They have failed philosophies that lead to continued failure: like giving your best back in game 1 four carries. But they won the game so who cares, right? They beat a terrible Carolina team, but all is good cause we won, right? Neither team deserved a win tonight.
  5. Pro tip: don't start players on really bad teams. Otherwise you end up with stats like tonight.
  6. Barber is garbage. Jones didn't get a chance. Poor coaching, garbage team. Unfortunately they won and the garbage coaching staff won't change anything. Let's thank the Panthers and Scam Newton for likely leading to another Jones as the 3rd option game coming up next week. Every year we see a running back (or 67) hindered by the awful coaching staff and team around him. Jones is the early season victim.
  7. Yeah I know. His receiver got you your precious fantasy points. Meanwhile Winston looked bad two games in a row and his team won't make the playoffs. But no worries you're right 😉
  8. When you have to compare a steaming pile of s--- to a boiling pile of s---, you know you have a good football game.
  9. His throws were wobbly and off target. Just because he manages to squeak some into your starting fantasy receiver doesn't mean he played well. He was 16/25, not 23/25. He looked awful.
  10. You can't trust a s---y quarterback. Winston is a steaming pile of garbage, and he looked like it tonight. He ruins every player on this team. It's a shame they won.
  11. "If you benched the guy who got 6 targets from a garbage QB week 1 you don't deserve to win" I don't own any shares but Winston looked horrible tonight. Luckily the Panthers looked even worse. Statements like this are cringe.
  12. Diarrhea. Drop. Garbage. This is why you don't trust running backs are garbage teams unless they're Saquon Barkley. I should have gone with my 10 year old wisdom of "don't start a running back who's on a horrible team and isn't an all-world talent" instead of my gut. Dumping this garbage pile so hopefully someone else will start him against me.
  13. 48/16 = 3 32/16 = 2 If you're comfortable with an average of 3 TD's a game and 2 interceptions a game, good for you. I hope you drafted that quarterback in the last 3 rounds of your fantasy draft. Meanwhile Mahomes and company are putting up 3-4 TD's with 0 interceptions.