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  1. JERRY GETS SERIOUS ABOUT ZEKE: No smiles this time after Zeke's agents didn't like Jerry Jones' comments. This is what I'm referring to. It's a sensationalist clickbait headline.
  2. man people really are eating up all the media clickbait
  3. In my 14 team keeper league with a projected 21 keepers held, I'm eyeing him at my 9.14 / 10.1 wheel pick (#126 overall). I am keeping Damien Williams, so this is a priority handcuff for me and for potential keeper value in future years.
  4. Dak actually was the 10th best QB last year (11th in 2017 and 6th in 2016) and the Cowboys have made the playoffs 2x in the last 3 years (courtesy of being 2x division winners over that same time period) We have big draft capital tied up in the O-line, which makes our running game better. Yes, clearly Zeke is a massive talent, but there's no reason to think that without him that Dallas is just incapable of running the ball. Just not as effectively. Whether that will be a big enough factor is yet to be seen, but their line is as good as or better than it was in 2016 and they have Amari and Gallup and Cobb instead of Allen Hurns, Terrance Williams, and Cole Beasley. Also, Witten's back. There's plenty of threats offensively and plenty of talent outside of Zeke to make the team capable of another playoff run.
  5. Just a thought for Chubb drafters - pair him with Guice mid draft (late 5th to mid 7th round, depending on scoring) for a possible swap in run share with Hunt coming in mid season vs AD staying healthy and producing better than Guice - or even just the season moving along to where Redskins want to get Guice a bunch of reps to get him going full time as their lead back for the future.
  6. If I can get him under $30 I would be over the moon
  7. If Kyler Murray could produce a fantasy season even 80% of what Deshaun Watson's numbers extrapolate to prior to injury, we're all in for a wild ride. Let's just call this 80% level an even 300 fantasy points for the year. Here's how he would have been ranked for fantasy QB's over the last 10 years: 2018 - 9th 2017 - 2nd 2016 - 6th 2015 - 8th 2014 - 7th 2013 - 3rd 2012 - 8th 2011 - 6th 2010 - 3rd 2009 - 2nd 2008 - 2nd Not saying he will, but if he could be 80% as good as DW was in 2017, he's a league winner, imo.
  8. yeah obviously it's incorrect, but thanks for quoting it to make me look foolish instead of just recognizing the obvious early pushing of reply button before I was ready
  9. 2018: KC - 387 attempts 2017: KC - 405 attempts 2016: KC - 412 attempts 2015: KC - 436 attempts 2014: KC - 420 attempts 2013: KC - 442 attempts 2012: KC - 500 attempts 2011: KC - 487 attempts 2010: KC - 556 attempts 2009: KC - 438 attempts 2008: KC - 379 attempts and here's a site with a variety of graphs showing how passing has increased and rushing has decreased overall across the league:
  10. I am perplexed about which would be better, (ppr) a 6th round keeper value for White or a 4th round for Damien Williams.
  11. Not at all correct. Last year was the first time in a decade they haven't had 400+ rush attempts a year. Passing has also been on a historical uptick while rushing has been on a downswing over the last 10-12 years now.
  12. Nobody here seems to get how contracts work. 30m/yr is meaningless without knowing the guaranteed money. 40m/yr is meaningless without knowing the guaranteed money. Just to make this clear, Dallas could offer him a 4 year 200 million dollar contract with 60m guaranteed. That means in 3 years, they can drop him and only be out 20m/yr in payout of the guaranteed and the rest of that 200 million? Gone, like it never existed.
  13. my guess is he's saying Mike Davis : David Montgomery = Carlos Hyde : Damien Williams. I would tend to think this conveys that crazy people try to use contract stats to make it seem like Montgomery (and Williams) are going to be threatened by the liked of Davis (or Hyde)
  14. I'm locked on Damien and Darwin is a premier handcuff