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  1. also looking for a start up league. preferably standard or .5 ppr im open to anything but prefer one flex spot, special teams/d but no independent defensive players.
  2. I've never played in either type of league. would like to get in on the ground floor.
  3. Thanks for the directions bud.. i'd prefer to join a new league .. so that i can draft my team and have ownership from the start good or bad / learn the ropes and all that
  4. I've never played in either type of league. would like to get in on the ground floor.
  5. My league has been on for 10 years now before that we used TheSportingNews Fantasy (No longer exists for fantasy)
  6. Why didnt Derrick Henry play like this after i drafted him?
  7. The only silver lining i can think of is that losing this year in the semis is better then last year in the finals only because last year was on Christmas day and it ruined the holidays for me this year, i have a week to cope lol back to the drawing board fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkkk
  8. Same as last year 1st in league and points but put up super dud in the playoffs with a injured player last year it was mixon this year aaron jones. last week my team put up 150 on the bye. i currently have 16 will be lucky to break 80 .. was a good year, its a shame to end on such low note
  9. I played against Hopkins and Williams .. feelsbadman
  10. Playing my league nemesis in the semis, he didn't play Mike Williams all year and switched him in this week last minute he also had Hopkins go off. Down 58.5 points before my guys even touched a ball. I got Chubb going tonight ..Need at least a 20 pointer to feel like i got some hope.
  11. BYE-BYE FishEYEs! Maybe if you didnt throw it 50 times today and give Williams 11 carries A.Jones could have helped you keep your job.
  12. Switched out Lockett for Gordon last second because i wanted to watch my guy ball out on TV ( Hawks game wasn't available) the points difference might cost me the week and a first overall finish !