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  1. Saquon's final form is about to be revealed.
  2. Couple of decent games and not a half bad start this week if you're desperate Very juicy matchup vs ARI next weekend. Good time to stash him on your bench if your main TE is Mark Andrews (bye next week)
  3. Maybe on that specific play, but overall that's just not correct. He had one of the highest route tree grades of all rookie prospects by PFF
  4. he does usually... no idea what his issue was today.
  5. he had at least 3 passes go right through his hands. really pathetic performance. he catches those passes and he easily adds 60 yards to his stat line.
  6. Good luck to those taking the leap this week, I definitely won't be putting him out there until I know he's 100% and not going to be on a snap count.
  7. Provided he's 100% after this game, is it unrealistic to hope for him to average 4-5 catches for 60-70 yards for the rest of the season?
  8. All I want is a clear "full practice and will be all systems go" or a "limited and will be on a snap count" so I can put in a noon game guy instead of him if he's not looking like he'll be 100%
  9. I don't need much here, 6/70 and maybe a lucky TD would be more than enough for me