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  1. James Conner 2019 Outlook

    DND with what's probably going to be top 10 ADP. His usage towards the end of the season was scary and I'm not willing to take the plunge.
  2. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    How does this make sense?
  3. Tom Brady 2019 Outlook

    Probably a 10-16 spot finish for Brady next year. Not going to be a reliable fantasy producer.
  4. Josh Gordon 2019 Outlook

    I don't get it. Dude was permabanned and had to be reinstated. He messes up again so we (for some reason) think he just gets a free pass and is eligible to play immediately? If I was the NFL, this dude would be done for life. What is this? 3 strikes and your out? Or are we on 4?
  5. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Can we pretend this Stupor Bowl never happened? Everything about this game was horrible.
  6. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    I don't know which post of mine you were quoting but if you must know I'm 28 and hispanic
  7. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    I'm all for the "glass half full" outlook but you need to put down the positivity glasses and call a turd a turd.
  8. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Fair enough. Thought we were discussing if it was Saints-Pats instead of Rams-Pats. My apologies.
  9. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    That halftime show was awful. The fact they had to censor half of Travis Scott's performance is laughable. Adam Levine sounded terrible and performed the usual trash recycled pop songs. And nobody even knows who Big Boi is.
  10. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Odds are a different matchup would yield different results, no? This game sucks a**. Don't know what you're defending. It's incredibly boring all-around, but it's the sporting event of the year where people socialize (even if they don't care about football).
  11. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Not at all. You're attempting to predict a game that will never occur.
  12. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    You can't possibly know this.
  13. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    To be fair, rap is garbage anyways.
  14. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    It's the super bowl. We are allowed to watch and bitch about this s--- fest, especially since the wrong team is in right now.
  15. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    People are too overly sensitive.